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Top Universities in Ireland

Ireland’s growing economy and world-class educational infrastructure attract international students from all across the globe. Ireland’s Universities offer attractive courses and study programs which makes Ireland a sought-after destination for every international student. With top universities and an enhanced education system, Ireland indeed meets all the expectations of a international student.

Top Ranked Universities in Ireland


Times Higher Education Ranking (2021)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking (2020)

Top Universities Ranking (2021)

U.S. News & World Report Ranking (2021)

Trinity College Dublin





Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland





University College Dublin





National University of Ireland, Galway





University College Cork





Maynooth University





Dublin City University





University of Limerick





Technological University Dublin





Top University Profiles

  1. Trinity College: Established in 1952, Trinity College is ranked number one in Ireland and 101 in Top Universities Ranking (2021). Located in the heart of Dublin, Trinity College is a pioneer in the field of research and development. Being a world-leader in English, Nanotechnology, Immunology, Engineering, Mathematics, Politics, Psychology, Information technology, and many others, the prestigious Trinity College offers a wide array of course programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. With a library of 6 million volumes and researchers attracting approximately €70 million in a year, Trinity College serves the highest interest of its students and researchers. With more than 20 academic schools, Trinity offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in major disciplines like Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Health Science, Business and Management, Law, Computer Science, Molecular Biology, Ecology, etc.
    • Total number of students- 17,154
    • Undergraduate Course Fee (International Students)- - 23,069 USD/year (approx)
    • Postgraduate Course Fee (International Students)- - 19,609 USD/year (approx)

  2. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland: Founded in the year 1784, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) is among the top universities in Ireland and ranks 201 in the Times Higher Education Ranking (2021). With dedicated faculty members and a wide variety of courses in the health and medical sector, RCSI strives to offer world-class medical facilities and improve the standard of living. Courses on Surgery and Emergency Medicine, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Radiology, Nursing and Midwifery, Ophthalmology, Sports and Exercise Medicine, etc are offered on an undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional level. Research and Innovation is another important aspect of RCSI. Graduates from RCSI are recognized on a global level with a promising career opportunity in their desired field of health care. Approximately 4000 students are enrolled from 60 different nations in their desired allied disciplines.
    • Total number of students- 4000 (approx)
    • Undergraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 32,297 USD/year (approx)
    • Postgraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 13,265 USD/year (approx)

  3. University College Dublin: Ranked among top 1% of higher education institutions around the globe, University College Dublin (UCD) is also known as Ireland’s Global University. Established in the year 1854, Ireland’s largest university, UCD continues to provide a world-class education to date. UCD ranks at 1st position alongside the prestigious Trinity College in Ireland and 177 in Top Universities Ranking (2021). With over 8000 international students from 138 countries, UCD is rightfully named Ireland’s Global University. With six academic schools, UCD offers undergraduate, postgraduate, research, and innovation programs in a wide number of courses. UCD School of Arts and Humanities offers courses in English, Drama, and Film, Music, Language, Culture, Linguistics, Art History, Folklore, etc. UCD School of Business offers Business and Management courses, UCD School of Engineering and Architecture offers courses in Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Material Engineering, Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering, Architecture and Environment Policy, etc. UCD School of Health and Agricultural Sciences offers Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Agriculture and Food Science courses. UCD School of Science offers courses in Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Molecular Biology, etc. UCD School of Social Sciences and Law offers courses in Geography, Education, Law, Sociology, etc.
    • Total number of students- 19,540 (approx)
    • Undergraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 27,683 USD/year (approx)
    • Postgraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 20,762 USD/year (approx)

  4. National University of Ireland, Galway: Founded in the year 1845, National University of Ireland (NUI) continues to inspire students with world-class education from last 175 years. NUI offers undergraduate, postgraduate, Ph.D and research courses along with part-time and evening courses. NUI Galway, is home to approximate 3000 international students from 115 countries. NUI Galway offers wide array of study programs to choose from 5 academic schools/colleges. NUI Galway’s College of Arts, Social Sciences & Celtic Studies, College of Business, Public Policy and Law, College of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Sciences, College of Science and Engineering and Adult Learning and Professional Development offers courses in vast disciplines.
    • Total number of students- 12,295 (approx)
    • Undergraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 15,572 USD/year (approx)
    • Postgraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 14,995 USD/year (approx)

  5. University College Cork: Ranked among best 2% of educational institute, University College Cork (UCC) is one of the renowned and prestigious academic institutions in Ireland. Established on 30 December 1845, UCC has provided many notable alumni to the world. Ranked 286 in Top Universities Ranking (2021), UCC continues to maintain its legacy of providing world-class education. With 16 new subjects included in its course program, UCC provides an extensive range of study programs to choose from its 8 academic schools/colleges. UCC provides undergraduate, postgraduate, research, and training degrees from various disciplines. UCC is home to approximately 3211 international students from various nations.
    • Total number of students- 17,727 (approx)
    • Undergraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 9,228 USD/year (approx)
    • Postgraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 17,302 USD/year (approx)

  6. Maynooth University: Ranked 401 positions in Times Higher Education Ranking (2021), Maynooth University is one of the leading education providers in Ireland. Established in 1997, Maynooth University offers a wide array of courses in undergraduate, postgraduate and research and innovation study program. With three academic schools, Maynooth University Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies & Philosophy, Maynooth University Faculty of Social Sciences, Maynooth University Faculty of Science & Engineering, it offers courses in multiple disciplines. Maynooth University houses 10,050 undergraduates, 2050 postgraduates, 915 researchers with 30 Ph.D programs and more than 500 externally funded research projects.
    • Total number of students- 14000 (approx)
    • Undergraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 14,995 USD/year (approx)
    • Postgraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 16,148 USD/year (approx)

  7. Dublin City University: Founded in 1975, Dublin City University (DCU) ranks 5th in Best Global Universities in Ireland and 439 in Top Universities Ranking (2021). With four major academic schools/colleges, DCU offers study courses for undergraduate, postgraduate, and research and development programs. DCU’s Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, DCU Institute of Education, Faculty of Science & Health, Faculty of Engineering and Computing, DCU Business School offers a wide range of courses in various disciplines. 17% of DCU’s student population comprises international students from across the globe.
    • Total number of students- 10,000 (approx)
    • Undergraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 15,572 USD/year (approx)
    • Postgraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 16,725 USD/year (approx)

  8. University of Limerick: Established in 1972, University of Limerick (UL) ranks 6th in Best Global Universities in Ireland and 501 in Times Higher Education Ranking (2021). UL offers various courses in undergraduate, postgraduate, research, and training study programs. UL’s five departments, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Education and Health Sciences, Kemmy Business School, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Irish World Academy of Music & Dance offers extensive course program in various discipline. UL houses approximately 9% of international students from different countries.
    • Total number of students- 10,901 (approx)
    • Undergraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 13,841 USD/year (approx)
    • Postgraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 16,148 USD/year (approx)

  9. Technological University Dublin: After more than seven years of collaboration between Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, Dublin Institute of Technology and Institute of Technology Tallaght, Technological University (TU) Dublin was established in 1st January 2019. Within a short span of time, TU Dublin ranked 801 in Times Higher Education Ranking (2021). TU Dublin offers courses in multiple disciplines and offers undergraduate, postgraduate, research programs to students of Ireland and the rest of the world. TU Dublin’s 12 academic schools/colleges of Architecture, Built Environment; Art, Design, Media; Business, Law, Languages; Computing, Information Technology; Culinary, Hospitality, Tourism; Data Analytics, Mathematics; Engineering; Environment; Music and Drama; Science; Social Science, Education; Sports & Leisure provides vast course option to choose from.
    • Total number of students- 28,500 (approx)
    • Undergraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 12,111 USD/year (approx)
    • Postgraduate Course Fee (International Students)- 13,265 USD/year (approx)

    Why choose Ireland?

    International students opting for higher studies in Ireland have advantages that include getting a safe environment, the presence of global businesses and excellence in education.
    • English speaking As Ireland is an English speaking country, many multinational companies have their base here for European operations. English being the universal language, students do not face any difficulty interacting with their professors at Irish universities.
    • Diverse choice of top study programs Irish universities offer a wide range of courses, totaling to around 5,000, which range from medicine, engineering, technology, arts and culture, business, law to subjects in humanities like philosophy, psychology, and sociology. These universities provide degrees starting from ordinary graduate to honors and masters, with a choice of selecting diploma programs in these fields.

    Scholarships in Ireland

    The government of Ireland, Irish higher education institutions, and other organizations provide scholarships for international students. Aspiring applicants must check with the desired institution as the terms and conditions for scholarship eligibility vary.

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