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Last Updated: September 29, 2021

Summer Programs in UK

The United Kingdom is an ancient seat of education. Being the home to world-renowned educational institutions such as Oxford University, University College London, Imperial College London, King's College London, and the University of Leeds to name a few, United Kingdom has a highly respected and trusted education system. Its institutions believe in holistic development and work with dedication to polish the strengths of each student.

A melting pot of cultures, the UK boasts of having a global community of students from all walks of life. It is no wonder that the summer programs offered by educational institutions in Britain are extremely popular among students across the globe. While exposure to a global mindset is a strong advantage, students from many countries that follow English as a medium of educational instruction find it easier to study in the UK. This makes summer programs offered by educational institutions and organizations in the United Kingdom extremely lucrative.

Benefits of Attending Summer Programs in UK

The benefits of taking up summer programs lie in the opportunity of travel and exploration associated with it. Students who generally wish to move abroad will do so during their years of higher education and not during their high school days. While this also provides the candidates with cultural exposure, moving outside their own country during their school years for summer programs benefits students from minor to major levels. A few of these benefits are-

Eligibility Requirements for Summer Programs in UK

The eligibility requirements for Summer Programs vary from institution to institution. Most schools do not require candidates to have a prior understanding of the courses they have opted for. But some universities require the candidate to have basic knowledge in the course they have chosen. This is based on the course they have chosen and the level required for understanding the syllabus that is being followed.

The only compulsory requirement for candidates who take up Summer Programs is that of clearing a language proficiency test. The language proficiency tests can be either-

Cost of Summer Programs in UK

The fee that candidates will have to pay while going for a Summer Program will often include the tuition fee, housing, cultural and social activities they will be part of, insurance, and sometimes even student support. The cost will also be dependent on the length of the stay. The fee can range anywhere up to $8,000 if it is a summer program.

Summer Programs for High School Students in UK

The summer programs that are offered in the UK are for different age groups. The programs that are offered to high school students include-

The Oxford University Experience

This program offers a Summer Course for Teens course which allows candidates to live at Oxford by studying their favorite course. Through this program, candidates will be able to choose 2 daily seminars and a workshop they can take part in. They will also be allowed to travel to select locations in England during the weekends.

Cost- $8,000

Global Social Leaders

The global Social World Summit is a leadership program that high school students can be a part of. The duration of the program is 2 weeks with the students being encouraged to befriend their classmates who come from different cultures and backgrounds. The program aims to merge the cultural influences that every candidate brings into creating leadership qualities in them. It is conducted in Berkshire.

Cost- $3,000

World Camp UK

This program focuses on Adventure, British Culture, and Youth Leadership with a focus on language immersion in general. The program has a duration of 2 to 4-weeks with the activities involved being based on sports and adventure. Candidates will be able to play soccer, focus on Performing Arts, or even spend time at the stables if it interests them. They will also be taken to the famous cities in the country as part of the program.

Cost- $1,500 per week

Summer Programs for Degree Students in UK

A few of the institutions that offer summer programs to degree students are-

Arts University Bournemouth

This institution offers candidates an Animation Summer Course that lasts for 3 weeks and is part-time in nature. The course will deal with topics like narrative and storyboarding, cut-out techniques, layout and background, creative post-production editing, film screening, and critique, etc. Candidates will be provided accommodation in the University Halls of Residence and will be taken on weekend day trips to popular places.

Cost- $3,005

University of Exeter

This university offers a few many courses as part of their summer program. This includes British Culture, What is Sustainability and How can STEM Help?, Theatre: Applied Poetry, Contract Law, etc. The duration of the courses is generally 150 hours but is subject to variation according to the course the candidate chooses. Some of the courses have been made online while courses like Contract Law are still conducted offline.

Cost- $3,000 +

Oxford Summer Courses

They offer courses in Oxford or Cambridge on subjects like Architecture, Art History, Chemistry, Classical Civilization, Creative Writing, Economics, etc. for candidates within the age group of 18 and 24. The duration of the courses is typically 2 weeks with the program covering weekend trips over the popular landmarks in the country.

Cost- $4,000 +

Courses Offered for Summer Programs

The most popular courses that are opted by students who come for Summer Programs are-

Popular Summer Exchange Programs in the UK

Type of Program Average Fee Time Living Arrangement
The Fulbright Commission Nottingham Trent Summer Institute 4 weeks On campus
ISEP Plymouth Summer Program $5,000 3 weeks Standard University Housing
Hult International Business School $6,299 2 weeks On Campus
Cambridge University and London Combo $9,999 4 Weeks Residential
2 weeks in Cambridge
2 weeks in London
Cambridge University $6,299 2 Weeks On Campus
IES Abroad London $8,315 Summer Apartment/Dormitory/Host Family
IFSA Summer in London $2,655 2 Weeks Apartments/Flats

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of housing can summer program students expect?

Candidates who choose to do summer programs will mostly be offered housing by the institute or program they have enrolled for. The housing that is provided can be in the form of a dormitory, apartment, flat, on-campus residential halls, hostels, home stays, etc. Meals will either be self-preparatory or through the mess made available for students.

Does a summer program only include studying?

While the general focus will be on the course the candidate has taken, the package they have opted for will include travels and excursions planned for the class which will make the candidate immerse themselves in the culture of the place and learn better. The program will be focused not only on the course but also on the experience the candidate gets from living in the country.

What are the factors candidates should consider before traveling for a summer program?

The main factors that candidates will have to research about and prepare themselves accordingly for will be safety concerns, expectations of accommodation, and culture shock. They must go through the program itinerary page by page to not miss out on any vital information they might need on the trip.

What are the essential things one must carry while going for a summer program?

Candidates must carry all their essential documents including their passport and visa along with their photocopies just to remain on the safe side. They should also keep local currency, travel-size toiletries, gadgets, power adapters, etc. that they will use daily.

Summer Programs for International Students