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Last Updated: October 26, 2021

Study in Dublin

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and international students to live and study in. This place is rich with the culture and history of Ireland especially with the large number of historical monuments and locations that people will be able to visit during their stay in Ireland. The city has a large number of universities that are internationally well-known and have a history that can be traced back over the centuries. Though the place is known for the quality of education the universities provide, the cost of education and living in the city is higher than in most parts of Europe.

Candidates who wish to explore the country while studying at a university in Dublin will be able to find that the public transportation system within Dublin is well-connected with all parts of the country. They will be able to travel far and wide and explore the cultural, traditional, and historic aspects of the country. Dublin offers candidates a lot of different activities they will be able to do during the duration of their stay.

Benefits of Studying in Dublin

The benefits of studying abroad irrespective of any city the candidate plans to go to include the exposure the student will get by understanding and learning more about the culture they have been introduced to. Candidates who come to Ireland will be able to immerse themselves in the local Irish culture the country holds and they will also be able to learn the Irish language enough to survive in the country. The city of Dublin is the capital city of Ireland attracts a lot of international students to the place which makes it easier for students to adjust to the setting.

A few of the benefits of studying in Dublin include-

Places to Live in Dublin

Every city that is known to have a large population of international students or is a hub of universities will have localities that are densely populated with the students from these universities. Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and has a large population of tourists and international students at all times of the year. The localities that students stay in have lower accommodation prices and are also locations with easily accessible entertainment options. Dublin also offers students a lot of lodging options in the form of student accommodations and student housings.

A few of the localities that students commonly live within Dublin are-

Cost of Living in Dublin

The cost of living in Dublin is considerably high with the living expense being the 3rd highest in Western Europe. Dublin is one of the most expensive cities in Ireland with an average monthly cost of living for a single person being €1,031 without considering accommodation expenses.

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

Accommodation expenses are not too high in the city with students being able to find accommodation within a price range of €600 to €1,000 if they live by themselves. But most students prefer to share apartments or live in hostel accommodations provided by the universities which reduce the amount to a range between €250 to €600. The monthly expense for utilities amounts to around €37.

Grocery Expenses

The cost of basic grocery items are-

Transportation Expenses

The most expensive aspect of living in Dublin is transportation with the average monthly public transport rate being €115. This is considered to be the highest in the world. The most preferred mode of travel in the city is the rail and the Dublin Area Rapid Transport.

Popular Programs to Study in Dublin

The best programs one can pursue in Dublin include-
ProgramWhere to pursue
Business AnalyticsDublin City University
Cyber SecurityTechnological University Dublin
JournalismTrinity College Dublin
LawTrinity College Dublin
Software EngineeringUniversity College Dublin
Artificial IntelligenceTechnological University Dublin
MusicTrinity College Dublin
In addition to the above programs, Data Science is another popular program offered in various universities.

Top Universities in Dublin

A few of the popular universities and institutes located in Dublin are-

Trinity College Dublin

This university was established in the year 1594 and is easily one of the oldest universities in the country with 23 different schools of study. They offer undergraduate and postgraduate level degrees and diplomas to candidates from all over the world and are known for their academic excellence in the fields of law, literature, and humanities. The college has been modeled after the Oxford and Cambridge universities and is also one of the oldest universities in Europe.

Trinity College is internationally known for its School of Creative Arts which has departments for drama, music, and film. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in music are offered by the department of music where candidates can enroll for a single honors, joint honors, or graduate program according to their proficiency level in music.

University College Dublin

The University College Dublin was established in the year 1854 and is a public university with 37 different schools. It is also considered to be a research institute with multiple research centers under it. The different schools include Arts, Business, Engineering and Architecture, Health and Agricultural Sciences, Sciences, etc. The programs are offered at undergraduate, graduate, international, and executive levels.

Dublin City University

This university was established in the year 1975 and was reestablished again in the year 1989. It is a public university that is known for the emphasis it lays on research and has a student population of around 17,000 students along with over 600 faculty members. The different schools that the university has include fields like business, humanities, and social sciences, education, sciences, and health, etc. The university offers programs at undergraduate, graduate, research levels under various fields of study.

Technological University Dublin

This university was recently established in the year 2019 but has its history associated with the Dublin Institute of Technology which began in 1887. It is a public university that has a student population of over 28,000 students and over 3,500 staff. The schools here focus on fields like business, engineering and built environment, sciences and health, arts and tourism, etc. It also has a graduate research school which deals with areas like new materials and devices, society, culture and enterprise, environment, energy, and health, etc. Programs here are offered at undergraduate, graduate, and research levels.

Dublin Business School

This university was established in the year 1975 and is a private university that provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in full-time and part-time modes. The subjects they offer courses in are accountancy, psychology, and social sciences, media and journalism, markets and event management, etc. They also offer courses in information technology, law, arts, counseling, and psychotherapy, etc.

Entertainment Options in Dublin

Candidates who study in Dublin will have innumerable options for entertainment ranging from sightseeing to partying in nightclubs depending on their interest. The country celebrates a few many festivals in different locations throughout the year which students will be able to go to and explore. The country has a well-connected public transport system which allows easy travel from place to place. A few of the popular entertainment options are-

Places to Visit

Dublin has a lot many historical and cultural sites that candidates will be able to visit during the duration of their stay. A few of these places are-

Things to Do

A few of the things candidates can do in Dublin are-

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