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Last Updated: October 24, 2021

Study in Leiden

Leiden is considered to be a university city with the oldest and best universities being located here. The city is small in size when compared to cities like Amsterdam and hence it also seemingly has a larger student population residing mostly in the center of the city. The place is known for having entertainment options ranging from coffee shops to bars and clubs which make students enjoy their stay in the city apart from studying for the most part.

The city is rich with cultural and historical heritage and contains 14 museums and other historical sites that candidates will be able to visit. The most famous aspect of the city is the Leiden University which is easily the oldest in the country and holds its reputation for the programs it offers in science and arts. The city is also known for its safety and the quality of living it offers to the people who stay there.

Benefits of Studying in Leiden

The benefits of studying abroad for any course depend upon the exposure the candidate will get while attending the particular course and staying in the city of their choice. Candidates who choose to study in the Netherlands will be able to visit the different scenic locations in the city and even explore the flea markets. A few of the benefits of studying in Leiden include-

Places to Live in Leiden

Leiden, like other popular cities in Ireland, has a large student population which implies that there are localities in which international students flock over. This is mainly due to the comparatively low accommodation rates and entertainment options that these places offer along with the ease of commuting to their respective universities. A few of the most commonly chosen locations for students to reside in are-

Cost of Living in Leiden

The cost of living in Leiden is considerably lower than the cost of living in cities like Amsterdam and is estimated to be an amount of €900 for a single person without including rent. The most common aspects that students will have to spend money on while living in a new city include accommodation expenses and daily utilities including groceries and electricity. While cities like Amsterdam are highly expensive, Leiden can be considered affordable for candidates though it does fall on the expensive side.

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

Accommodation rates can fall anywhere between €350 to €1,000 depending on the location and size of the apartments. Candidates who wish to live within the city center will have to pay an amount above €1,100 for a 1 bedroom apartment while those who choose to stay outside of the center will have to pay around €800 for the same. Most often candidates choose to share apartments or get student accommodations within the city that are more affordable.

Candidates will have to pay an amount above €100 for electricity every month depending on the usage.

Grocery Expenses

Grocery items are relatively cheaper in Leiden when compared to other cities in the Netherlands with candidates being able to save a lot of money if they visit Saturday food markets instead of hypermarket chains in the city.

The price for local grocery items is-

Transportation Expenses

Since bicycling is the most common form of transport used within the city, candidates will have to invest only once for the transportation apart from which they will be able to use public transportation.

Popular Programs in Leiden

The most popular programs in Leiden include-
ProgramWhere to Pursue
MBAWebster Leiden Campus
PsychologyLeiden University
EconomyLeiden University
BusinessWebster Leiden Campus
Computer ScienceUniversity of Applied Sciences

Top Universities in Leiden

The famous universities in Leiden are-

Leiden University

This university was established in the year 1575 and is a public research university with a student population of around 30,000 students and 1,300 academic staff. They have seven faculties they specialize in with over 50 departments in different fields of study. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs and are most popular for the programs of social science. The campus also offers non-degree programs to candidates.

Webster Leiden Campus

The Webster Leiden Campus was established in the year 1915 and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs to candidates. They offer programs in both sciences and arts including subjects like management, psychology, and international business along with business administration. The MBA programs they offer are internationally acclaimed.

University of Applied Sciences Leiden

This is a vocational university which was established in the year 1994. It offers courses in both English and Dutch. The university has a population of over 12,000 students and over 700 academic staff. They offer associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in the fields of health, social work, and applied psychology along with management, business, and technology.

Entertainment Options in Leiden

Leiden is a small city with respect to size but the city still holds a lot of historical and cultural sites that students will be able to visit at all times of the day. The place is also filled with bars, restaurants, and coffee shops which students will be able to explore amidst their studies. A few of the entertainment options include-

Places to visit in Leiden

A few of the places that people can visit while in Leiden are-

Things to Do in Leiden

A few of the things that candidates can do while in Leiden are

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