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Last Updated: February 11, 2021

How is Student life in Germany?

Germany, located in Western Europe, is a country known for its cars, friendly people, good food, culture, and universities. Also nicknamed as the Industrial Powerhouse of the European continent, it leads most countries in various technical fields.

Essentials about Germany - A quick peek

Currency Conversion

The first and foremost concern of any international student is the currency conversion rate from their home to the currency in Germany. Just like other EU countries, Germany's currency is the euro. The conversion rates aren't always consistent and would go up and down almost every day, so it is a good idea to frequently check the conversion rates to avoid any problems that may occur.

The most recent conversion rate is: 1 U.S. dollar is equal to about 0.83 Euros.

Tuition and Fees

In Germany, most universities and colleges have waived off their tuition fees, for either the whole duration of the course or partial duration of the course. Some universities extend this practice to the international students coming in as well. Even if there is a tuition fee applicable for international students, it will be consistent throughout the year and the universities provide financial aid for people in need of those.

The tuition fees that international students might have to pay isn't skyrocket high. Almost all universities have set the fee at €1,500 (per semester) and can be paid in installments or in full before the semester begins. Most importantly, the tuition fee mentioned above remains the same for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, until mentioned otherwise.

Even if tuition fee is mostly waived off for German/EU nationals and most international students, every student of any university must pay a student union fee and take up the cost for their academic expenses. The fee for a student union is usually between €70 to €80, but the amount may vary according to the university you would be interested to attend.


Since the fee is waived off in Germany, it directly means that accommodation is not cheap or easy to get. There are two options that every student coming to Germany to study has - student accommodation or private accommodation.

Student accommodation is on-campus halls which are cheaper in comparison, and that is the main reason that more than 40% of international students choose the campus halls as their choice of accommodation. The campus halls accommodation in Germany has all the basic facilities that would be required for a student.

But, on the flip side, private accommodation is more popular amongst German nationals and international students. Even though it is more on the expensive side, there are options of sharing the house with other students which automatically brings the price that each person pays down. Hence, more than 60% of international students choose to live in private accommodations, while german students prefer to either stay alone or with their partner.

The reason for the popularity of private accommodation could be due to the fact that it helps students mingle with people from every nationality possible. Moreover, it helps the students feel closer to the culture and lifestyle of Germany and gives them more exposure to various experiences.

Even after the variety of accommodation choices, there is still competition in securing a good accommodation for the value of its money. Hence, the government of Germany has been consistently looking into the problem and finding various solutions that would benefit the nationals as well as international students.

Travelling in Germany

Traveling is fairly easy in Germany. It isn't expensive nor is it exhausting, with great automobile ease, it comes as no surprise that people prefer to travel with public transport. Moreover, Germany is a sight to behold with its grand and beautiful castles which have been living through history.

As Germany is a part of the EU, and quite the center of it, students shouldn't miss the opportunity to travel around to the neighboring countries and enjoying their free time. Travel to other EU countries is way cheaper and easier than it would be from anywhere else.

As a student, you would be allowed to live in Germany for more than 90 days, and may not have to face visa complications if you want to travel outside Germany. Although, it is always a safe call to enquire your university student support officials to get more details and aid regarding travel outside Germany.

Germany's Lifestyle

Germany has something to offer for all walks of life. A place where beer is cheaper than water, the people are always ready to celebrate and have a good time. Life is never boring there since Germany has so much to offer. If you are an outgoing person, you might enjoy a large number of parties and excellent nightlife in most areas. If nature is your interest, you will find many forests and other areas of natural beauty to relax and forget your stress. In general, Germans enjoy a relaxed and laid-back style of living.

In terms of safety and cleanliness, Germany's streets are clean, with perfect sanitary rules being maintained at all times. Moreover, the police force is one of the best in the world and ensures that Germany is one of the safest places in the world. No matter the time, you can roam about freely without worry.

The safety of the police extends to international students as well, without any indiscrimination. Germany is one of the most accepting and diverse places where students prefer to live and continue working even after their studies.

Necessity of the German Language

If you are looking for settlement in Germany after completing your studies, learning German should be your priority. Even though most universities do not require you to have German language skills, it is important that you have the basic knowledge that would help you navigate your way in Germany. In addition to that, not every university has courses available in the medium of the English language, which directly means that the university would ask you to present a certificate that recognizes your skills in the German language.

Mastering the language is not an easy task, but the people of Germany understand that international students wouldn't be able to speak german as fluently as the nationals. Although, picking up the language will take a lot of time and patience with many mistakes, corrections, and more mistakes. But it is not impossible to perfect it and once accomplished, the rest of your experience is a breeze through, which can make living in Germany a delight.

General Life

The German motto is "Live and Let Live." Certain clauses that may seem strange to foreigners make absolute sense to the Germans. So avoiding loud noises till 8 A.M, proper trash disposal, and "no working on Sundays" rules are things to get used to.

Sundays are days to look out for in Germany. It is a tradition where the whole country comes to a standstill with the exception of cinema theaters and restaurants rendering a perfectly lazy day where you are expected to smile and celebrate.

The most popular cities in Germany include Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt, which offer an excellent quality of living, rich in multinational diversity while preserving their cultural identity. For students, Germany is the dream destination. Socializing and partying, an average student's life is filled with fun and extracurricular events hand in hand with quality education.

To boot, Germany has a couple of the best universities in the world, and for good reason. The universities are leaders in the fields of Engineering, Information Technology, and Business management. Furthermore, in Germany, a student not only gets amazing education but even the best opportunities for internships and jobs that allow the students of any field to gain great experience before entering the job market.

Choosing Germany

In terms of entertainment, safety, knowledge, and much more - Germany offers it all. It is important that you enjoy your student life while making sure to follow all the rules. As mentioned above, even if you are in an international course program, knowing how to speak German is always a plus.

The living and traveling costs of Germany are affordable as well, especially when the university waives off the tuition fee in most cases. Overall, choosing Germany as your destination of study is beneficial in every way - be it regarding student experiences or creating a bright future.

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