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Last Updated: December 15, 2021

Universities in Spain

Candidates who wish to study abroad will often be intrigued by the prospect of studying in Spain especially due to the quality education they offer and the historical and cultural influences the country holds. Students who get admitted to one of the 84 different universities in the country will be able to find their desired subject and specialization without having to hunt too much for the same. This country is considered to be the third most popular destination for international students especially from English-speaking countries due to the number of programs that are taught in English.

Studying in Spain also offers students the opportunity of learning Spanish by immersing themselves in the culture and language of the place. Since the country is always full of international students and tourists, candidates will be able to learn not only about life in Spain but also about other countries and lifestyles that will help them in their future educational endeavors. Though education is the highest factor that makes candidates choose this destination, they will also be able to find that the place will offer them excellent architecture, varied cuisine, and a pleasant climate that can brighten their stay in the country.

Higher Education System in Spain

Higher education in Spain is one of the most coveted aspects by international students. Programs in different fields of study are offered by public and private universities. The country has a total of 82 universities out of which 50 are public and 32 are private universities. The universities in Spain are divided into departamentos, facultades universitarias, escuelas tecnicas superiores, escueles universitarias, institutos universitarios, and other institutions like the colegios universitarios.

International students will be able to enroll for intermediate degrees which have a duration of 3 years and superior degrees with a duration of 5 years. The superior degree for medicine typically has a duration of 6 years. The universities and faculties of public universities are provided with the responsibility of organizing their own study methods and syllabus which will include both the administration and the implementation of the degrees provided. They also collaborate with public authorities and the production sector to provide professional expertise for candidates in their specific fields of study.

Students will be able to take up programs at undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels with undergraduate programs having a duration of 3 years and postgraduate programs having a duration of 2 years. Doctoral programs in the country generally have a duration of 2 years and the submission of their thesis. Undergraduate and graduate programs will allow candidates to take up electives of their choice along with the core courses that are decided upon by the university.

The most popular programs that are sought-after by international students include law, marketing, finance, technological degrees, etc. along with subjects in the field of arts and humanities. The country also offers excellent programs in hospitality management. The country offers an education that is constantly updated according to the developments made in the world and hence is completely interdisciplinary in nature with a perfect link between the different levels of degrees that are offered.

Documents and Eligibility Requirements for Universities

Students who wish to apply to the universities in Spain, like other countries, will have to directly enquire eligibility requirements at the admissions office of the respective universities. Candidates will have to collect the necessary documents before they can fill in the college application form. Since the requirements are specific to the course the candidate has chosen, they will only be able to know the general requirements for almost all courses in the country. This includes-

Top Universities in Spain

Spain has a total of 82 universities pout of which 50 are public universities and 32 are private universities. Apart from these institutions, there are places where vocational learning programs are provided for which candidates can enroll based on their field of interest. Candidates will be able to choose between diploma programs, certification programs, undergraduate, graduate, and research level programs in the educational institutions the country has. The list of popular universities in the country include-
1University of BarcelonaBarcelona62995Public1
2Universitat Autonoma de BarcelonaCerdanyola del Valles43175Public2
3Autonomous University of MadridMadrid23100Public3
4Pompeu Fabra UniversityBarcelona9945Public4
5University of GranadaGranada80000Public5
6University of ValenciaValencia65789Public6
7Universidad Publica de NavarraPamplona10300Public7
8Complutense University of MadridMadrid85200Public8
9University of the Basque CountryGreater Bilbao45000Public9
10University of DeustoBilbao9348Private10
11University of CantabriaSantander14205Public10
12University of SevilleSeville73350Public11
13University of Santiago de Compostela - USCSantiago de Compostela34200Public12
14Polytechnic University of ValenciaValencia37800Public13
15University of OviedoOviedo27290Public14
16Technical University of MadridMadrid36143Public14
17University of Rovira i VirgiliSpain12000Public15
18Open University of CataloniaBarcelona70279Public16
19Jaume I UniversityCastello de la Plana15000 Public17
20Polytechnic University of MadridMadrid35900Public17
21University of La LagunaSan Cristobal de La Laguna20900Public17
22University of ZaragozaZaragoza36500Public18
23University of LleidaLleida13742Public19
24University of the Balearic IslandsPalma19505Public19
25University of SalamancaSalamanca28000Public20
26University of AlicanteSant Vicent del Raspeig27562Public21
27University of AlcalaAlcala de Henares29000Public22
28Super Miguel Hernandez University of ElcheElche13200Public23
29University of A CorunaA Coruna16849Public23
30University of VigoPontevedra20130Public25
31University of BurgosBurgos10000Public26
32University of Castilla-La ManchaCiudad Real33000Public27
33University of AlmeriaAlmeria11628Public28
34Polytechnic University of CartagenaCartagena6621Public28
35University of LeonLeon12643Public28
36University of MalagaMalaga35999 Public30
37University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC)Vic15335Private
38Universidad Carlos III de MadridGetafe18685Public
39Mondragon UniversityMondragon4000Private
40University Ramon LlullBarcelona20100Private
41University of GironaGirona15000Public
42Polytechnic University of CataloniaBarcelona30700Public
43University of ValladolidValladolid31780Public
44San Damaso Ecclesiastical UniversityMadrid
45Universidad de MurciaMurcia31850Public
46Universidad Pablo de OlavideSeville10860Public
47Valencian International University (VIU)Valencia2300Private
48University of JaenJaen16990Public
49University of HuelvaHuelva15009Public
50Valencia Catholic UniversityValencia13288Private
51CEU Cardenal Herrera UniversityValencia6795Private
52University of CordobaCordoba16000Public
53University of CadizCadiz20803Public
54University of Las Palmas de Gran CanariaLas Palmas de Gran Canaria20356Public
55International University of AndaluciaSevillePublic
56Les Roches Global Hospitality - Marbella, SpainMarbella788Private
57University of ExtremaduraBadajoz24720Public
58EU Business SchoolGeneva3000
59Pontifical University of SalamancaSalamanca6520Private
60University de La RiojaLogrono7600Public
61International University of La RiojaLogrono45000Private
63Miguel de Cervantes European UniversityValladolidPrivate
64IE UniversitySegovia7000Private
65Catholic University of AvilaSpainPrivate
66Camilo Jose Cela UniversityMadrid3500Private
67CEU San Pablo UniversityMadridPrivate
68European University of MadridMadrid16000
69Francisco de Vitoria UniversityPozuelo de AlarconPrivate
70Comillas Pontifical UniversityMadrid11160
71Catholic University Saint AnthonyMurcia10580Private
72European University of the AtlanticSantander, Cantabria1300Private
73Loyola University AndalusiaAndaluciaPrivate
74University of NavarraPamplona12980Private

Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio

This is a private and non-profit institution that was founded in the year 1992. It is the first private university that was authorized by the government and is spread across 248 acres with over 8,500 students. The most popular programs that are offered in this university include degrees in dentistry, degrees in veterinary, degrees in physiotherapy, etc. Students will be able to take degrees, double degrees, educational courses, and expert courses from this university. The fields of study that are offered include pharmacy, psychology, business administration, international relations, veterinary science, biotechnology, mathematical engineering, etc.

The duration of the bachelor’s programs is 4 years in this university, though the courses like dentistry have a duration of 5 years in all. Master’s programs have a duration of 2 years.

Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is a public university that was established in the year 1968. It has a student population of over 43,000 students along with over 3,600 administrative staff. They offer both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in different fields like health sciences, sciences, biosciences, arts and humanities, social sciences, law, and engineering. A few of the programs include nursing, food science, psychology, environmental science, nanoscience, genetics, aeronautical management, business administration, etc.

The institution also offers research programs to domestic and international candidates through their UAB- approved research institutes. The fields in which research is offered include neuroscience, government & public policy, biotechnology & biomedicine, educational sciences, employment studies, medieval studies, etc.

Universidad de Cordoba

This public university was established in the year 1972 and has a student population of around 15,000 students. They also have around 1,500 academic staff. The university offers education at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels in the fields of social sciences, arts and humanities, engineering, and sciences. It is spread across four different campuses in Spain which are located at the city center, Rabanales, Menendez, and Beimez. The faculties that are offered through these four campuses include veterinary science, medicine, nursing, law, labor science, educational science, philosophy, etc.

The research areas that the university focuses on include fields like biodiversity, biotechnology, environment, culture, society, climate change, etc. The duration of a doctoral program is 2 years.

Universidad de Deusto

This private university was established in the year 1886 and is one of the oldest institutions in the country. It has a student population of over 11,000 students and over 700 academic staff. They offer programs at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels to both domestic and international students. The fields of study they deal with broadly include law, business, theology, engineering, psychology, education, social and human sciences. Students will be able to take degrees, double degrees, executive programs, doctoral degrees, language courses, and even seminars from the university.

The programs that are provided include gerontology, business administration, finance, teacher training, physiology, international business management, human rights policy, automative design, computing, advocacy, etc.

Universidad de Granada

This is one of the oldest public universities in the country that was established in the year 1531. It has a student population of over 80,000 students along with over 3,500 administrative staff. It is the fourth-largest university in the country with three campuses in all. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs to both domestic and international candidates and are also known for the scholarships and grants they provide to students. The fields of study they deal with include arts & humanities, sciences, health sciences, social & legal sciences, engineering & architecture, etc. Students will also be able to take double degrees from the university.

Doctoral programs are also offered under the same fields of study for areas like earth sciences, mathematics, chemistry, educational sciences, social sciences, legal sciences, criminology, migratory studies, etc. These doctoral programs have a duration of 2 years though candidates will also have to submit a thesis within or after this duration.

Universidad de Jaen

This public university was established in the year 1993 and has a student population of over 16,000 students. They also have around 1,000 administrative staff. They have nine centers in all which deal with fields like experimental sciences, social sciences & law, humanities & education, health sciences, social work, etc. Candidates will be able to take up degrees, double degrees, master’s programs, doctorate programs, etc. from this university. The subjects that are offered include Hispanic philology, biology, environmental sciences, chemistry, nursing, physiotherapy, business administration, business management, elementary education, etc.

Doctoral programs are offered both in Spanish and English in areas like information & communication technology, molecular & cellular biology, olive oils, renewable energy, law, etc.

Universidad de Leon

This is a public university that was established in the year 1979. It has a student population of over 12,000 students along with over 2,000 administrative staff. Students will be able to take up undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs from the university. The faculties and schools that the university has include fields like veterinary medicine, law, arts, work studies, engineering & information technology, health sciences, social work, tourism, physical activity & sports, biological & environmental sciences, etc.

Doctoral programs are offered under research areas like molecular biology & biotechnology, applied ecology, human health & motor skills, veterinary & food sciences, business economics, educational psychology & educational sciences, engineering, architecture, etc.

Universidad de Cantabria

This public university was established in the year 1972 and has a student population of over 14,000 students. It also has over 1,200 academic staff and over 1,000 administrative staff. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs to both domestic and international candidates through the 15 different schools and colleges that come under the university. The faculties they have include fields like sciences, humanities, medicine, economics & business studies, law, tourism, physiotherapy, teacher training, engineering, etc.

Doctoral programs are offered in areas like prehistoric archaeology, antiquity sciences, science & technology, theoretical chemistry, environmental engineering, civil engineering, coastal engineering, industrial engineering, etc.

Student Visa for Spain

Students who wish to study in Spain will have to get a student visa which will be dependent on the duration of the program the candidate has enrolled for and the nationality of the candidate. Candidates from countries like the US that do not require a visa to enter Spain will have to obtain a student visa only if the duration of their educational program exceeds 90 days. The original application must be sent through post along with the required number of photographs. The other documents that have to be attached must be photocopies.

The completed application has to be sent to the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate where it will be reviewed and processed before providing the visa. Sometimes, the consulate will demand more documents to complete the application wherever necessary. Candidates will be able to apply for the visa within 3 months of their scheduled date for departure and the processing time for the visa is estimated to be between 2 to 4 weeks based on the application that has been submitted.

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