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MFA Degree in Europe: What You Need to Know

A Master of Fine Arts is a postgraduate degree that is done after the Bachelors in Fine Arts degree. This Masters degree is done in Visual arts, creative writing, dance, theater, dance, filmmaking, 2D animation, 3D animation and so on.

These courses are two or three years in duration. But in Europe, the universities permit the completion in just one year, if studied full-time. If you are looking to study and get an MFA degree in Europe, you need to make the right choice.

How do you know if you are eligible to complete the course? And what do you need to know to be able to complete it successfully? Here is all that you need to know to get an MFA degree in Europe.

Entry requirements:

This varies from university to university. The eligibility for university includes a certain grade in the Bachelor's degree. Apart from this, the universities expect a detailed portfolio of your previous work. An application with your presentation can help you become a student in one of the best universities in Europe.

Master in Conservation Studies:

This is offered in West Dean University, United Kingdom. This course can be completed in a period of one year. The MA in the convention can be done in ten weeks. The entire ten weeks in an academic year is completed starting from July and ends in September.

Master Program in Painting and Drawing:

This course is best taught in Accademia Riaci, Italy. This course is supplemented with tutorial classes where only guidance is provided. The students are expected to work on their own, individually, to get a better insight. At the end of the year, the faculties meet with each student to appraise them based on their work.

Master in Printmaking:

This course is offered at Middlesex University, London. This is one of the best universities that provide exclusive facilities including etching, and letterpress as well as stone lithography and screen printing. They help you exhibit your work in Central London which lets you showcase your abilities to create opportunities and build contacts.

Master of Arts in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art

This is a creative two year Masters course offered in Aalto University, Finland. It is an innovative course that connects the art and non-art world. It is devised to let you develop your professional agency and broaden your way of looking at the world with artistic tools. Students are offered with great opportunities to develop their research abilities and a taste for critical thinking.

Master of Fine Arts in creative writing:

The Master's degree is offered in American College, Dublin. This course trains you in a range of complementary fields such as journalism, and publishing. It helps you learn different fields of journalism and content that includes editing, and online writing. You also improve on your transferable skills. This course consists of two semesters, which can either be completed in one year or two years.

Masters of Visual Arts and Audiovisual Arts Programmes:

This course in School of Arts Ghent, Belgium. These courses include the following.

Masters in Art Research Collaboration:

This course is offered in Dun Laoghaire Institue of art, design and technology, Ireland.In the first year, students complete modules, and different tutorials. The modules are designed to support the development of the individual through their research projects. Sometimes, students also work in small groups.

When in their second year, they can either work independently as well.

Masters in Choreography:

The choreography Masters degree starts every year in September. This program mainly focuses on the teaching of theories and principles in support of creativity and innovation and offers a unique opportunity to develop your creative and intellectual skills. It is offered in six blocks of two weeks each. These are only a few courses offered by the various universities around Europe. There are many other courses offered in the European universities tailored to turn your passion into skillful creativity.

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