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Last Updated: September 29, 2021

Summer Programs in Spain

From large cities such as Barcelona and Madrid to smaller ones such as Granada and Salamanca, Spain is replete with some of the best universities in the world. Home to magnificent historical monuments and museums such as the Prado and Alhambra, and steeped in rich culture, Spain makes for a fantastic destination to pursue summer programs.

A student program in Spain is a tie-up between educational institutions and organizations of Spain and those of other countries. As part of this collaboration, select students from member countries travel to Spain during their summer holidays to engage in special learning sessions ranging from a couple of days to a few weeks. These may include research-oriented programs and fun lesson modules replete with travel programs across Spain and a couple of other countries. For instance, students of historical studies may be taken across several monuments of Europe for real-time learning, with their lessons culminating in a workshop in their host institution in Spain.

Benefits of Attending a Summer Program in Spain

The benefits of attending a summer program are plenty considering the exposure and opportunities that candidates will get by moving across countries. Candidates will be able to meet people their age from different parts of the world and immerse themselves in the culture and language of the country they are visiting. The benefits that attending a summer program in Spain can provide candidates with include-

Eligibility Requirements for Summer Programs in Spain

Summer programs in most countries including Spain do not have a generalized set of eligibility requirements. The requirements will be institution and course-specific. Most institutions will require candidates to have an intermediate level of knowledge in the courses they have opted for. But this is the case only for university-level programs. High school programs generally rely on the skills of the candidate and not on external qualifications.

The prerequisite for most courses will be a language proficiency test like TOEFL or IELTS though candidates must cross-check this with the institute they are applying to. Some courses will also require candidates to have Intermediate knowledge of Spanish before they can enroll for the course.

Cost of Summer Programs in Spain

The cost of attending a summer program in Spain includes the fee for tuition, accommodation, excursions, trips, and sometimes even flight tickets. But most often, the amount that is stated as the fee will only include the fee for the course. So, candidates will have to ensure that the amount stated for the program includes both accommodation and meal options.

The average fee range for courses range between € 180 to € 6,000.

Summer Programs for High School Students in Spain

A few programs offered to high school students are-

SPI High School Spanish Immersion &Cultural Leadership

This program is offered in different cities in Spain like Toledo, Seville, San, Madrid, Barcelona, etc. The duration of the program ranges between 1-12 weeks. It is a cultural and language immersion program that lets the candidates learn more about the country by interacting with the people and by visiting the popular cities in the place. Candidates will be staying in either apartments, hotels, or even with host families depending on the location of the course.

Cost- € 1,800

Abbey Road Programs- Modern Spanish Studies

This program focuses on arts, language, literature, culture, and society as its topics. Candidates will be able to choose programs that range anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. The courses that are offered include Spanish Language and Conversation, Studio Art, Digital Photography, and Sports. It is offered to candidates who are in 8th to 12th grade. They will be given accommodation in homestays.

Cost- € 5,200 for 4 weeks

Summer Programs for Degree Students in Spain

A few programs offered to degree students are-

Academia Linguamania- Intensive Summer Course

This program is offered to undergraduate students who are above the age of 17. The course will focus on Spanish and let candidates learn the language from scratch or improve the level of learning they already have in it. The duration of the course is a minimum of 2 weeks. Candidates will be able to immerse themselves in the culture and history of the place so as to make their learning experience holistic.

Cost- € 180 per week.

ISA, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

This university offers candidates a summer program in International Studies, Business & Culture. The program is offered in the city of Barcelona at the Sant Pau campus and the duration of the program is 4 weeks. The courses that are taught include City Planning and Architecture, Digital Photography, Spanish Civilization and Culture, Managerial Skills, etc. Candidates will be provided with the option of staying in a homestay, apartment, student residence, or independent housing. This is dependent on the candidate’s choice and the availability of the said accommodation.

Cost- € 3,200

Courses Offered in Summer Programs

Spain offers candidates summer programs based on the age of the candidate. Candidates will be able to enroll for programs at a high school level and degree level depending on the age group they fall into. While other countries offer specialization courses for candidates that will benefit them in their current field of study, Spain focuses on language and immersion programs mainly.

5 Popular Summer Programs in Spain

A few of the popular summer programs in Spain are-
Type of program Average Fee Time Accommodation
CIEE at Andalusia- Spanish Language and Culture € 5,500 4 Weeks Homestay
Youth Exchange Programs, Seville-Intensive Spanish € 3,500 4 Weeks Home stay
Summerfuel(YES), Barcelona-Spanish Language € 6,000 2-4 weeks Dormitory
Youth Exchange in Spain(YES)-Language and Cultural Immersion € 1,700 2 -12 weeks Host Family
Greenheart(YES), Salamanca- Language Camp in Spain € 2,200 2 Weeks Home stay
Metafora, Barcelona- Intensive Course € 800 2 Weeks -
ISEP, Universitat Pompeu Fabra € 2,700 4 weeks Student Residence

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of activities will the candidate be able to engage in apart from classes?

Candidates will be able to go visit the popular tourist locations in the city they are in. Most programs will either allow candidates to travel by themselves or take them as a group to the locations depending on the ages of the candidates.

What are the most common summer programs offered in Spain?

Unlike other countries that offer candidates courses in subjects like chemistry, biology, data science, etc., Spain provides candidates with immersion programs in Spanish that will let them learn more about the culture and history of the country.

What are the factors to consider before enrolling in a summer program in Spain?

Candidates will have to research thoroughly about the program and the benefits they will have by doing the program before enrolling for it. They should also consider factors like safety, accommodation, and meal plans since the country they are visiting will not have routines they are familiar with.

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