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Europe contains 50 independent Countries. Russia, Ukraine, and France are the three largest of its countries, and Vatican City is the smallest. Having a diverse set of people Europe's most widely spoken Languages are German, Italian, English and French.

Europe, being a continent of Developed nations, has most of Its countries with a literacy rate of higher than 98%. This would mean Europe naturally has some of the best educational institutions.

Some of the top boarding schools in Switzerland are Hurtwood House, Brillantmont International School, St.George School, Leysin American School.

Some of the top boarding schools in England are Stowe School, Oakham School, Bilton Grange and Wycliffe School. Cambridge University located in London accredits the following boarding school, for one.

How do you know which boarding school you should choose?

IGCSE, GCE O Levels, GCE A levels are popular board exams held and practiced in European schools. IGCSE meaning International General Certificate of Secondary Education and O levels are both equivalents to 10th grade. It is a certificate which is recognized throughout the globe.

A Levels are equivalent to 12th grade and are also recognized globally as well. There are 70 subjects in total in IGCSE. Most students take two years (9th grade and 10th grade) to complete this examination. They select their streams of education such as arts, science or commerce. A student requires 8 C grades under IGCSE to receive an ICE (International Certificate of Education) Diploma. If the student is interested in Science, he may choose Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Environmental Science, a second language such as French and Information Technology. At least 5 Passes are required for an IGCSE appearing student to appear for GCE A levels.

A student appearing for GCE A levels needs at least three passes to be eligible to enter a good University. Most top universities require two A Grades and one B grade. Students who have completed IGCSE and A Levels have a really good shot at getting into good colleges as it's recognized by most institutions. These exams are conducted every six months during May and November. They can be taken multiple times by the candidates. The results take two months to come out. Candidates can also register for these exams in private without the help of a school. They just have to write the exams in the respective centers.

Which Boarding School Should You Choose?

Here is a look at the top boarding schools that you can choose for your child when they want to study in Europe.

Food and Stay have never been a problem for boarding students in Europe as they are provided with world class facilities. On the whole, Boarding schools is a safe place for students to grow in all the aspects of life.

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