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Last Updated: October 24, 2021

Study in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and is also referred to as the Venice of the North since it is located in the Northern part of Holland. The reference to Venice comes from the fact that the city has a large number of beautiful canals that attract tourists. The city has plenty of tourist spots including the Hermitage Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum, Heineken Experience, etc. which are popular locations that international students also visit often.

The city of Amsterdam offers candidates an essence of the country even if they are unable to travel far and wide within the country during their stay. Due to this being the capital, it is well-connected to different parts of the country making it easier for students to explore the different scenic locations within the country. This city has an oceanic climate with warm summers and cool winters though one can expect occasional snow in winters as well.

Benefits of Studying in Amsterdam

This city has a lot of cultural and historical elements that attract students from all over the world to study there. The place is known for the waterfront buildings, parks, museums, and numerous festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. The Netherlands is also one of the smallest countries in Europe which makes it one of the best locations to start exploring Europe. And to get an essence of the Netherlands, candidates should live and study in Amsterdam. A few of the benefits of studying in Amsterdam include-

Places to Live in Amsterdam

While moving to a new country or city, international students will have the concern of finding a good locality to live in which is close to the university they have enrolled in and provides them with ample entertainment options. Considering Amsterdam, both of these options will be available to candidates due to the relatively small size of the city. Every location that students choose to live in will be close to the universities they are studying in and the entire city has a large number of entertainment options to choose from.

Cost of Living in Amsterdam

While Amsterdam is an expensive city to live in, it is not one of the most expensive cities that candidates will find within Europe and can be said to be a fine space to live in if one is to find budget-friendly accommodation rates. The average living cost within the city can be estimated to be between €1,000 to €1,500 depending on the way the candidate plans their budget.

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

The cost of living in the city is high especially when it comes to accommodation expenses but most often students choose to live in shared apartments and hostels which solves part of the problem. The rent that candidates will have to pay in a shared apartment can be anywhere above €400 per month whereas studio apartments can have rates above €700 per month. Candidates that are looking for a single apartment will have to pay an amount above €900 per month to live in the city. The cost of electricity is extremely high in the city. Candidates might have to spend anywhere between €120- €200 for both gas and electricity.

Grocery Expenses

The price for grocery items in the city is as follows-

Popular Programs to Study in Amsterdam

A few of the popular programs one can study in Amsterdam are-

Top Universities in Amsterdam

A few of the top universities in Amsterdam include-

University of Amsterdam

This university was established in the year 1632 and is a public research university that provides courses at undergraduate, postgraduate, and research levels. It is the third-oldest university in the country and the largest research university within Europe. This university has a student population of around 31,000 and has around 2,500 staff. They offer courses under 7 faculties which include humanities, social sciences, economics and business, law, medicine, etc.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

This university was established in the year 1880 and is also a public research university that translated to “Free University”. They offer bachelor’s, master’s, premaster’s, postgraduate, minor, and exchange programs to candidates. The university has 10 faculties that come under the themes of human health and life sciences, science for sustainability, connected world, and professional services. They offer around 130 master’s programs alone and the university has a reputation of having more international students than domestic students.

Amsterdam University of the Arts

This vocational university focuses on the education of arts in the fields of fine arts, music, film, theatre, dance, museology, etc. The academies that come under this university include the Netherlands Film Academy, Academy of Theatre and Dance, Academy of Architecture, etc. This university offers both bachelor’s and master’s programs to candidates in full-time and part-time modes. They also offer candidates with workshops and courses in topics like course light assistance, course production assistance, etc.

Amsterdam Fashion Institute

This institute was established in the year 1951 and offers programs in English for international students. They mainly offer bachelor’s programs in subjects that are relating to fashion ranging from branding and designing to management and marketing skills. They also offer flexible programs in fashion-related subjects like 3D hyper craft, fashion, and denim, international production, etc.

Tinbergen Institute

This institute was established in the year 1986 and is based in the fields of economics, econometrics, and finance which makes it an ideal location for management students from around the world. It is a graduate school that offers master’s programs and research opportunities for candidates who wish to work in these fields of study. They provide advanced programs in game theory, econometrics, mathematics, microeconometrics, macroeconometrics, asset pricing, etc.

Entertainment Options in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers international students and candidates innumerable options for entertainment that caters to the different interests of the people. The city also celebrates over 300 festivals with candidates who will be able to visit during the duration of their study. The city holds a few many historical monuments and culturally rich sites that candidates can explore during the day and is also known for its nightlife. A few of the options that candidates have for entertainment are-

Places to Visit in Amsterdam

The city has a lot of theatres, events, and sites that candidates can visit especially if they are interested in learning about the culture and heritage of the Netherlands. A few of the must-visit places in Amsterdam are-

Things to Do in Amsterdam

Apart from visiting the culturally rich sites in the city, candidates will be able to do plenty of things in the city that can enliven their experience of living in the city. This includes being an active part of the nightlife in the city and even exploring the art and music tastes the city holds. Candidates will also be able to see ballet and dance performances in the city and visit the cinemas which are known for the films shown in exotic languages.

Studying in the Netherlands

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