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French Language Courses in France

French is the official language in the Republic of France, and it is also the only language alongside English that is spoken across all of the five continents of the world. It is estimated that over 220 million people worldwide speak the language and it is the second most learned language in the world after English.

Learning French can also prove to be a great asset to the career and can open up some job opportunities in multi-national corporations all over the world. It is also advantageous to learn French to pursue an academic or a professional career in France, home to some of the worlds and top-ranked academic universities. International students who have excellent skills in the French may even be eligible to apply for grants offered by the French Government to enroll to any postgraduate degree in France of their choice, on very favorable financial terms.

While the French language can also be learned online, with some courses and certifications being offered, this article will take a closer look on some of the institutions and universities in France, which offer the French language as a course. As with other countries of the world, the range of schools in France is colossal, all of which are competing to attract international students. The standards and the quality of the courses vary widely as per the school and thus, it is essential to make a carefully planned out choice when choosing a school in any foreign country.
Some of the popular institutions across France which offer French language courses include the following: The cost of French language courses in France varies widely as per the institute that offers the course. It is estimated that international students may have to pay anything ranging from 800 euros to 3500 euros for a two-week period of study of the course.

A number of the reputed and established institutions offer only a limited number of seats to students. As such, candidates will need to conduct thorough research to meet all deadlines and apply for the course in time. There are also short-term language courses that are offered during the summer season and various other long-term courses in a language offered by these Institutes.

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