Get all Italiana this summer with exchange programs

There's nothing to beat the art oozing out of crevice in Italy, the food so unique to it and a charm that it has been exuding for centuries. Offering a wide variety of courses, Italy has been a hub of knowledge enhancement for many years now. The country has about 60 universities that offer a gamut of subjects to specialize in for students from across the world. And for those who are enrolled in other universities across the world, Italy's universities offer interesting student exchange programs during the summer vacations.

Why opt for a summer exchange program in Italy?

It is well known that Italy attracts a large worldwide crowd every year as tourists and students. This has resulted in Italian education institutions offering a world view and research-oriented education for its students. This has found them employing the same approach even for their summer exchange programs to enable students from across geographies enhance their knowledge and thought process by looking through a worldly-wise lens.

Top five summer exchange programs in Italy

Type of program Avg. Fees Time Subjects Eligibility Scholarships Living Arrangement
John Cabot University, Rome Two summer sessions of: $3,050 for 3 credits per course
$4,450 for 6 credits per course
5 weeks Creative writing and Literary Translation
International Communication in Rome
Minimum GPA of 2.67 $500 to $2,000 Accommodation in a residential hall or private apartment on a sharing basis
AIFS Summer Advantage Program, Rome Earn 3 semester credits. An excursion to Florence can be opted for with an extra payment of ~$400 3 weeks Fashion, Italian Language, Art History Students should have completed the junior or senior high levels of school and should be 16 years or older. Each applicant must provide transcripts from Richmond - the US Accredited American International University in London. Minimum GPA of 2.75 $2,500 Accommodation at a hotel.
AIFS Summer Study Abroad Programs, Florence Fee details will be informed over email. Students can earn 3 credits from the 3 week program, five credits from the four week program and seven credits from the seven week program. 9 weeks for 6 credits Graduate experiential learning in Hospitality with special emphasis on: Food and Beverage, Service, Culinary Management, Food Preparation, Special Event Management and Catering Applicants should have completed the Apicius Master in Italian Cuisine/2 years in Culinary Arts/2 years in Hospitality/Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management/one year work experience in a commercial or institutional kitchen
CIS Abroad, Florence $4,7-0 to $14,000 3 weeks - 3 credit and 6 credit courses
6 weeks - 3 and 6 credit courses
9 weeks - up to 12 credits
12 weeks - up to 15 credits
Cultural Immersion Program GPA of 2.8. Students with a lesser grade can be considered. Various scholarships to choose from. Shared apartment