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Best Life Sciences Universities in Europe.

The potential applications of Life Sciences are enormous, but the right guidance and curriculum is required for a student who wishes to shine in this field. Europe as a whole is home to some extremely old and famous universities, where students are immersed in a rigorous curriculum, are provided with the necessary guidance to succeed in this highly competitive field.

Why Life Sciences from Europe?

Europe is rich in its cultural diversity, is home to people from various ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. This diversity will change and improve your worldview, help you to become a better student. Universities here have large research funds; so cutting-edge research labs are the norm, other than great facilities, the number of challenges and opportunities available here makes it possible to achieve breakthroughs in the field of Life Sciences. The faculty in most universities are world leaders in their field. Other than having the excellent subject knowledge, they also are gifted teachers from whom you can learn a lot. Most of these universities are also associated with other prominent research institutes and life science companies from the industry. This opens up other avenues of future employment, will increase the number of options which you have. Top Life Sciences Universities in Europe

4) Luis Pasture Institute in Paris
While not a university in the real sense, the Luis Pasture Institute is one of the best in the world as far as fundamental biological research is concerned, offers Ph.D. degrees to students. While getting admission here is highly competitive, will require an extraordinary profile, it will be worth the effort since the institute is home to more Nobel Prize winners than most countries! There are in addition to the above many other excellent universities in Europe. So even if you do not get into any of the above universities, try for the others.

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