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Last Updated: September 24, 2021

Summer Programs in Italy

There's nothing to beat the art oozing out of a crevice in Italy, the food so unique to it and a charm that it has been exuding for centuries. Offering a wide variety of courses, Italy has been a hub of knowledge enhancement for many years now. The country has about 60 universities that offer a gamut of subjects to specialize in for students from across the world. And for those who are enrolled in other universities across the world, Italy's universities offer interesting student exchange programs during the summer vacations.

It is well known that Italy attracts a large worldwide crowd every year as tourists and students. This has resulted in Italian education institutions offering a world view and research-oriented education for their students. They have also been employing the same approach even for their summer exchange programs to enable students from across geographies to enhance their knowledge and thought process by looking through a worldly-wise lens.

Benefits of Attending Summer Program in Italy

The benefits of attending a summer program will be the same irrespective of which country the candidate plans to go to. The most common benefits include cultural immersion that candidates will experience when traveling to other countries. Going to popular tourist locations where international students flock to will be beneficial to them since the place would resemble a melting pot.

The added benefits that candidates receive while going to a place like Italy includes-

Eligibility for Summer Program in Italy

The eligibility requirements for candidates who are planning to do a summer program in Italy vary from institution to institution. It will also sometimes vary from program to program and hence candidates must always cross-check with the program and institution to know the recent updates in the eligibility requirement. They will require general documents like their passport and previous transcripts but the most common requirement is that of a language proficiency test. Candidates will have to take one of the following-

Cost of Doing Summer Program in Italy

The cost for studying a summer program in Italy depends on the institution the candidate is applying to and the age group the candidate belongs to. This is because the programs that are offered to candidates will be provided according to different age groups. The cost will cover the tuition, housing, insurance, etc. of the candidate during the duration of their stay. The cost ranges from $2,000 to $9,000 depending on the length of the stay.

Courses Offered for Summer Programs

The popular courses that are offered include-

Summer Programs for High School Students in Italy

A few of the summer programs offered to high school students are-

Abbey Road High School

The summer program offered by Abbey School can take 1-12 weeks during summer with topics like adventure, travel, cultural immersion, etc. The course options that are offered include Italian Language and Literature, Studio Art, Fashion Design, Filmmaking, etc. This is provided for candidates between the age group of 13 and 18. Candidates will be taken to the popular cities in the country during the weekends as part of the program. They will be provided housing at either student apartments or hotels.

Cost-$6,395 for 4 weeks

Scuola Italiano-Italian Language and Culture

This summer program is offered to international students in the city of Salerno in Italy. The courses that are offered revolve around the Italian language and culture. Candidates will also be taken for excursions as part of the program. They will be provided with accommodations in double rooms.

Cost- $1,121 for 4 weeks

Summer Programs for Degree Students in Italy

A few of the summer courses offered for degree students are-

Studio Arts College International- Florence and Venice

The summer programs offered here are under the names Summer I, Summer II, and Full Summer provided at the two locations. Summer I has a duration of 5 weeks while Summer II has 4 weeks and Full Summer has a duration of 10 weeks in all. The courses that are offered include Ceramics, Drawing, Etching, Sculpture, Visual Design, etc. out of which the candidates will be able to choose any two. Candidates will be provided with single or double rooms.

Cost- above $5,000 (only tuition)

University of Pisa

The summer program they offer comprises topics that are related to digital humanities. The topics they provide change from year to year with the common topics being Designing a project in DH, Digital Collections, Digital Libraries, Virtual Exhibitions, etc. It is a full-time course that has a duration of 12 days in all. It is an online course.

Cost- $586 per course

Top Five Summer Programs in Italy

Type of program Fee Time Subjects Living Arrangement
John Cabot University, Rome $3,628 5 weeks Creative writing and Literary Translation
International Communication in Rome
Residential Hall/Apartment
AIFS Summer Advantage Program, Rome 3 weeks Fashion
Italian Language
Art History
IES Abroad $6,200 9 weeks Rome Summer-Language & Culture Apartment
CIS Abroad $10,290 8 Week Mediterranean Culture Studies: Barcelona & Sorrento Apartment
ISA- The American University of Florence $4,595 2-3 weeks Business, Hospitality and Studio Art Home Stay/Apartment

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the housing options provided for summer program students?

The housing options provided for candidates during summer programs include homestays, hotels, apartments, student residential halls, dormitories, etc. The fee for accommodation and meals are generally included within the total fee paid for the summer program.

What are the things to consider while traveling abroad?

The factors that students must consider before traveling to Italy include safety concerns, accommodation expectations, and culture shock. Candidates must go through the itinerary provided by their agency or institute so that they can know what to expect during the program.

Will candidates be able to travel within Italy during the course?

Most summer programs provide classes only during the week days. The weekends are provided to candidates for sightseeing and being a tourist within the country. Some programs will include travel packages as part of their plan which will mention the cities and other popular places they will take the candidates to visit.

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