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Last Updated: March 15, 2021

Educational Cost in Ukraine

Ukraine is a European country known for its orthodox churches, architecture, forested mountains, and Black Sea Coastline. The country, apart from its structural beauties and natural wonders, is also known for its standardized educational system.

Year after year, hundreds of international students apply to the universities in Ukraine to be able to access their better quality of education and to experience the country's rich heritage. There are approximately 80,470 international students in the country hailing from different parts of the world.

One of the prerequisites for studying in Ukraine is financial solvency which makes the student eligible to apply for the Ukraine Study Visa. It is understood that before applying for the visa, students must take care of their living and accommodation expenses along with their educational expenses.

Tuition Fee in Ukraine

The fee structure in Ukraine, like any other country, differs both from course to course and from college to college. The courses that are sought after the most are Medicine, Engineering, Arts and MBA but along with these professional courses students also take admission for postgraduate and graduate courses depending on their discipline.

Living Expenses in Ukraine

Living expenses per year for a student have been estimated to be between $1200-$1500 which students must have apart from their tuition fees. Though this may sound like a huge amount, it is cheaper when compared to other European companies. Most students can avail the hostel facilities on the campus and the hostel expenses are often always cited on the university websites which account for the living expenses as well.

Stationery Prices in Ukraine-

The books required for the courses offered in universities are available in the university libraries which makes it easier for students to access the books without having to purchase them new. Papers, pens, and pencils are relatively very cheap with 1000 rough papers costing as little as $2 USD.

Clothing Prices in Ukraine-

Since the overall rates for clothes aren’t high, students can easily purchase essential clothes without going broke in the country.

Expense for Meals in Ukraine-

Students who are unable or unwilling to cook in the hostels provided may eat outside due to the availability of cheap eateries in Ukraine.
MealPrice in UAHPrice in USD
Inexpensive Restaurant120$4.25
Mid-Range Restaurant-Meal for 2490$18
McMeal at McDonalds75 UAH$2.75

The budget for food in Ukraine for a month can range from $300-$400 which will include all the essential expenses of the student. The expenses may be relatively high in the first month until the student has settled in and found the right eateries and grocery shops but this reduces into the estimated prices eventually.

The network of hypermarkets in Ukraine which is most popular is Auchan where every essential item is sold at a reasonable price. Silpo is another popular chain of supermarkets in Kyiv that sell things at an affordable rate. These shops are generally open 24 hours a day thereby letting students with different working schedules access the shops at their own convenience.

The different supermarket chains that exist are ATB, Billa, Furshet, MegaMarket, etc. Apart from these networks of supermarkets, there are plenty of small shops and kiosks near universities that help students buy necessary things.

Accommodation Prices in Ukraine-

The prices for accommodation depending on the kind of place the student wants to live in. Students often prefer to stay in inns along with other students or in hostels where the expense is less than $70 per month which is the cheapest. But students also choose to stay outside universities in apartments along with other flatmates or by themselves since the rent is not too high when compared to other European countries.

Travelling in Ukraine- -

International students, like most other students, will have to engage a maximum number of hours in academic activities. But this will not stand in their way of exploring the city and having fun in their spare time. Ukraine has plenty of bars, shopping malls, and nightclubs across the country.

Travel passes to travel on trains and buses cost around $5 in the cities. Students can also avail a 40% discount on tickets if they are touring the country.

Students get summer and winter vacations where they can travel to other countries as long as they have received an International Student Card. Students are also eligible for a 30% discount on flight tickets.

Transportation Charges for Daily Commute-

TransportPrice in UAHPrice in USD
One way ticket- Local Transport4.75 UAH$0.18
Monthly Pass242 UAH$8.70
Taxi Start Fee37 UAH$1.35

Scholarship Programs for International Students

  1. Gilman Scholarship Program- This scholarship is for American students who are already receiving the Pell Grants scholarship in their country. It acts as an additional scholarship and the average award is $4000 but the student can receive up to $5000. If the student is studying a language that has been enlisted on the critical need list, they can receive up to $8000. Other student groups who can receive the scholarship are those who are from two-year schools or have disabilities. Students from ethnic minorities can also apply for this scholarship.
  2. Boren Scholarship- This includes both scholarships and fellowships where the former is for undergraduate students and the latter is for graduate students. It is required that students study a language along with Russian and Ukrainian since they are the 2 commonly used languages in the country. Students can receive a sum of $20,000 as the scholarship amount and $30,000 as the fellowship amount. The catch in this scholarship is that the grantees have to serve the Ukrainian government as part of their national security, homeland security, the department of state, and their defense department for a certain period of time after the completion of their degree. This scholarship is sponsored by the National Security Education Program.
  3. School of Russian and Asian Studies Scholarship- They offer grants, scholarships, research awards, and other translation internship opportunities for students from specific countries or universities in Europe and Asia. They have a Home and Abroad Report Journalism internship which includes reporting work at home and travel to Kyiv for the purpose of learning the Russian language. Students will get the opportunity of reporting to journals and receiving $5000. They can also work for museums and theaters while receiving a nominal fee of $750.
  4. IREX Scholarship- IREX is a Ukrainian welfare organization that aids research programs with funds received from the local and federal governments. This funding is provided for a maximum of nine months within which researchers should complete their researches regarding the foreign policies in the country.
  5. Ukrainian International Education Council Scholarships and Grants- This scholarship is offered for foreign students by the government and it is necessary that the student be directed to study in Ukraine by their respective government. This is aimed at 2 types of the student population. One, for students who excel in their field of study, and two, the students who could not complete school due to financial problems but have a zest for learning and is hardworking. These scholarships either fully or partially reimburse the education fee of the students.

Safety Concerns for International Students in Ukraine

Ukraine is considered to be one of the safest places for International students. The government has ample safety measures in place for students right from the moment they enter the country and lasting throughout their stay in the country. After the government has set up the Official Ukrainian Admission Center, International students have been safer throughout the country.

The best places to stay based on safety concerns are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Lviv. Though this data has been calculated through the statistics of recent times, it can be said that the Ukrainian government keeps a keen eye on the educational process in the country along with guaranteeing the students equal rights and opportunities.

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