Importance of Local Language for Admissions in Europe

Unlike the US where English is spoken by the majority of people, Europe is home to people from a number of different cultures, each with their own unique language. So to succeed and make the most of your education, it will be necessary to learn the local language. While the classes themselves will be taught in English, if you known the local language you will be able to interact better with your professors and local; thereby opening up new avenues and opportunities in your line of study i.e. give yourself a huge competitive edge when compared to your classmates. Additionally most universities in Europe (where English is not the primary language used), require knowledge for admissions, make it a necessary requirement, will reject your application for admission if you do not know the local language.

Language - The Starting Point to Education

To truly understand a culture, its people, good knowledge of the local language is a must. By learning the local language you will immerse yourself into the local culture, get to know the local people much better. Additionally knowledge of the language spoken by your faculty will allow you to better connect with them, thereby increasing the amount you learn from them, simultaneously improving your relationship with them (better future recommendations from faculty). The advantages of knowing foreign languages are limitless.

Advantages of Knowing the Local Language

Which Language to Learn?

While there are many official European languages, you will only have to learn the one used in the local area. Since Germany, France, and the Netherlands are the usual places of study, you will have to learn either French, German, or Danish.

How to Master the Local Language With Ease?

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