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Education system
Higher education is provided by both public and private institutions. Universities are divided into departamentos, facultades universitarias, escuelas tecnicas superiores, escuelas universitarias, institutos universitarios, and other centers, notably the colegios universitarios.

The existing plans of study, are intermediate degrees (three years) and superior degrees (five years, six for medicine) which are being replaced by two different types of studies: the single cycle, runs for three years and is directly professional; and the three cycles in some cases, receiving diplomas which are professionally valid; the BA's (always with various specialties) and the doctorate (two years and a final thesis).

In certain studies, the student will be able to pass from the short cycle to the bachelor's degree with a new major after a course of transition. In addition to the doctorate, in many faculties, such as medicine, there are areas for specialization and at present, there are many types of master's degrees for graduates in law and economics.

The basic plans of study include required subjects grouped in courses that the students will have to follow consecutively and elective courses. The courses taken may be mainstream courses (at 30% of the total in the first cycle or 25% in the second), which are those that the University Councils declare obligatory; or electives, chosen freely by the student (at least 10% of the total).

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Top Universities of Spain

Universidad de Granada
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Universitat de Barcelona

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