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Think of schools of the ancient eras where world-famous intellectuals studied, and the picture that materializes in the mind's eye is that of lush green environs and ample space to explore and discover. It is a known fact that a person learns the most amid nature, what with the natural forces offering a calming influence and allowing the mind to decipher the secrets of nature. In today's world of concrete jungles, one may pine for such an educational place. Well, the phase of pinning ends at Sweden - a hub for high-quality education offered amid natural surroundings, with ample practical activities and industrial training.

High standard of education

Curricula in Sweden are designed to include investigative research at all levels of education, which enhance independent thinking. Sweden is known for its rigorous control on quality of education imparted and has one of the most ambitious evaluation patterns to ensure students graduate with a competitive edge over their peers globally. The fact that Sweden has been bestowing the Nobel Prize since 1895 and has universities like Uppsala and Lund that were set up way back in the 15th century is a testament to its high standards of education. What's more, Sweden's universities are given independence in designing their syllabi. This helps them offer students the newest courses and adapt to the changing market with ease. Besides, Sweden spends nearly 3.6% of its GDP in research, which makes it an excellent place for future researchers. It is no wonder that students from across 80 countries strongly prefer moving to Sweden for PhDs.

Top universities

Karolinska Institute (Medical University) 44
Uppsala University 73
Stockholm University 82
Lund University 101-150
University of Gothenburg 151-200
Royal Institute of Technology 201-300
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 201-300
Umea University 201-300
Chalmers University of Technology 301-400
Linkoping University 301-400
Stockholm School of Economics 401-500

Cost of education

Students who are not citizens of EEA, the European Union, Switzerland and Nordic countries need to pay only for the application and tuition costs for the Bachelor's and Master's programs. However, those applying for Doctoral programs are offered free tuition. Since all universities in Sweden are given the independence to decide their educational costs, the average annual fee is anywhere between $12,000 and $21,000, while the application may cost about $135. The charges may be a little higher for professional courses in the fields of art and medicine.

Top scholarship programs

Students applying to Swedish universities enjoy the privilege of winning a whole gamut of scholarships.
Swedish Institute Scholarships
The Swedish Institute is a government agency that offers annual scholarships to students and researchers from across the world. There are scholarships offered to students from specific countries, with an aim to help promising intellectuals receive a very high quality of education and help better conditions in their respective nations.

University Scholarship Programs
Every university in Sweden has its own set of unique scholarship programs that help students from across the globe earn a quality education without much economical difficulty. These scholarship programs are tailored to cater to every university's target students.

Bilateral Scholarships
Sweden has entered into educational agreements with China and Japan to offer a range of scholarships for students hailing from these countries. These scholarships range from $1,300 to $2,200 per month on an average and cover the living costs of just the applicant. Family members accompanying the scholarship holder to Sweden will have to bear their own living expenditure.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
This program is extended to students from non-EU countries. It helps students from outside of Europe gain access to high-quality education within Europe through its select education programs and partnerships.

Scholarship competitions
There are three separate competitions held for students from India, US and Brazil and the winners are awarded distinct scholarships that cover a part of their tuition fee and other expenses.

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