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Last Updated: September 29, 2021

Summer Programs in Germany

Students who wish to study in Germany will be fascinated to find the way learning and research are bound together in the country. Due to this, most educational institutions in Germany offer a dual education pattern with a strong emphasis on apprenticeships and training programs. The education system in Germany abides by the fact that such a great learning experience will give students a sense of collective responsibility and practicality that drives the path of innovation and progress.

In a more recent development, the German education system has begun integrating the policies of the Bologna Declaration. This has paved the way for a more global and world-recognized education format, which makes education in Germany all the more viable and interesting. A great way to experience this interesting educational format is by engaging in summer programs.

Benefits of Attending Summer Programs in Germany

The benefits of doing a summer program anywhere outside one’s own country bring in umpteen benefits for the student. The most common benefits include learning about the culture and history of the new place thereby broadening one’s perspective. Candidates will also be able to mingle with students who come from all over the world which will let them blend into the world easily. The benefits of studying in Germany include-

Eligibility Requirements for Summer Programs in Germany

Summer programs that are offered in Germany are varied with different courses being offered to candidates from different age groups. Candidates above the age of 12 will be able to find summer programs that suit their interests. There are no general eligibility criteria for the programs offered in the country. The criteria are set by the schools/universities that offer the program.

It is recommended that candidates doing a summer program at the university level know Level 1 German though this is also not mandatory.

Cost of Summer Programs in Germany

The cost of doing a summer program in Germany will include the cost of tuition for the course the candidate has taken, their accommodation, meals, and sometimes even the flight tickets. Most programs take the candidates on excursions and trips around the city whose expenses will already be covered by the program. So, in short, the cost of a summer program will include all the expenses the candidate will have in the country.

The average cost of summer programs in Germany ranges between €1,200 to €7,000.

Summer Programs for High School Students in Germany

German Language School, Berlin

This language school provides residential summer programs for juniors between the age of 16 and 18. They offer programs in both Berlin and Munich. The programs in Berlin are Berlin Water Sports (12-16), Berlin Westend(14-17), Berlin Villa(16-17), Berlin College(16-18). The programs in Munich are called Munich Adventure(12-17), Munich Castle (14-17), and Munich Young & Fun(7-14). Due to the pandemic, only a few of these programs are being provided for the time being. It is advised that candidates go through their official website to know the details.

Cost- €880 +

MEI International Academy

They offer a Summer High School Program in International Business for candidates between the age of 15 and 19. The course has a duration of 4 to 12 weeks and candidates will be able to choose between 3 English courses and do a mandatory Business course during the program. The student-to-staff ratio during the program is said to be 8:1.

Cost- €8,300

Summer Programs for Degree Students in Germany

Athena Study Abroad

This program is conducted in Heidelberg and has a focus on Business and Political Science courses. The program is for undergraduate students and offers 6 credits to candidates who attend the program. The subjects that are taught include Art History, German, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Religion, etc. Candidates will be provided accommodation in shared student dorms and they will also be taken on trips to Berlin to understand the city and culture better. Candidates will also be able to take single room accommodations for an extra fee.

Cost- €4,700

Berlin International Summer School

This program is offered in the city of Berlin and is provided for undergraduate students only. The focus of the program is on fields like Economics, Law, Business, Strategy, Architecture, Design, etc. which will aid students doing management courses. The subjects included are Management in Europe, European Business, Entrepreneurship in Germany, Strategy and Brand Management, etc. Candidates will be taken for company visits and a trip to the city to learn more about the course and the country respectively. They will be provided with accommodation within the city.

Cost- €1,600+

Bayreuth International Summer School

This school offers candidates a 10-day program for candidates from all over the world. Candidates will be able to learn from German and international lecturers during the program. The program deals with topics like African Studies, Bio-fabrication & Polymer Engineering, Economics & Management, Energy & Climate, Law, Polymer Science, etc. through the course. Accommodation is provided to candidates at hotels, the fee for which is not calculated in the program fee. The program is being conducted online for candidates who are unable to participate in person.

Cost- €650 for online course + €130 as application fee

Courses Offered for Summer Programs

The courses offered for summer programs in Germany include-

Popular Summer Programs in Germany

Type of program Fee TimeLiving Arrangement
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Summer Academy - 3-4 weeks Private Homes
RWTH Aachen Summer Exchange Program €2,990 3 weeks On-Campus Shared Rooms
CIEE €5,500 4 Weeks Shared Apartment
Greenheart Travel Teen Summer Language Program € 2,000 - € 4,000 2, 3 and 4 weeks Student Dormitory
Abbey Road High School Summer Program €5,000 3 weeks
Bucerius Summer Programs- Legal Technology and Operations €3,900 3 Weeks Additional cost for Accommodation

Frequently Asked Questions

Will candidates be able to enroll for more than one summer course at a time?

While choosing the ideal summer program for oneself, candidates will also have to choose the course they plan to do within the program. Most summer schools will offer a select number of courses the candidate can choose from. Some schools will let candidates choose as many as 3 courses though most schools will allow the candidate to take only 1.

Are candidates allowed to visit the city during the summer program?

Summer schools often offer packages that allows candidates to visit the tourist spots and other historically important places during the weekends. Depending on the age of the candidate and the institution, candidates will either be allowed to travel by themselves during weekends or they will be taken as a group to the popular places as part of the program.

What should candidates consider before traveling for a summer program in Germany?

Candidates should research on the safety for international students in the country, the accommodations they will receive upon arrival, the food they will be provided with, etc. along with the factor of culture shock. It will be best for candidates to peruse the itinerary before they head out to another country even if it is for a summer program.

Summer Programs for International Students