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Some popular destinations from Foreign Nationals

University of Munster, Germany

With an excellent curriculum, a knowledgeable faculty and staff, it provides a very good choice for international students. It offers Masters and Doctorate courses in various fields
Admission procedure Course fees - There is a semester fees of 215 Euros

The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, Spain

With a world-class faculty and outstanding academic background, the Barcelona school of economics is the center for learning in commerce. A rigorous one-year full-time master's degree program in various disciplines of economics is offered by the college.
Admission procedure Course fees - The tuition fee for the master's program is 12,000 Euros per year. Different scholarship programs are also available for bright students

Bergen University College, Norway

The college offers a wide range of study programs with simple admission processes.
Courses offered Admission procedure Course fees - The course fees vary for different study programs.

Molde University College, Norway

It is a specialized university in logistics providing costumed master's programme in logistics studies.
Courses offered Admission procedure Course fees - the tuition fees vary for different course applied.

University of Iceland, Iceland

With great faculty and infrastructure, this proves to be an ideal option for a top end higher education destination There are some master's and doctorate study programs are offered by the university in various disciplines.
Admission procedures Course fees - The University of Iceland does not charge tuition fees, but there is an annual registration fee of ISK 60,000.

Helsinki University of applied sciences

The open university of applied sciences gives the opportunity to study from the various degree programs. There is a vast range of master's degree programs offered in many disciplines like business administration, social services, automotive technologies, etc.
Admission procedure Course fees - The tuition fees vary from 30 Euros to 60 Euros depending upon the course you applied for.

Leiden University, Netherlands

Leiden University has just acquired itself a place in the top 100 Universities in the world and holds 74th position in the same list. Master's programs are offered in many disciplines at Leiden University.
Admission procedure Course fees - The tuition fees vary from 1770 Euros to 1870 Euros annual depending upon the course you applied for.

No matter what your preferences are, the European universities have something for everybody. All you have to do is to make a decision and chose the best home schools in the world.

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