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Last Updated: October 09, 2021

Studying French in Europe

French is considered a romance language and is the official language of 29 countries. Candidates who seek to learn French do so due to the inherent value this international language has. People also aspire to learn the language if they wish to settle in France since the country has 90% of its population speak the tongue and requires foreign nationals to learn the language at least to an intermediate level. Learning the language helps candidates understand the French culture and history better making them advance their careers at an international level.

While France is the best place for candidates to learn French, most places in Europe offer French courses to international candidates who wish to learn and understand the language. French has an estimated population of 76 million native speakers and 235 million fluent speakers which makes it an important language to learn irrespective of the country one plans to move to. While learning the language in other parts of Europe, candidates will be able to understand the accents, slang, pronunciations, and other influences that helped evolve the language based on cultural influences.

Study French in UK

The United Kingdom offers international candidates courses for all prominent international languages. French being one of the most sought-after languages in the world, candidates flock over to Europe to study the language. Though the most popular destination for this is France, candidates who have been admitted to programs in the UK often enroll within the country for French programs.

Almost every high-end institution in the country offers a French language course. Apart from these institutions, other language schools within the country offer French courses for candidates with different proficiency levels.

Institut Francais du Royaume- Uni

This institution was founded in the year 1910 which aspires to teach people about the French culture and language. The language center they have takes in around 7,000 students every year for both online and offline programs. Candidates will be able to learn French courses, business French, and other aspects of French culture from the courses they take. The courses they provide include group courses, business French courses, private courses, and even online courses. The courses that are offered under the group course section are-

Alliance Francaise

This institution is spread across the world in different countries offering both offline and online French courses to candidates. They have both group classes for General French and private tuitions. Candidates will be able to study from a fully structured syllabus from beginner to fluent levels with no extra fee levied for teaching materials or as a membership fee. They will be taught by a native French speaker.

Study French in France

One of the best options for candidates who wish to learn French is to study it in immersion in France. Learning French in France will help candidates understand the local culture and traditions of the place that has influenced the language. They will also be able to communicate with the locals for a better understanding of the language and also to develop the perfect accent the language requires.

France also offers language immersion programs at affordable rates with durations that suit each candidate's needs. Candidates will be able to learn the language best in locations like Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, etc. which will all provide them with a different experience. A few of the programs that are offered in France include-

Accent Francais

This language school is located in Montpellier and offers both online and offline programs to candidates. They have special programs for adults, teenagers and juniors, groups, and teachers of French. Over 2,000 students study per year in this school who come from over 75 countries in the world. The courses that are provided to adults are-

EF International Language Camp

This institution provides courses for group learning and private learning along with French certification prep. The candidates who enroll here will be taught by fully trained and certified teachers. Candidates will also be provided with accommodation and meals along with academic materials. The courses that are offered include-

Study French in Luxembourg

Candidates who wish to move to Luxembourg or stay in the country for studying French in immersion will realize that the country is a melting pot of cultures especially when it comes to language. Since the official languages here include French and German, most institutions and language schools in the country provide courses for both. Since 98% of the country is fluent in French, they offer excellent French courses for international candidates whose proficiency level in the language may be varied.

The main places from where candidates can study French include government-recognized institutions, non-profit associations, and even private institutions though this may cost more than the others. A few of the popular language schools include-

Institut National des Languages

This institute offers candidates language programs in 8 different languages including French. The courses consist of general language courses for beginners and non-beginners and courses with specific objectives. They also provide certification of language skills in French for an Elementary/advanced diploma. A few of their courses include the following whose price list is available on their official website.

Institut Francais Luxembourg

This is the official French government center for the French language and culture. They offer courses to candidates who are of different age groups and even courses for French proficiency exam prep like DELF and DALF. They use an immersive method to teach French to candidates which helps them not in studying the language in isolation but understanding the culture and traditions that led to what the language is today. They offer private tuition, e-learning private tuition, group courses, workshops for children, and in-company language training programs. A few of the group courses that are offered are-

Study French in Monaco

The official language of Monaco is French and while Italian, English, and Monegasque are also widely spoken in the country, it is an added benefit for people to know France before going there. Candidates who wish to learn the language in immersion most often travel to France to understand and learn the language faster. But since this isn’t an option for everybody, Monaco offers candidates an alternative option for studying French.

The country has a number of language schools that teach French for students who are at different proficiency levels. A few of these popular places are-

The Regency School of Languages

This school was established in the year 1985 and is based only in Monaco. The teachers who teach the language are native speakers with university degrees in the subject. They are accredited and offer a wide variety of courses in different languages ranging from general language courses to language proficiency prep. The programs they offer include-

Home Language International- Monte Carlo

The HLI offers candidates with language programs in over 20 languages across 30 different countries in the world. The programs they offer are all in immersion helping candidates understand and learn the language better. They offer programs for children and teenagers, Adults and Professionals, and online courses. A few of the programs offered to adults and professionals are-

Studying French Online

One of the best options for candidates who wish to learn French but cannot afford the travel expenses associated with it is to take up online courses. Due to the rising importance of the French language in the international market especially in relation to business and arts, learning French will always be beneficial for candidates even if they do not pursue it further.

A few many online platforms have come up with programs that let candidates study the language online. These programs deal with the vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, and even accent that the candidates will require in both formal and informal settings making candidates excel in the language in no time. The programs that are offered are at different levels like Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced letting candidates choose according to the proficiency level they have in the language. Though immersion is not possible with online classes, most programs try to make it as real as possible for the candidate and the affordability of online programs makes it even better.

A few of the popular online programs are-


Duolingo is an e-learning app that offers candidates free French lessons in the form of bite-sized lessons. They develop writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills in candidates by using a game model that candidates will be able to access at their leisure from their phones. Spending 20 minutes a day with the app lets candidates learn and understand the language according to the effort they put into it. They use-


Udemy offers candidates with online programs for the different proficiency levels they are in at the beginning of the course. The courses they offer range from general French language courses to Pronunciation courses and DELF/DALF exam prep. The course rates for Udemy are reasonable when compared to the offline programs that candidates generally opt for. A few of the popular courses include-

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