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Last Updated: December 18, 2021

Study in Granada, Spain

Granada is a city in the community of Andalusia that is found at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The city also contains four rivers and is a one-hour drive from the Mediterranean coast making students have equal opportunities of going to both the beach and the mountain in their leisure time. Students who wish to study in Spain but do not want to stay in the expensive and busy cities will be able to choose Granada since the city is comparatively peaceful.

The city is famous for the University of Granada which is one of the best universities in the country. Students who live here will be able to blend in with the large international student population in the city and the tourists that frequent the city. The universities here offer programs in both English and Spanish along with a blend of both languages allowing students to have the option of choosing the language in which they want to take the program.

Benefits of Studying in Granada

The benefits of studying in Granada include the perks of staying in a multicultural environment that bustles with activity all year. But at the same time, it can be said that the place is relatively peaceful when compared to cities like Barcelona and Valencia. The most famous university in this city is the University of Granada. The city also has different business schools and other public universities where students will be able to receive a high-quality education.

A few of the other benefits include-

Places to Stay in Granada

Granada has a few many student localities due to the presence of the University of Granada. The student localities are often places with low accommodation prices and wide entertainment options. Most of these places are located close to the different campuses of the university or in places where one can find easy transportation facilities to the campuses. A few of the popular student localities include-

Cost of Living in Granada

Granada is considered to be an affordable city to live in Spain when compared to other cities like Barcelona. While the city is affordable to live in, students will find that living close to the city center is more expensive than living on the outskirts of the city. There are a few many student localities where living is cheaper due to the numerous options that cater to domestic and international students who are studying at the University of Granada. The cost of living in the city is estimated to be around €600 per month without rent.

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

Students who live in the city often opt for residential halls and shared apartments due to the relatively cheap rent they have to pay and other facilities. Since there are plenty of student localities in the city, students will be able to find even 1-bedroom apartments for cheap considering the location they are living in. The estimated rent for an apartment in the city center is around €500 whereas the rent for spaces outside the city center is only €400.

Grocery Expenses

The prices for basic grocery items are-

Transportation Expenses

Granada is well-connected with the metro and other public transportations like buses and trams. Students will also find that taxis are relatively cheaper in this part of the country. The price for a one-way ticket in the local transport is €1.40. Students will also be able to take a monthly pass for a price of €40 to use the same local transport.

Programs to Study in Granada

A few of the best programs to study in Granada are-

Top Universities in Granada

A few of the top educational institutions in Granada are-

University of Granada

This university was established in the year 1531 and is one of the oldest universities in the country. It has a student population of over 80,000 students along with over 3,500 administrative staff. The university offers degrees at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels. The fields of studies that are offered include arts & humanities, sciences, social & legal sciences, health sciences, engineering & architecture, etc. Students will be able to take double degrees as well from the university. A few of the subjects that are offered include architecture, archeology, building, social education, pedagogy, tourism, criminology, dentistry, human nutrition, etc.

Andalusian School of Public Health

This public institution was established in the year 1985 and it offers training, consultancy, and research options for domestic and international students. The training programs that are offered include advanced practice nursing, health inequalities, advanced epidemiology, global environmental change and health, psychosocial care, etc. The research options offered are in the fields of cancer, health inequalities, gender & health, environmental & health, patients & citizenship, health & social services, crisis & health, etc.

Entertainment Options in Granada

Granada offers students innumerable entertainment options ranging from activities they can do to pubs and nightclubs they can visit. The place also has plenty of museums and other architectural masterpieces which students will be able to visit and learn from. Since the place is close to both the beach and the mountains, students will be able to go swimming, snorkeling, and even hiking according to their interests.

Places to Visit in Granada

Granada contains museums, parks, and other places that students will be able to visit during their stay in the city. The place also has plenty of tapas bars, pubs, and nightclubs that students will be able to spend their leisure time in. The place also has churches that show architectural brilliance from the past where students will be able to both learn the art and the history that the city holds. A few of the must-see places in the city include-

Things to Do in Granada

Granada offers students the opportunity of doing a lot many activities during their stay in the city. They will be able to hike, swim, snorkel, bike, etc. in the city and also go on long walks alongside rivers and parks if they wish to do so. Students will also have the opportunity to party all night and drink to their heart's content in the pubs and tapas bars. A few of the must-do things in the city include-

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