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Last Updated: December 01, 2021

Study in Florence, Italy

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region in Italy and is famous for being the birthplace of the Renaissance and for the art and architecture the place holds. The city is not too crowded like that of Rome and hence is chosen by international students for being the ideal city to live and study in. The city offers high-quality education through the different public and private universities it is home to. Students will also be able to thrive in the multicultural environment the city provides and they will have the opportunity of learning Italian during their stay.

The city is also known to be one of the safest places in Italy which increases its appeal among international students. The place offers cheap accommodation options for students along with markets that provide affordable organic seasonal fruits and vegetables. Students will be able to find innumerable entertainment options ranging from ancient ruins to art galleries and museums that they can visit in their leisure time.

Benefits of Studying in Florence

A few of the benefits of living in Florence include the experiences candidates can get while exploring and learning about the city. Students will be able to get an essence of the country while living in the city especially since the city is relatively small and easy to navigate. The city offers the best and most affordable dining options ranging from street food to restaurants. Other benefits of studying in Florence includes-

Places to Live in Florence

Since Florence is home to a few many universities and private institutions, there are localities where international and domestic students flock over to stay. These localities provide cheap accommodation, part-time job opportunities, and entertainment options that cater to the varied interests of students. A few of the best localities that students can choose to stay include-

Cost of Living in Florence

Florence is an affordable city to live in especially for students when it is compared with cities like Rome. The place offers options of buying organic and fresh groceries at cheap rates from the vendors that can be found in popular markets. But the cost of living in the city will ultimately depend on the locality the candidate has chosen to live in and the lifestyle they have opted for. While accommodation and utilities will be the most expensive part of staying in the city, if one is to not keep track of their expenses even entertainment options that the city has can leave them broke all too soon.

The cost of living in the city is estimated to be less than €800 if one is to not calculate the rent. With rent, the cost of living can go up to €1,800 per month.

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

Accommodation expenses that a student will have while living in Florence are dependent on the kind of accommodation they opt for. Students mostly prefer to live in student accommodations, dormitories, residential halls, hostels, and shared apartments. But the cost each of these options incur is essentially different. The cost will also vary according to the locality the student has chosen to stay in. If they wish to stay in the center of the city, they will have to spend a lot more than they will have to while living outside the city.

The monthly rent that candidates will have to pay while living in the heart of the city can go up to €1,400 whereas the rate will go down to €1,000 if they are staying outside the city center. They will also be able to find cheaper accommodation that cost between €400 to €800 if they are to explore their options.

Utility Expenses are estimated to be less than €130 per month if the student is living in an apartment.

Grocery Expenses

The price for basic grocery items is-

Transportation Expenses

Unlike most cities where taking the local transportation or getting own vehicle is the preferred and efficient means of transportation, Florence is a city which is best experienced on foot. Students will be able to reach their destinations sooner and depending on the locality they are staying in, they will be able to save on commutation expenses. Taxis are extremely expensive in the city and private vehicles are not allowed to enter different parts of the city if they are driven by tourist drivers.

The city has ATAF buses which are also an efficient way of traveling for people who do not like to walk with one-way tickets costing around €1.50. The tickets can be purchased from local convenience stores.

Programs to Study in Florence

A few of the most popular programs offered in Florence are-

Top Universities in Florence

Florence has a few many universities that offer plenty of different programs. A few of these universities are-

University of Florence

This university was established in the year 1321 and is a public university with a student population of 51,000. They also have over 2,200 administrative staff. The university has 12 schools in all which deal with areas like arts, economics, education, engineering, law, mathematics, physics, natural sciences, medicine, psychology, etc. They offer programs at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. This university is ranked among the top 5% of universities in the world and hence is one of the most sought-after options by international students.

Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze

This university was established in the year 1563 and is an academy of fine arts which focuses mainly on instructional art. It has become an autonomous institution since 1999 and offers programs in subjects like graphics, sculpture, painting, decoration, design, scenography, etc. They have departments for visual arts, design & applied arts, communication & teaching of art, etc. They offer undergraduate, graduate programs and are known for the diploma courses they provide for different fields of study.

Florence Academy of Art

This institution was established in the year 1991 and is an American art school. The institution is a branch of the International Academy of Fine Art. They mainly offer certification programs and master’s degrees along with workshops in different specializations. They offer programs in advanced painting, anatomy, intensive drawing, etc. They also offer certifications in drawing & painting, sculpture, studio art, etc. The electives they offer are in subjects like Écorch sculpture, art history, technical demonstrations on materials & techniques, and landscape painting. The workshops they conduct vary from semester to semester.

European School of Economics

This is a private business school that was established in the year 1994 and is known for the UK degrees they provide at undergraduate, and graduate levels. They also offer MBA programs for both domestic and international candidates. Their other campuses are located in Rome, Milan, Madrid, and London. Students will be able to take up bachelor’s degrees in subjects like marketing, management, media, finance, etc. They also provide short professional programs in subjects like hospitality management, sports management, events management, music management, etc.

Accademia Italiana

This university was established in the year 1984 and has a student population of 1,000 along with over 100 administrative staff. It is a fine arts university that offers courses in the fields of fashion, design, photography, and media. They provide courses at undergraduate, and graduate levels along with certification programs and short courses that students can take based on their specialized interests. The areas they deal with include jewelry design, arts & culture, photography, graphic design, fashion design, etc. Professional programs are offered in the fields of fashion merchandising, design of retail spaces, fashion photography, styling, video & sound production, etc.

Italian Institute of Human Sciences

This institute was established recently in the year 2002 and is a public university that offers graduate and doctoral programs in the field of human and social sciences. The doctoral programs that are offered are in areas like political science, anthropology, law & economy, philology, philosophy of history, semiotics, contemporary history, geopolitics, linguistics, sociology, etc.

Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche

ISIA has four different universities under its name with each of them dealing with programs in the field of design. The campus in Florence was founded in the year 1975 and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs to domestic and international candidates. The main courses they offer are in industrial product & systems design, and communication & digital product design. But at the same time, they provide master’s degrees in space design, craft design, and opera scenography.

Fleming College Florence

This university was established in the year 1968 and then relocated to Florence in the year 1972. They offer apprenticeships, co-op programs, postgraduate programs, and second career training programs among others. They have 7 different schools dealing with subjects like environmental & natural resource sciences, art & design, business & information technology, general arts & sciences, health & wellness, justice & community development, etc.

Entertainment Options in Florence

Florence offers students with different entertainment options that they can choose according to their interests. From exploring the ancient ruins in the city to partying and spending time in bars, students will have no lack in the number of activities they can do during their stay in the city. Students will also be able to explore the cuisine the city offers through the street stalls and affordable diners.

Places to Visit in Florence

While there are plenty of museums, art galleries, and scenic locations in the city of Florence, there are still things that students will be able to shortlist and visit during their short stay in the city. Students who have courses that have a duration of 2 or more years will be able to explore the entirety of the city due to the relative smallness of the city when compared to other cities like Rome. A few of the must-see locations in the city are-

Things to Do in Florence

Florence offers students multiple activities they can do during their stay in the city. A few of the must-do things in the city are-

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