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Higher studies in Europe through Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus is a comprehensive exchange and mobility program introduced for higher studies in European universities. This program promotes co-operation in higher studies with developing countries to enhance a better development of human resources and increase the exchange of ideas between cultures and people. The scholarships that are provided to the students from non-European Union countries in Erasmus Mundus are funded by the European Union. There are over 200 European universities participating in the Erasmus Mundus exchange program for higher studies.

Some of the top universities offering the scholarships under the Erasmus Mundus exchange program are listed below.

Central European University, Hungary

The CEU provides a two-year full-time Erasmus Mundus master's program in association with leading European institutions.
Courses offered
there are two courses offered under the Erasmus Mundus programs Course fees The charges for the master's degree program are 11000 EUR per year. The studies for an Erasmus Mundus program are funded by the European Union. The grant also covers the expenses like the tuition fees, the living expenses and the travel expenses.

University of Oviedo, Spain

Provides you a better study environment and a highly knowledgeable staff which makes it an ideal choice for students.

Courses offered
The courses offered by the University of Oviedo include a two year full time master's degree in Marine biodiversity and conservation under the Erasmus Mundus program.
Admission procedure Course fees A tuition fee of €7000 is charged to students from non-European countries.

University of Glasgow

Provides you the opportunity to study in the most prominent geopolitical regions of Europe including Russia and eastern European countries.
Courses offered
There are a variety of masters programs available under Erasmus Mundus in various disciplines such as human rights and economic developments.
Admission procedure Course fees the tuition fees for masters degree program is 20000 euro for two years out of which 8000 euro is funded by the European Union under the Erasmus Mundus program.

University of Gottingen, Denmark

Offers a variety if study programs under the Erasmus Mundus scheme.
Courses offered
Listed below are the areas wherein study programs are available under EMA Admission procedure The requirements for the admissions and application are listed below: Course fees a participation fee of 3000 euro per year is chargeable which is covered by the European Union under the Erasmus Mundus program for international students.

Lund University, Sweden

With a state of the art infrastructure and well-qualified faculty, you get an excellent opportunity to study under the Erasmus Mundus program
Courses offered
various masters programs are offered in different disciplines such as: Admission procedure Course fees There is no tuition fee applicable for the students under the Erasmus Mundus exchange study program.

By the Erasmus Mundus program, the bright students get a great opportunity to pursue higher education in European countries at a very minimal cost. This program also allows the dialogue between various cultures and people from different countries which further helps in increasing global cooperation and harmony.

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