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Last Updated: December 15, 2021

Study MBA in Spain

Students who wish to study in Spain will find that the country offers excellent educational programs in the fields of business, management, law, and even in subjects like hospitality management. The country is home to 3 of the top 10 business schools in the world all of which have a reputation for producing the best managers and entrepreneurs in the world. The country also offers candidates with the right amount of exposure they will require while studying a field like business administration.

Most of the programs that are taught in the country are in English which will allow students to study in the country without having to actively learn Spanish, though learning a bit of the language will always come in handy. The country also offers plenty of entertainment options that candidates can choose from along which plenty of student localities that come with the 82 different universities that the country has. It also has a brilliant nightlife culture that international students will be able to enjoy most of which start after midnight and last till dawn.

Benefits of Studying MBA in Spain

The obvious benefits of studying MBA in Spain include the high-quality education that the country provides. The programs here are said to be highly rated for the reputation they hold, according to the student satisfaction levels, and are also supposed to offer the best jobs on the market for fresh graduates. At the same time, students will be able to blend in with the multicultural environment that the country and universities provide which will also benefit them in the form of networks when they enter the job market.

A few of the other benefits include-

Eligibility Requirements for MBA in Spain

The eligibility requirements for MBA programs in Spain are comparatively easier to fulfill when considering similar programs in Europe. These requirements are different for different business schools and they vary based on the kind of degree the student has chosen and the institution they are applying for. The top universities will always have more requirements due to the high competition prevalent for procuring the few seats they provide. Business schools in Spain do not generally require work experience or internship requirements but the top universities sometimes require candidates to have additional qualifications so they can stand out.

A few of the general requirements include-

Duration of MBA in Spain

The duration of MBA programs in Spain is dependent on the mode in which the student is doing the program. A full-time program often has a duration of 12 to 19 months especially if it is an International MBA. Students who are doing the program on a part-time basis will be able to complete the program in 2 years.

Cost of MBA in Spain

The cost of MBA programs in Spain is relatively affordable when compared to universities in Europe and other parts of the world that offer similar quality education. The tuition fee for the program is dependent on the institution the candidate has been enrolled in and also on whether the institution is private or public. The cost is also relatively higher for English-taught programs when compared to courses that are taught only in Spanish or in a blend of Spanish and English. Sometimes, the cost also increases if the university offers internship packages as part of the program.

The full cost of completing an MBA can range anywhere between €5,000 to €70,000. This is also dependent on the duration of the program.

Top Universities for MBA in Spain

A few of the top business schools in Spain are-

Top MBA Programs in Spain

The top MBA programs in Spain are-

Full-Time MBA-ESADE Business School

This business school offers a full-time MBA, Executive MBA, and a Multinational MBA out of which the full-time MBA is most sought-after. The program has a duration of 15 months in all but students will be able to complete the course in 12 months if they take the fast-track mode. Students will also have the option of extending the program for 18 months if they wish to complete their exchange program or internship during the duration of the course. It is taught entirely in English. Students will be awarded 60 credits from the core courses and they will receive an additional 50 credits from the electives they have chosen and the final master’s project.

The fee for the entire program is €73,800. This fee will cover the tuition, study materials, and even IT services that the campus will provide.

International MBA- IE Business School

This program has a duration of 11 months in all and the school opens admission in the months of September and January. Students will have the option of taking the program in either English or Spanish and the program is taught entirely in a full-time mode. The program targets business professionals who have at least 3 years of work experience and focuses on a hands-on approach that candidates will need when they reenter the workspace after completing the program. The core programs will deal with the fundamental topics of business and then the course has a lab period where candidates can choose between business impact lab, startup lab, tech lab, etc. to enhance their learning. The electives that are offered are in subjects like finance, marketing, and information technology.

The estimated tuition fee for the program is €72,200.

International MBA- ESERP Madrid

This program has a duration of 9 months in all and is taught entirely in English. Students who have completed the program will be awarded 60 credits. The program focuses on fields like economy, finance, and commercial operations mainly by including subjects like digital transformation, corporate communication, corporate strategies, marketing & business, financial management, talent management, internal communication, business game, sales forecast, etc. Students will also have to do a final project to complete the program.

The fee of the program is €14,100.

MBA- IESE Business School

This program has a duration of 15 to 19 months based on the schedule of the student and is taught in a blend of Spanish and English. The program is based in Barcelona but the school also provides overseas options to candidates. The program claims to have over 94% of employment records within 3 months of completing the program. The subjects that are included are capital markets, financial accounting, leadership, marketing management, business ethics, managerial accounting, marketing planning, operational finance, operations management, competitive strategy, corporate finance, global economics, etc. The concentrations that are offered for the program include international business, finance, entrepreneurship & innovation, etc.

The fee for the program includes a commitment fee of €3,000 that candidates have to pay to hold their seat, a reservation fee of €7,000 to confirm their intention of joining the program, and a tuition fee. The tuition fee for year 1 is around €37,000 and for year 2 is €47,000.

International MBA- EADA Business School

This program has a duration of only 10 months and is taught entirely in English. Students who are applying are required to have work experience of at least 3 years. The program is provided only in a full-time mode and is focused on providing a personalized approach to learning. Students will be able to have one-to-one meetings with the director and they will also have coaching sessions. Over 96% of the classroom consists of international students with all of them being bilingual. Though the expected work experience is of 3 years, most students who enroll have at least 5 years of work experience.

The fee for the program is €39,000.

MBA- Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

This public university offers an MBA degree that is accredited by both AMBA and AACSB. The program has over 90% of international students and claims to have professors who have achieved degrees from foreign universities. Students who apply for the program are required to have over 3 years of professional experience. The duration of the program is 11 months in all and is taught entirely in English. The curriculum includes financial mathematics, organizational behavior, economics for business, principles of accounting, strategic management, market analysis, marketing management, data analysis, operations management, leadership, corporate finance, etc. Students will be awarded 60 credits upon completion of the course.

The tuition fee for the program is estimated to be €19,800 though EU nationals will only have to pay €13,500.

Career Opportunities after MBA in Spain

Candidates who wish to work or start a business in Spain will find that the best way to approach this is to take an international MBA from the country. If the candidate is fluent in Spanish, they will be able to find more job opportunities based on the institution they completed their MBA from and their work experience. Business schools in the country often collaborate with multinational companies which provides students with the opportunity of doing internships in internationally acclaimed workspaces.

A few of the career options that MBA graduates can do in Spain are-

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