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Last Updated: February 23, 2021


DAAD RISE is one of a kind program that is offered by Germany to students who are from North America, the UK, and Ireland. This program was offered to different countries in different years. In 2005, the program was offered to US and Canadian students. In 2009, the program reached out to the United States students and finally invited Ireland students in 2018.

The objective of this program was to provide summer internship opportunities to students from the above-mentioned countries. In these internships, the students are paired with doctoral students and researchers (based on their interests) and the students assist them or help them during the internship duration. The researchers and doctoral students play the role of mentors for the students they are paired up with as well. Furthermore, the students who are selected in the DAAD RISE programs are paid a stipend to cover their daily costs.

In general, DAAD RISE is a scholarship program. Around 300 positions are available every year for the program. Moreover, the program is tailored for undergraduate students of engineering, life sciences, and natural sciences. The reason for DAAD RISE to be provided only to the students of engineering, life sciences, and natural sciences is the fact that they want to promote studying the landscape of Germany, as well as increase the curiosity to study the same.

Components of DAAD RISE

DAAD RISE has three components - RISE Germany, RISE professional, and RISE worldwide. The base for the programs is the same, but the details differ by a margin. Further information about the three components is given below.

RISE Germany

RISE Professional

RISE Professional is for the people who are looking for working experience with German companies. This initiative began in 2006, as a way to bring back the RISE Germany students. The opportunity of having an internship abroad is scarce and hence RISE professional offers North American, Ireland and UK interns with the opportunity of being matched with either German companies or non-university based institutions.

RISE Worldwide

RISE worldwide is the same program as RISE Germany, the only difference being that RISE Worldwide is on a global basis. German undergraduate students who are enrolled in a university will get a chance to intern with a researcher they match with, anywhere in the world. DAAD has tied up with 48 countries and the position available is for 300 students only.

How can I apply for any DAAD programs?

There is no complicated process as far as the application is concerned. You will have to apply through the DAAD RISE website and submit the documents they ask you to provide. Make sure to apply before the deadline as the seats are limited and the students applying are plenty. Although, this doesn't mean that they accept applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. All applications are processed together and the selection happens based on your experience and ability.

Documents needed for application

The following documents will be needed for your application process. There might be additional documents needed, but that will depend on the nature of the RISE program you will be choosing.

Must Know

There are some miscellaneous things that one should keep in mind before applying.

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