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Last Updated: April 05, 2021

Living in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in the European continent situated in Eastern Europe with Kyiv as its capital. They have extensive farmlands with fertile soils and are one of the largest grain exporters in the world. The country has Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary as its borders to the west, Russia to the east and north-east, Belarus to the north, and Romania, Moldova, Crimea, and the Black Sea to the South.

The Soviet Union’s insistence on educating all of the country’s citizens, they have a literacy rate of 99.97% which is also why the educational sector is equally good for both the citizens of the country and for international students. Ukraine produces Europe’s fourth-largest number of postgraduate students which makes Ukraine one of the highly educated countries on the continent.

Things to do in Ukraine

Places to Visit in Ukraine

Studying in Ukraine provides students with ample opportunities of visiting exotic places in the country. Some of these places are-

Cuisines to Relish While in Ukraine

Being an International student provides students to explore the local cuisine if they are living in the hostels or even if they have decided to stay in apartments outside the universities. Ukraine’s cuisine has a huge variety that is not easily available in other countries. The few delicacies of the country are-

Festivals to Attend While in Ukraine

Ukraine is considered to be a land of exotic traditions and cultures which is reflected in the way they celebrate different festivals during the year.

Commuting to places from Ukraine

The airline system in the country is centralized and hence passengers will have to change flights in Kyiv while traveling to the southeast and the west. The UIA, which is essentially an international airline based in Boryspil International Airport in Kyiv, is also the country’s largest domestic carrier now. The domestic airline at Dnipro Airport has recently been increasing the number of domestic destinations for passengers.

Buses are the most common transportation available in the country second-best only to the railways. There are buses connecting every city and small towns but people often use buses for short trips due to them being over-crowded, small and old. Luxury buses on the other hand are a better alternative to trains.

People prefer to take the train for longer journeys and find the intercity trains to be the best way of transport. The trains that are used for over-night journeys have old, Soviet-era carriages traveling in which is an experience in itself.

Currency Conversion

Moving to any other country from one’s own for educational and job purposes requires knowledge of currency conversion since this is necessary to figure out the amounts required for the stay and livelihood. The rate keeps fluctuating over the year and has to be kept track of for a relatively smooth experience in the country.
Currently, 1 USD= 27.76 UAH

Living Expense in Ukraine

Understanding the living expenses is mandatory before applying for the courses in Ukraine since the expenses, though is relatively cheap when compared to other European countries, can still be a substantial amount for students coming from different parts of the world. It is mandatory in this country to show proof of financial solvency while applying for a visa. The cost of living is often a description of the university the student has enrolled in and the kind of lifestyle they lead.

Choosing a Course to Study in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country known for its tolerance and hospitable nature. International students in Ukraine can easily assimilate and integrate into the local culture. The educational system in place in the country is standardized making it easier for international students to understand and excel in them.

Students can choose from different fields of study since each field has a few many courses and subjects enlisted by universities. This includes engineering, medicine, technical, and legal education courses. Irrespective of the courses one chooses, they will receive the best education available which meets almost all the job requirements in European countries and can easily provide students with employment opportunities. The educational institutions in Ukraine follow the Bologna reform which provides a unified and internationally recognized degree.

Safety Concerns for International Students in Ukraine

Ukraine, being the tolerant country it is, is safe for both natives and international students alike. Safety measures have been put into place by the government for students from the time they enter the country and throughout their stay until they leave. The best-ranked cities for safety are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Lviv. The Official Ukrainian Admission center which was recently put into place has made the country better for international students as a whole.

Education in Ukraine