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Last Updated: October 03, 2022

11 Best Fashion Programs in Italy

Italy is one of the most popular countries in the world among international students who wish to take up a program in fashion. This is mainly because of places like Milan which are considered to be fashion capitals in the world and since this city is compared to places like London, Madrid, Paris, etc. when it comes to fashion. The programs offered here in the institutions include bachelor’s programs, master’s programs, and short-term courses that one can apply to.

The best fashion schools in this country are located in the cities of Milan, Rome, Florence, and Venice. All of these cities offer fashion students career and internship opportunities that they will be able to benefit from during and after their course. The exposure that students get in the field of fashion while studying here is not limited to the exemplary teachers and external faculty that come here but also from the fashion shows they will get to visit and be part of.

Best Fashion Schools in Italy

List of Best Programs in Fashion

ProgramInstitutionFee for EU NationalsFee for non-EU Nationals
Master in Fashion Management Domus Academy €18,900€21,900
MA in Fashion Design Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti/ NABA €9,600-€18,600 per year€18,600 per year
BA in Fashion Styling & Creative Direction Istituto Marangoni €19,000€23,000
MA in Fashion Marketing Istituto Europeo Di Design €20,100€20,100
MA in Fashion Design Istituto Superiore Di Design €8,000€8,000
MA in Fashion Creation Milano Fashion Institute €16,500€16,500
MA in Fashion and Textile Design Accademia Italiana €9,000 per year9,300 per year
MA in Fashion Styling POLIMODA €28,000€28,000
BA in Fashion Design KOEFIA-International Academy of Haute Couture and Art of Costume--
MA in Fashion Direction-Brand & Product Management Politecnico di Milano- School of Design €16,500€16,500
MA in Visual Arts and Fashion University IUAV of Venice€150-€3,500-

Masters in Fashion Management-Domus Academy

This program has a duration of 11 months and is accredited by MUR/Italy. It has a credit requirement of 60 ECTS. Candidates will have the option of taking the program as a double award master’s which will have a duration of 14 months and a total credit requirement of 90 ECTS. The program is workshop-based and candidates will also be involved in tutorials, fieldwork, lectures, and seminars. Real-life professional projects are provided as part of the program making it an opportunity for candidates to build their academic qualifications and work experience at the same time.

The tuition fee is €18,900 for EU and Switzerland students and it is around €21,900 for non-EU students.

MA in Fashion Design- NABA

This program is a second-level academic degree in both fashion and textile design. It is provided by the department of design and applied arts. It has a duration of 2 years and a credit requirement of 120 CFA. It is taught both in English and Italian. The program will involve the theoretical, artistic, and technical elements of fashion designing together and candidates will be trained in creating statements of style and mindset.

The fee for non-residents in the EU is around €18,600 per year, which is based on their income bracket for EU and EFTA countries. This can be anywhere between €9,600 to €18,600 per year.

BA in Fashion Styling & Creative Direction-Istituto Marangoni

This is a BA Hons program with a duration of 3 years in all. This is an introductory program for candidates who wish to enter the fashion field and hence it deals with the recognition, reinvention, and definition of the style of a garment. They will also deal with products and brands through influential images. The areas of fashion they deal with include brand image, fashion films, restyling proposals, editorial features, etc.

The fee for EU students here is €19,000 and that for non-EU students is around €23,000.

MA in Fashion Marketing- Istituto Europeo di Design

This program has a duration of only 1 year and is focused on understanding market trends to implement a brand vision. Candidates will be learning about market data and building effective strategies for the fashion industry. The courses they learn will include market trends, visual merchandising, strategic marketing, etc. They will also get to be part of or visit exhibitions, museums, and showrooms that have been identified as locations of fashion and culture as part of the program.

The fee for the program is the same for all candidates and is set at €20,100.

MA in Fashion Design- Istituto Superiore di Design

This program has a duration of 2 years and it is for people who want to advance their training in this field. The study plan includes subjects like the history of fashion, fabric design, accessories, computers, techniques of the model, etc. Attendance is compulsory for the program and the classes will be provided in the form of exercises, laboratory, lectures, etc. Candidates will also be taken on guided tours to museums and exhibitions.

The tuition fee here is €8,000 per year for all candidates.

MA in Fashion Creation: Accessory Design and Management- Milano Fashion Institute

The duration of this program is 1 year and it starts in January. The program is taught entirely in English and includes all topics related to fashion within the field of accessories. This includes shoes, jewelry, bags, hats, etc. It has a workshop-based structure and candidates will have the option of learning about multiple subject areas and gaining expertise in them. The project activities included are in collaboration with professionals in the field of design from around the world.

The fee for the program is €16,500 for all students.

MA in Fashion and Textile Design- Accademia Italia

This program has a duration of 2 years which is divided into 4 semesters. It is accredited by the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research. It is taught both in Italian and English and is available on campuses located in Florence and Rome. The subjects one will learn in the program include design methodology, photography, textile design, fashion design, art direction, the phenomenology of contemporary arts, etc.

The fee for the program is around €9,000 per year for national and EU students. It is around €9,300 per year for international students.

MA in Fashion Styling- Polimoda

The duration of this master’s level program is 9 months and it is taught entirely in English. The main areas of styling one will learn include styling a collection, styling a still-life, digital styling, styling an editorial, and personal styling. The core learning modules include fashion iconography, fashion styling, set & productions, and e-commerce styling. It is an intensive specialization program with a field trip to Paris or London included along with workshops, and internship opportunities. Candidates will also be able to attend Milan/Florence fashion weeks as part of the program.

The fee for the program is €28,000 for all students.

BA in Fashion Design: Project and Research-KOEFIA

This program has a duration of 3 years and is a European Bachelor's degree. It has a credit requirement of 180 ECTS for course completion and is taught in Italian. It is a full-time program where candidates learn about the design of clothes, collections, fashion accessories, etc. The fee for the program here is the same for all students and is provided only upon being requested individually.

MA in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management

This is a specialization master’s program with a duration of 12 months when done in a full-time mode. The program has its core subjects taught as lectures, seminars, and exercises, and candidates will also have to attend 180 hours of fashion processes which include seminars and direct testimony from professionals. They will also have to complete 238 hours in field projects and a final thesis for 40 hours.

The fee for the program is €16,500 for all students.

MA in Visual Arts and Fashion-University Iuav di Venice

This program has a duration of 2 years and has a credit requirement of 120 ECTS for course completion. Candidates will be learning about subjects like modern art, contemporary art, art criticism, aesthetics, industrial design, informatics, drawing, architectural & urban design, etc. as part of the program. The fee here for local students is between €150 to €3,500 based on the family income. The international student fee is provided only on request.

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