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Last Updated: July 08, 2022

Summer Programs in Ireland

Candidates who are in their early school years or amidst their degree education will be able to take up summer programs in Ireland that help them understand the Irish culture and heritage better. Depending on the age group, candidates will be able to engage in activities that promote cultural exchange. The activities they can participate in will mostly be language programs, extracurricular activities, and even performing arts all of which contribute to their overall academic skills.

Summer programs are offered during the summer breaks that students get during their academic years. This can last anywhere between 2 weeks to a year depending on how long the candidate wants to spend in the country. The most popularly opted programs will have durations spanning from 2 to 6 weeks and are mostly language programs that allow them to immerse in the culture but at the same time engage in linguistic learning which can be beneficial for their academic advancements.

Eligibility Requirements for Summer Programs in Ireland

There are no general eligibility requirements that one has to meet to enroll in summer programs in the country. Most schools and colleges will have their own eligibility requirements that will be based on the age of the candidate and the nature of the summer program they have enrolled for. Programs of an academic nature will most often require candidates to meet a minimum level of knowledge in the field especially if it is of university or research level.

Since almost 97% of the population in Ireland understands and speaks English, candidates from non-English-speaking countries will have to provide proof of proficiency in the language. They will be able to take tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or the Duolingo English Test for the same.

Cost of Summer Programs in Ireland

The cost for doing a summer program in Ireland will include the various charges involved for the program and not just the tuition part of the same. The fee will include accommodation, food, local excursions, and sometimes even flight fares that are otherwise managed by the candidate themselves. The fee will be dependent on the kind of activity the program is focused on and the kind of lifestyle the student wants to lead while they are in the country. Candidates will have to ensure that features like food, excursions, and other miscellaneous activities are included in the package before enrolling in a summer program.

The average cost for a summer program can range anywhere between €700 to €1100 per week.

Courses Offered for Summer Programs

A few of the courses offered as summer programs include-

Popular Summer Programs in Ireland

A few of the popular summer programs offered include-
Type of ProgramTimeAccommodationFee
Irish Studies -NUI Galway 1 monthStudent Residence€3,200
Young Adult Program-Emerald Cultural Institute2-4 weeksHonestay/Residential€1,700-€3,275
Irish Studies-University College Dublin2-4 weeks Student Residence€1,500-€2,900
Summer High School Program-UCD2 weeksStudent Residence€2,850
CIEE Study Abroad Ireland13 weeksHomestay€15,000
Oswego-UCD Summer Internship Program8 weeksOff Campus Housing/Residence Hall-
Mesa Community College-Study Abroad Ireland1 monthShared Apartments€5,230

Summer Programs for High School Students in Ireland

High school students will be able to find summer programs that are mostly language immersion programs set in Ireland. These programs will include exploring the country, taking field trips, and mingling with the locals to learn and experience the country first-hand. A few of the programs offered include-

Emerald Cultural Institute- Young Adult Program

What is it? It is a cultural immersion program that primarily acts as an intensive language course with a class size of 15 to 20 people. Students will be free to explore Dublin at their own pace during free hours and the subjects taught as part of this program will lean toward leadership & development, human rights, Irish life & culture, etc.
Who can participate? This program is offered to candidates who are between 16 and 20 years of age.
What is the duration? It has a duration of a minimum of 2 weeks.
What is the cost? €1,700 for 2 weeks and €3,275 for 4 weeks.

University College Dublin-Summer High School Program

What is it? Candidates will be taught about the Irish history and language along with subjects like business, science, and engineering which will be provided as faculty-led workshops from time to time.
Who can participate? This program is offered to high school students from North America and is an immersive experience in Irish culture.
What is the duration? The program will have a duration of 2 weeks in all.
What is the cost? €2,850 for 2 weeks.

Summer Programs for Degree Students in Ireland

The summer programs that are offered for degree students will be specialized in nature and will pertain to a specific field of study. Candidates will be able to take up programs in the field of technology, business, Irish studies, Irish language, etc., and earn additional credits for the same. A few of these programs are-

NUI Galway-International Summer School-Irish Studies

What is it? It is a summer program of an academic nature with subjects that one can specialize in. Around 300 students are taken for the program every year. The most popular subject chosen is Irish Studies where students learn about the themes like emigration, religion, language, music, etc. of Ireland. Candidates will be able to enroll for any 2 modules from the list of modules provided. They will get 6ECTS per module.
Who can participate? The program is offered to undergraduate students who are in their 1st or 2nd year of study with special preference provided to those pursuing a program within a relating field of study.
What is the duration? The duration of the program is one month.
What is the cost? The cost for the program is €3,200.

University College Dublin-Irish Studies

What is it? This program is offered in the field of Arts and Humanities with a focus on the history, culture, and societal setup of Ireland. Along with academic content, the program will include field trips to museums, historical locations, and other places of importance concerning their course.
Who can participate? It is offered to candidates who are pursuing an undergraduate degree within the field of arts and humanities. Candidates must have a GPA above 3.00 to be eligible.
What is the duration? The duration of the program is from 2 to 4 weeks with the former providing them with 5 ECTS and the latter giving them 10 ECTS.
What is the cost? The program costs €1,500 for 2 weeks and €2,900 for 4 weeks.

SUNY Oswego-UCD Summer Internship Program

What is it? This program allows candidates to take up internships in Irish/International firms that are based in Ireland. This can include art facilities, government agencies, businesses, etc. depending on the field of study the candidate is currently pursuing. Students will also be taking up a course on Irish History and Culture as part of the program. The program will be taught in English.
Who can participate? It is an undergraduate-level program and students who are sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be able to apply for the same as long as they have a GPA equal to or above 3.
What is the duration? The duration of the program is 8 weeks and offers 6 credits to students.
What is the cost? The exact cost of the program is unspecified but students will be able to apply for financial aid when they are admitted to the program. They will have to pay around €245 as an application fee.

Mesa Community College-Study Abroad Ireland

What is it? Students will be able to study Irish history and culture by exploring the place. They will be able to choose between the subjects of Religion in Ireland: Neolithic to Early Medieval and The Irish Storytelling Tradition both of which teach vastly about Ireland.
Who can participate? It is provided to all undergraduate students. There are no eligibility criteria that have been specified yet for the program.
What is the duration? This program has a duration of 1 month in all.
What is the cost? The cost of the program is estimated to be around €5,230 which will not include the airfare and other miscellaneous expenses of the candidate.

Benefits of Attending Summer Programs in Ireland

Candidates who have the dream of studying abroad but are uncertain of meeting college admission requirements can opt for summer programs in different countries. This will allow them to earn credits during their summer break or at the very least provide them with a cultural experience they can add to their resume. Ireland is one of the ideal places for one to go to for summer programs considering how the city falls in the niche category of countries one has to go to and considering how it is not as mainstream as countries like the US and the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general things to consider before attending a summer program in Ireland?

Candidates who are attending a summer program in Ireland must ensure that the summer program package clearly mentions the prerequisites and requirements for the course. This will include language proficiency requirements and credits provided for the number of hours attended.

What should one look for in a summer program?

While the needs of candidates will differ from person to person, one must remain realistic in their pursuits. Programs like language immersion will promise to perfect the Irish linguistic skills of the candidate in a week or two but this will not be a realistic goal to achieve.

Are accommodations always provided for summer programs? What kind of accommodations are provided?

Accommodations are always provided for summer programs. This can be in the form of homestays, on-campus residential setups, or shared spaces for candidates in the same program. The type of accommodation provided will be listed along with the summer program package and candidates may sometimes have the option of choosing the kind of accommodation they will prefer for the duration of their stay.

Are summer programs offered online?

Due to the pandemic, a few institutions and organizations have resorted to providing summer programs online or virtually. While this is the less efficient means of attending a summer program, candidates who badly require extra credits for their current academic pursuit will be able to take up these programs. A few of the places that offer virtual summer programs for now include-

Summer Programs for International Students