Study Abroad in Europe

Why Study in Europe?

Europe is rich in innovation. Some the world class companies in technology/design are from Europe. European Universities offer a variety of programs (recognized all over the world). The European Union submits over 44% of the total number of patent applications worldwide. Some countries offer free education! Cheap and tuition-free higher education is offered in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. University of Oxford is the oldest university in UK (established in 1096). University of Bologna, Italy is the oldest university in Europe (est. 1088). Sweden, Finland have highest researchers to population ratio.

UK is the most popular destination for international students followed by Germany and France. Around 31% of international students (doing BS/MS/PhD) studying in Europe are from Asia and 13% are from Africa. Lot of students are going to Poland as number of courses taught in English are increasing and low cost is another factor.

What are most popular majors in Europe?

Nursing, Psychology, Law are most popular majors. Moscow State University offers excellent programs in Physics and Material Sciences.

Which countries are top destinations for international students?

Germany, UK, Netherlands, and France are top destinations for international students.

Admission requirements for some universities

Tuition & fees in European countries

MBA from Europe

Average salary for INSEAD MBA graduate in 2017 was USD 105,000. Average GMAT score for admitted students was 709 (2018 Class). HEC Paris, IESE Spain are some of the top rated management programs in the world. Many students from US get a degree from these management programs to get International Exposure.

Study in European Countries

Find information on Universities, admission procedure, courses, student visa etc for various countries within Europe.

Study in Austria

First and foremost, one of the largest requirements to studying in Austria is the ability to comprehend the local language: German. Majority of the courses and instruction provided through universities are offered only in German;

Study Abroad in Spain

Spain has been listed as the third most popular countries for international studies, with almost a third of those students originating from the United States


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