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Last Updated: September 13, 2022

Study MBA in Finland

Finland is considered to be one of the most ideal locations for international students to study MBA due to the quality of education offered and the safety the country offers to all its residents. Most of the programs that are taught here are in English making it easier for international students to blend in without having to learn a new language. Finland is a country that is often referred to as the “superpower” of education based on its approach to knowledge and the way they impart it to students of all ages.

The education system here is more affordable and exemplary not only at the university level but also at the basic and secondary levels. The programs focus mainly on enhancing creativity and innovation rather than aspects like memorizing which makes candidates achieve their potential way more easily than compared to other educational systems. Being the happiest country in the world also makes it a desirable location for international students.

Benefits of Studying MBA in Finland

A few of the benefits one can have while choosing to study in Finland include the easy accessibility of quality education here at a lower cost when compared to other international student destinations. Candidates will be able to communicate freely with people from other countries and cultures making their understanding of the global market better than before. They will also be able to learn about the thriving economy in Finland and intern at multinational companies during their academic years which can further provide them with excellent career opportunities. A few of the benefits of studying MBA in Finland are as follows-

Eligibility Requirements for MBA in Finland

Candidates who wish to take MBA programs in Finland will have to meet the requirements specified by the institution. The criterion is dependent on universities themselves and hence can vary greatly from one another. At the same time, there are general requirements that one will have to meet irrespective of the program they are applying to. These requirements include-

Duration of MBA in Finland

The duration of MBA programs in Finland is dependent on whether the candidate is doing a general MBA or an Executive MBA in the country. It is also dependent on whether the program is being done on a part-time or full-time basis. The general duration of an MBA program is around 2 years but candidates will be able to accelerate the program if they wish to at most universities and complete it within 1 to 1.5 years. On the other hand, Executive MBA programs can have a duration between 2.5 to 3 years which can be stretched to even 5 years depending on the time availability of the candidate.

Cost of MBA in Finland

The cost of completing an MBA program in Finland is comparatively lower than in most popular international student destinations. This is mainly because education here is subsidized and students especially from the EU/EEA countries and Finland will be able to pay a comparatively lower rate than other international students. The fee is generally set by the university themselves and can vary from one another.

Since MBA is a professional program, the fee is higher than other master’s degrees that one might wish to do in the country. The estimated range for the fee here is between €8,000 to €18,000 per year. But this can go higher depending on the institution.

MBA Specializations Offered in Finland

The universities here offer different kinds of specializations for their MBA programs from which candidates will be able to choose one they are interested. The specializations are often provided for only general MBA programs whereas Executive MBA programs have different aspects of each specialization blended into their curriculum in a way that will be beneficial to the candidate in the future.

A few of the specializations offered here include-

Top Universities for MBA in Finland

A few of the best universities from where candidates can take MBA programs include-

Top MBA Programs in Finland

The best MBA programs and their details are as follows-
ProgramInstitutionLocation LanguageFee for Program
EMBA University of Oulu OuluFinnish€24,000
EMBA University of Jyvaskyla JyvaskylaFinnish€31,500+
EMBA Hanken School of Economics HelsinkiEnglish€40,000+
MBATurku School of EconomicsTurkuEnglish
EMBA University of Vaasa VaasaEnglish€23,500
EMBA Henley Business School HelsinkiEnglish€45,000+
EMBAAalto University of Executive Education HelsinkiEnglish€38,500+

EMBA-Oulu Business School

This business school comes under the University of Oulu and the Executive MBA program offered here is considered to be one of the best in the country. The program is offered in the Finnish language and it generally takes 24 months to complete. Candidates will be able to complete the program in a year if they choose an accelerated pathway and they will also have the option of dragging the program for a longer duration if their work schedule interferes.

EMBA- University of Jyvaskyla

This program is accredited by the AMBA, AACSB, and the BGA and is targeted at people who are already well-established in their careers. It is offered on a part-time basis with flexible study schedules, a modular structure, and a variety of electives. Candidates will mainly be dealing with topics like strategy, leadership, marketing, customer relations, etc. as part of the program. The program is taught in Finnish and candidates are required to complete 100 ECTS in all. The duration of the program is anywhere between 2.5 years to 3 years.

EMBA- Hanken School of Economics

This program is taught in English and is provided as a part-time program with a duration of 2 years. It is accredited by the AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS. The program is offered to candidates who are in managerial or higher positions in companies and hence they require at least 5 years of work experience before enrolling in the program. The core areas that are dealt with in this program include sustainable business in a global context, finance & controlling, service business & innovation, strategy & leadership, etc.

MBA- Turku School of Economics

This program has a duration of 2 years and is a full-time program offered by the University of Turku. It is taught in both English and Finnish and candidates are required to have a basic proficiency in the medium of instruction to gain admission to the program. It is accredited by the AACSB.

EMBA- University of Vaasa

This university offers an EMBA program that has a duration of 2.5 years. Candidates are required to complete 75 ECTS as their core modules which include topics like strategic business development, strategic financial management, leadership & personal development, MBA development project, etc. The program offers specialization tracks like sales management, HR, sports management & marketing, social & health care, energy business, etc. The medium of instruction for the program is English for most specializations.

EMBA-Henley Business School

The Executive MBA program offered here has been ranked as the 10th best in Europe. It is a program provided for experienced managers, leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in the field of business. It has a duration of 21 to 27 months and the medium of instruction for the program is English. Candidates are required to complete 90 ECTS as part of the program.

EMBA-Aalto University of Executive Education

The Aalto MBA for Executives is a program that is accredited by the AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. It has a duration of 2 years with a modular structure involving a six-week learning cycle. Candidates are supposed to complete 90 ECTS for course completion with core modules focused on topics like strategy & leadership, analyzing & resourcing business, and managing a global business. The medium of instruction for the program is English.

Career Options for MBA Graduates in Finland

Candidates who have completed their education in the country will initially have to apply for internships for gaining ample hours of work experience before they can apply for permanent jobs in the country. AIESEC UK is one of the portals candidates can use to find appropriate internships after their educational years. Candidates who are doing an MBA will also be able to incorporate internship hours into their resume during their educational years if they use their summer breaks well.

A few of the jobs that one will be able to take up after completing an MBA include- Candidates who have completed their MBA programs here generally receive an average salary of €105,000 per year.

Studying in Finland