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International (English) Master's Program at Technical University of Munich (Top Ranked German University) (Some programs are Jointly run with Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Top 5 German Universities

What are Technical Universities?

Earlier German technical Universities restricted their teaching to technical and engineering disciplines; now they offer a variety of courses in arts and humanities, the primary focus of their activities is still engineering and science.

What are Fachhochschule Institutions?
The term Fachhochschule is 'university of applied sciences, and their main coursework is more practical in nature. The courses are shorter and more students are enrolling in these Institutions.

The academic year runs from October to July and is on the semester system. The German curriculum emphasizes independent study. Students are expected to do independent reading, prepare oral reports and papers and attend lectures and small group discussions. The student must complete a certain amount of coursework to sit for the exams.

German Universities grade on a scale of 1-5; 1 is the highest while 5 is failing. The academic record consists of the student's collection of Scheine, or certificates of completion for each course.

American Universities in Germany

Health Insurance
Students who which to study in Germany must have health insurance and must pay for nursing care. Without insurance, you cannot register for higher education.

What is TestAS?
TestAS is an aptitude test for international students from non-EU countries who want to do undergraduate studies at a German university. It does not require any special knowledge. It tests abilities important for a successful course of studies. This test can be taken in many countries. You can take TestAS twice a year. TestAS is offered in German and English.

Students who are not from EEA or Switzerland can only work 90 full days (or its equivalent 180 half days) per year. In case if you want to work more it needs to be approved from Federal employment Agency. Jobs related to higher education don't fall under any limits, but they need to be recorded by the agency and must be classified them as a higher education job.