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Last Updated: February 18, 2022

Life and Living in Finland

Finnish citizens enjoy living in a Nordic country. They lead a healthy life, living in one of the happiest countries of the world, where the health facilities are the least expensive, corruption levels are too low, the education system is the best, the literacy rate is very high and people enjoy the fruits of a handsome income at their disposal. The country has a very safe and peaceful environment with an almost negligible number of criminal activities.

If students are book lovers, they can enjoy reading books in the beautiful public libraries of Finland. The people of Finland are extremely generous and honest, they warmly welcome students from abroad and their favorite pastime is having a coffee!

"The land of the thousands of lakes", Finland has many tourist attraction spots depicting the local art and culture. Finland is also famous for homeware, furniture, ceramics, and glassware. It has gained popularity in the field of design as well. The Sami jewelry, handwoven Ryijy rugs, and hunting and fishing knives are among the famous traditional handicrafts of Finland.

Languages in Finland

Finland has many different languages spoken in different parts of the country. Most local places have multiple names in different languages and have instructions written in multiple languages. Finnish and Swedish are the two official and widely spoken languages of Finland. Other minority languages of Finland are: Students may also find people speaking a bunch of other languages like Chinese, Somali, Arabic, etc.

Cost of Things in Finland

The cost of things depends on the lifestyle of the person, the standard of living one maintains, and the purchasing power based on disposable income. The same thing might be available at the local grocery store, but if one wants to pay extra for that thing, supermarkets or specialty stores are always there. It also depends on the place where the person lives.

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

Searching for comfortable and safe student accommodation is the first and foremost task of a nonnative student who wishes to live in Finland for higher education purposes. Student accommodation can be of several types depending on the rental amount one wants to spend monthly.

Students can live in university-owned accommodation or flats managed by local student housing foundations, student unions, or Finnish Student Housing Ltd. There are also dormitories managed by local regional authorities. This is a cheaper and affordable option wherein students can get accommodation for under 300 EUR/month.
Another option available to students is to look for shared houses themselves where the living area can be shared by 2-4 students at a time or studio apartments. They can also choose to live as a Paying Guest. House rent may vary from place to place but an acceptable range can be between 250-700 EUR/month. Students should rent an apartment nearest to their universities to save money and time moving to and fro.

Utility expenses including electricity, water, and gas can require students to make a budget of around 150 EUR/month.

Grocery Expenses

Grocery items when purchased from a local shop cost less than when purchased from a big marketplace. Here's a list of some of the items with their respective prices. For basic food expenses, students can make a budget of 150-400 EUR/month.

Currency Conversion

Euro with the currency code being EUR and currency symbol being € comes second after US dollars, in terms of the most traded currencies of the world. Out of the 27 member states of the EU, 19 states use this as their official currency.

This group of 19 states is collectively called as Euro Area and Finland is one among them. The paper money or banknotes come in 7 denominations - €500, €200, €100, €50, €20, €10, €5 and the coins are in denominations of €2, €1, 50c, 20c, 10c, 5c, 2c, and 1c.

Traveling within these 19 states becomes easier because one can travel freely without the tension of exchanging currencies as one moves from one state to another.

Things to do in Finland

The international work environment, the top-notch institutions, the rich cultural diversity, and the strong local culture makes Finland an ideal place to live in. The people of this country strongly believe in freedom for all and are progressive by nature.

Starting from sleeping under the northern lights, wandering around historic wooden towns, enjoying the local delicacies and getting a taste of Finnish cuisine, visiting a lighthouse island, celebrating under the midnight sun, and hiking in the national parks, tourists have many things to do during their stay in Finland.

Places to Visit in Finland

Finland, the land of great experiences is an unspoiled paradise on earth. Even the smallest of towns have their scenic beauty and the unspoiled nature of Finland has a story to tell. This place is like a hidden treasure box, having a list full of extraordinary tourist attractions. Here are some of the best places to visit in Finland.

Cuisines to Relish While in Finland

Local cuisines in Finland are unique to the country. Most of the local dishes have been adapted to suit the global population, but nothing can beat the authentic dish. Some popular must-try dishes are Karjalanpiirakka or rice pastry, Makaronilaatikko, Korvapuusti or Cinnamon Buns, Ruisleipa or Rye Bread, Mustikkapiirakka or blueberry pie, and Poronkaristys Or Sauteed Reindeer. The Leipajuusto is another popular dessert with local cheese and jam.

Festivals to Attend While in Finland

There is an endless list of Finnish festivals students can attend while their stay in Finland. Some of them are:

Commuting to Places in Finland

Finland is well connected by roads and rail network. One will not find any difficulty while commuting from one place to another. Residents can have a good experience while driving because of the excellent quality of roads leading to the interconnection between all the urban and suburban areas of Finland. In addition, the trains and public transports are always accessible and they are highly affordable and convenient at the same time.
However, students can have their own vehicles or rent one if they don't want to travel by public busses for short distances. Cycling along the pathways can also be a good option when one wants to explore the city.

Students can use the metro for traveling while they are in Helsinki city. They can also use the facility of trams over there. Another feasible alternative can be taxis.

Entertainment Options for Students in Finland

Students who love to explore new things and places and love adventures have many options to entertain themselves. They can do activities like hiking, water skiing, or kitesurfing. They can go for a safari ride in the national parks, visit the Suomenlinna island, etc.

Finish citizens have a great sense of music and food, so students can try out some of the music events or attend the food exhibitions. Visiting historical sites and monuments, watching movies and theatrical artworks, taking part in cultural events, socializing with the local people, trying new food outlets and cafes with friends, attending various Finnish festivals that are held throughout the year are some of the other entertainment options.

Safety Concerns for International Students in Finland

There cannot be a place where crimes don’t happen. Every country will have some major safety concerns. But when it comes to Finland it’s like a home away from home scoring a higher rank in the list of best countries to live in. One of the safest places to study, Finland offers a peaceful and cordial environment for everyone.

People believe in equality and freedom for all and there are almost no signs of gender discrimination or any sort of gender superiority. It is a place that warmly welcomes students from all over the world and guarantees the quality of life and education. A technology-driven country, Finland also tops the list of happiest countries in the world. As far as women's safety is considered there are fewer cases of sexual violence and other crimes. Streets are relatively safe and female students can feel free to roam about.

Studying in Finland