Last Updated: March 30, 2021

Living in Ireland

Ireland is a land of saints and scholars which is not only popular for the beautiful scenery and the rich history, but even for providing and being one of the best educational destinations for international students. With more than 4000 courses, that differ in expertise, Ireland provides a big range of educational buffets for incoming and potential students. Moreover, Ireland is brimming with opportunities - not only for their domestic students but even for potential international students.

Currency Conversion

One of the most important factors for international students to be aware of is the transition of currency between their home country and Ireland. This information is not always consistent as the rates seem to be affected by a lot of factors, hence, it is advisable to check the conversion rate frequently. It is important to keep in mind that the currency of Ireland is not Irish pounds. In 1999, the Republic of Ireland changed its currency to Euros.

The most recent conversion rate is: 1 U.S. dollar is equal to about 0.85 Euros.

Going around in Ireland

Going to Ireland as an international student, one cannot resist the desire to go around the country and visit the fantastic places that Ireland has to offer. Ireland is one of the most popular historical places in the world; every street, every building has some story to tell. As an international student, it is only obvious that one would like to know as much about Ireland - but time is limited. To make it easier for international students to know which destinations are worth going to, a list of the most famous destinations are mentioned below:

Tuition & Fees

Tuition fees vary from city to city, with big cities like Dublin having the highest tuition fees in Ireland. International students will have to pay much more than domestic students to be able to attend Irish universities. Just as in most educational destinations, the cost of tuition fees may differ between universities, naturally depending on the location of the university. Most public universities in Ireland offer free education to students from Ireland or other EU countries. However, it is important to note that not all public universities do so and they may charge the minimum education amount from the domestic students as well. Additionally, the free tuition cost is reserved only for undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses still have to be paid for by domestic students - if they choose to pursue the same.

As for international students, the tuition is not free. A student has to be from Ireland in order to be able to be provided free undergraduate education. The tuition fee for international students is on a range - depending on the university and the charges they have chosen. Most tuition fees are subject to change as the academic year increases. International undergraduate students might have to pay anywhere between €10,000 to €56,000, depending on their course and the location of the university. As for international postgraduate students, the tuition cost ranges between €10,000 to €36,000. Since the tuition fee can be difficult for few students, Irish universities provide a wide range of scholarships to help international students get into their desired course.

Cost of Living

Managing finances to go abroad is the top-most priority of every international student. Successful financial management only happens when international students are able to make a plan to manage their finances way before they land in Ireland. It is important to note that a students living costs are heavily dependent on the area they are living in, specifically the location of their university. In general, the cost of living in Ireland is anywhere between €8,000 to €12,000, on a per-year basis. The amount is subject to change depending on the location of the university, as well as the living style of an international student. The cost may increase if a student is living in a rented house or a private accommodation. Students who opt to live in accommodation provided by the university have a considerably low cost of living, in comparison to private accommodation.

There are several ways a student can save up on living costs - even if they are living in major cities of Ireland. The most effective and important way to save on living costs is to buy groceries from discount grocery stores instead of grocery stores with a normal price point. Discount stores are student budget-friendly, while they provide great quality of products, as well as products.

A few of the most popular discount grocery stores in Ireland are Lidl, Aldi, Tesco, SuperValu, and Dunnes store, which are the best discount grocery stores that international students should focus on.

Other miscellaneous costs, such as water bills, internet, electricity bills, transportation, etc. differ as per the living style and the city the international student is located in. If a student chooses to live in the university accommodation, they automatically save up on the miscellaneous charges as it is included and paid for in the total accommodation costs.

As for transportation in Ireland, international students can travel in and around Ireland by four modes of transport - air, train, bus & ferries. Trains and buses are mostly used to travel in the city - such as commuting to the university, meeting friends, or going to part-time jobs. The trains on the other hand are used for farther travels mostly. The railway lines have been developed rapidly over the years, making them one of the most convenient modes of transport. The trains can travel between both sides of the Irish border. Airplane travel is fairly cheap in Ireland - especially for travel in and around other European countries. Additionally, a much cheaper mode of transport than an airplane is the ferry. Ferries from Ireland can take people towards the neighboring countries such as England and many more.

Excellent Employment Opportunity

After international students finish their studies, they might want to stay back in Ireland and find a job opportunity. As mentioned above, Ireland is a land that provides exceptional opportunities to domestic, as well as international students. For students who want to join big multinational companies, Ireland may be the top choice as many MNCs choose to set their base in the land of scholars, due to the rapid development of the country, as well as the economic development that goes sky high. Some of the most famous MNCs to set base in Ireland are - Apple, Google, Facebook, and Intel.

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