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Last Updated: February 21, 2022

Study in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the largest city and the capital of Finland. It provides an amazing quality of life and is home to the most renowned university in the world, the University of Helsinki. The academic institutions of Finland are known to have a curriculum including innovative techniques and extensive research programs.

Helsinki is a place for personal development and growth. A city where diverse people with different lifestyles and beliefs can co-exist. The Finnish people believe in the fact that helping the least fortunate brings inner peace and satisfaction. So they try to be of as much help as possible.

The city of participation and equality, Helsinki has several universities and UAS (Universities of Applied Sciences). It also has huge and beautiful public and private buildings. Helsinki's current economic and social life depicts an excellent example of how a system works. Helsinki as a study destination has everything a student wants.

Benefits of Studying in Helsinki

Location plays a major role in choosing a university. Helsinki, with its strong connection to nature and readiness to innovate, attracts many students from all over the world to enroll in its universities. There are around 10 institutions that offer bachelor’s and master’s programs in English. So, this is a plus point for students who are not familiar with the local language of Helsinki.

Some of the other benefits this place has to offer are:

Finding Accommodation in Helsinki

There are two ways to look for student accommodation in Helsinki. One can be the student housing foundations and another the private rental markets.

Places to Stay in Helsinki

Cost of Living in Helsinki

Living here can prove to be of great expense. Students can control their spending to a certain extent but to meet their daily needs they should have a good amount in their hands.

There are many types of shopping markets in Helsinki from big to small, so students for the first few weeks can try shopping out at some of them to get a rough idea of prices at each one of those. Besides this, there are many areas of concern starting from accommodation and utility, transportation, entertainment, to food expenses.

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

Unihome housing can cost up to 350-610 EUR/month and for HOAS the range goes to 300-900 EUR/month. On average, a student must keep aside at least 300-950 EUR/month for rental purposes. As far as utility expenses are concerned students can be expected to pay around 100 EUR/month for basic utilities. It should be noted that heating and water expenses might be included in the rent, but the internet, gas, and electricity are exclusive of it.

Grocery Expenses

This is another area where a student can spend a great amount on basic food necessities. An amount of not more than 170-180 EUR/month would be sufficient. The most popular budget-friendly supermarkets are Sale, Alepa, Lidl, and K-Market.

The basic prices of daily used grocery items are:

Transportation Expenses

The excellent public transportation system makes it easier to travel to the nearest places to Helsinki. Students can explore the city using various modes of transportation like trams, trains, public buses, bicycles, taxis, and personal or hired vehicles.

One way ticket using local transport can cost up to 3 EUR/ride. It is always good to go for a monthly pass that can cost up to 50-60 EUR/month.

Universities in Helsinki

With many interesting courses and a huge pool of world-class academic resources, universities in Helsinki provide an innovative and smart learning experience to their students. Some of the best universities in Helsinki are:

University of Helsinki

This university aims to provide knowledge and learning based on research to everyone. It operates on four different campuses.

Human sciences → City Center campus
Science → Kumpula campus
Life sciences → Vikki campus
Medicine → Meilahti campus

With over 30,000+ students it offers a wide variety of master’s programs taught in English. Some of the English led faculties of this university are:

Aalto University

Located in Espoo which is right next to Helsinki, this university is a mix of four fields, Science, Arts, Business, and Technology. It has six schools - School of Business, Engineering, Chemical Technology, Science, Electrical Engineering and the last one is a School of Arts, Design, and Architecture.

Hanken School of Economics

With three international accreditations namely AMBA for the executive education program and AACSB and EQUIS for the whole school, it is one of the leading international universities having years of experience in business administration, economics, research, and education.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

A complete business-oriented institution that trains young professionals for business services through its research, education, and training programs. Having more than 10000 students, it operates on five campuses:

Haaga campus, Pasila campus, Porvoo campus,Malmi campus and Vierumaki campus.

University of the Arts Helsinki

Offering best class education in fine arts, dance, music, and theatre this university is the result of a merger of the Academy of Fine Arts, the Sibelius Academy, and the Theatre Academy. It has over 1900 students from all over the world. Transparent smooth and effective work in everyday management is the motto of this university.

Some Other Universities in Helsinki

Entertainment Options in Helsinki

Students in Helsinki cannot get bored as they will find many options for fun and entertainment during the weekend. Various active and lively student organizations host parties and organize events and fun activities for students in Helsinki.

Some of the students might engage themselves in playing lots of sports, some might just work on their hobbies. Some might work extra during the weekend to support their living some might just hang out with their friends at the local coffee shops to enjoy the nightlife, fancy nightclubs, and pubs, attend rock concerts or visit the Kaivopuisto park.

Watching movies, relaxing at the Finnish saunas or the Esplanade Park, visiting the Winter garden of Helsinki, experiencing the Helsinki walking tour with a local citizen, or with the help of a guide are some of the other entertainment options available to students.

Places to Visit in Helsinki

There's no such place in Helsinki, where one cannot find beauty at its best. When it comes to students, they want to visit those places that can be free of cost or there are minimal charges for that. Also, a one-day short and affordable trip can be more than enough. Below are some of these places: Some of the other places of tourist attraction are Helsinki Cathedral, Finnish National Museum of Art (Atheneum), Esplanade Park, Kiasma Museum, Suomenlinna Island, Kauppatori, Linnanmaki Amusement Park, Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, Nuuksio National Park, and Sipoonkorpi National Park.

Things to do in Helsinki

There are many things students can do while studying in Helsinki:

Studying in Finland