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Last Updated: February 24, 2021

All you need to know about part-time jobs in Germany

Any student who goes abroad to study will want to enjoy student life. Especially in a place like Germany - where the night is always young and the place is brimming with fun activities to do around.

For the students who would want to make the most of their stay in Germany without worrying about the finances, getting a part-time job would be the best route to take. Germany is very student-friendly and understands the financial needs of any student. As a result, they are very big on creating and providing part-time jobs to international and national students alike.

But before we dive into providing more information about the part-time jobs in Germany, internationals must be aware of certain rules and regulations that are put in place for them.

Rules and regulations

International students should keep the following rules and regulations in mind before they look into part-time jobs.

How much can a student earn?

Any student who is looking for a part-time job is doing so for one cause - to earn money. The reasons for earning money may differ from student to student, but it is essential to know the general payment that part-time jobs give to students.

The minimum wage for part-time jobs has been set to €8.80 per hour. This way the students can earn without worrying about paying taxes or any kind of insurance. In a year, a student in Germany makes €8000 a year.

With the estimated amount is shown above, a student can take care of their daily needs, but it is not advisable for students to pay for their tuition with part-time job wages. Furthermore, the minimum wage keeps you from officially pay taxes and get insurance.

The minimum wage may differ according to the location of your university. Big cities may have the minimum wage a little higher than small cities, only because the cost of living in big cities is much higher and would require a high-paying part-time job to get by.

Most popular part-time jobs available in Germany

Since part-time jobs do not require special skills or academic requirements, your choices are on a wide range. But the most popular part-time jobs are as follows:

Things to keep in mind

Remember, that no matter what part-time job you land, keeping a track of your working hours takes top priority. Especially during the time, your term will be active. Furthermore, cross-check with your employee the amount of payment they will pay you since it should adhere to the minimum wage that the government has set up.

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