How is Student life in Germany?

Germany, located in Western Europe, is a country known for its cars, friendly people, good food, culture, and universities. Also nicknamed as the Industrial Powerhouse of the European continent, it leads most countries in various technical fields.



Necessity of the German Language

If you are looking to settling down in Germany, learning German is your first, unavoidable task. Mastering the language is not hard as long as you are on the right road and are dedicated in your quest. Picking up the language will take a lot of time and patience with many mistakes, corrections, and more mistakes. But it is not impossible to perfect it and once accomplished, the rest of your experience is a breeze through.

General Life in the Country

The German motto is "Live and Let Live." Certain clauses which may seem strange to foreigners make absolute sense to the Germans. So avoiding loud noises till 8 A.M, proper trash disposal and "no working on Sundays" rules are things to get used to.

Sundays are days to look out for in Germany. It is a tradition where the whole country comes to a standstill with the exception of cinema theaters and restaurants rendering a perfectly lazy day where you are expected to smile and celebrate.

The most popular cities in Germany include Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, offer an excellent quality of living, rich in multinational diversity while preserving its cultural identity. For students, Germany is the dream destination. Socializing and partying, an average student's life is filled with fun and extracurricular events hand in hand with quality education. Germany has a couple of the best Universities in the world. The universities are leaders in the fields of Engineering, Information Technology and Business management, Germany also offers some opportunities to students, opportunities which will allow you to succeed in the workplace.

Entertainment, safety, knowledge, you name it, Germany offers it all. Just make sure to follow all the rules, to learn the local language, and you should be just fine.

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