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Last Updated: September 29, 2021

Summer Programs in France

France has always enjoyed unique attention from across the world since the day of yore. It has been the seat of many important historical events; it is the most popular fashion hub and it is also a much-preferred tourist destination. It is no secret that the French are great connoisseurs of art. No wonder that the country not only hosts some of the best educational institutions but also boasts of a gamut of interesting cultures. France is well known for its education especially in theology, medicine, law, and fine arts.

Such is the magnetism of France that many students from across the world prefer enrolling in summer programs in this country. Such a study option allows them to enjoy the artistic culture of the nation, besides earning a broad world view through interactions with students from other countries.

Benefits of Attending Summer Programs in France

The benefits of doing a summer program come from the opportunity the candidate gets to travel and explore the country they choose to go to. Summer programs provide candidates with the chance to learn more about the culture and history of the country by living there for a short duration especially if they cannot afford to do a full course. A few of the benefits of attending summer programs in France include-

Eligibility Requirements for Summer Programs in France

There are no general eligibility requirements for candidates who wish to enroll in summer programs in France. The requirements will vary from institution to institution and even from course to course. Some courses require candidates to have a minimum level of knowledge in the field of study they have chosen, especially when it comes to university and research programs.

The only requirement that all courses have is that candidates should clear an English language proficiency test like TOEFL or IELTS. Some courses will also require candidates to clear a French language proficiency test like DELF, DALF, or TCF.

Cost of Summer Programs in France

The cost of doing a summer program in France will include the accommodation fee, the course fee, the travel expenses, and sometimes even the flight rates that candidates have to pay to attend the program. The factors that are included in the fee calculation are entirely dependent on the institution the candidate has applied to. Candidates will have to ensure that features like meals, excursions, weekend trips, etc. are included in the package before they apply for the summer program to not end up spending more.

The average range of fees for summer programs in France is between € 800 to € 6,000.

Summer Programs for High School Students in France

A few of the summer programs offered to high school students are-

Institut Linguistique Adenet- Summer Intensive French Course

This program is offered to candidates who are above the age of 16 with a total of 30 classes spread across 2 weeks. The class will comprise a maximum of 10 students only making candidates immerse themselves fully in the class. Each class will take up to 45 minutes in all.

Cost- € 300

Abbey Road High School-Summer Immersion Program

This program is offered to candidates between the ages of 13 and 18 with a focus on cultural immersion allowing candidates to learn French holistically. The duration of the course can range between 1 to 12 weeks in all depending on the candidate. The location of the course is set in the city of Nice and candidates will be provided an apartment to stay in.

Cost- € 5,500

Summer Programs for Degree Students in France

A few of the summer programs offered to degree students are-

The Sustainable Design School- Design Summer Camp

This program focuses on empowering the drawing skills of candidates by dealing with topics like sketching, design, drawing technique, etc. The duration of the course is only 2 weeks and is a full-time course. Candidates will be able to learn the course during the week and then visit the city during the weekend.

Cost- € 480 per course

Kedge Business School- Summer School in Bordeaux

The program offers candidates 8 different courses all under the field of Management for candidates who are pursuing a degree in the same field of study. The duration of the courses ranges between 1 to 6 weeks and the course will be entirely taught in English. The courses that are taught include Supply Chain Management, Value Creation, Innovation in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, etc. Candidates will be provided on-campus accommodation during the course.

Cost- € 1,000 per course

Courses Offered for Summer Programs

A few of the courses offered through summer programs in France are-

Popular Summer Programs in France

5 of the popular summer programs offered for all students are as follows-
Type of Program FeeTimeAccommodation
Language Study Program at Centre Mediterranean d’Etudes Francaises €1,695 2 Weeks In the Centre
Universite Angers-Research € 875 1 week On-Campus
Universite Angers- Plant Health and Quality € 1,275 60 hours On-Campus
CIEE-French Language and Culture € 6,000 4 Weeks Homestay
ISE- Language and Culture € 3,200 3 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

What should candidates consider before attending a summer program in France?

Candidates should understand the program's requirements completely. Many summer programs in France expect a minimum language requirement, be it French or English. Educational institutions offer programs for college credit as well. Hence, it is important that candidates understand all the required criteria before applying for a summer exchange program.

What kind of programs should candidates look for?

Candidates should look for realistic programs. It is important to assess a program thoroughly. Program brochures may often brag about courses literally promising the stars. It is important to understand that one cannot master a language or subject in a span of few weeks. Hence, read between the lines and look for a realistic summer exchange program.

What kind of accommodations will be provided to candidates?

A few exchange programs concentrate on offering a holistic cultural experience to their students. This means that students will be required to stay with host families in France. Candidates must be comfortable living with people from a different culture so that they and their hosts will enjoy each other's company. Some programs may not offer accommodation. This means that candidates will have to secure a place to stay before they reach the country.

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