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Last Updated: December 02, 2021

Study Fashion Designing in Italy

Italy is a country in Europe that has a historically deep-rooted interest in art and design along with subjects like architecture. The country is also a trendsetter even in modern times when it comes to fashion. It is considered to be home to the best design brands in the world and is internationally acclaimed for providing high-quality education in the field of fashion. They offer a variety of courses in subjects relating to fashion like costume designing, jewelry making, luxury goods, car design, etc.

The country also provides students with the opportunity to learn creativity and artistic skills by exploring the cultural and historical influences the country has had ranging from medieval art to futuristic art. Along with the different specializations that students can take up in this field of study, they will be able to participate in the international fashion events and fairs that cities like Milan hold every year. The country will also offer candidates plenty of places to explore that can help build their creativity and interpersonal skills.

Benefits of Studying Fashion Designing in Italy

The benefits of studying fashion from one of the most famous fashion hubs in the world can be pretty obvious. Students who enroll in Italian public universities for fashion designing will be able to specialize in their area of interest and all meet prominent fashion icons during their course. The added benefits will include studying Italian and Italian culture which will help them thrive in the multicultural environment the country provides. Though education is not entirely cheap in the country, students will be able to make use of every penny they spend on education while in the country.

A few of the other benefits that students will be able to have while studying in Italy include-

Eligibility Requirements for Fashion Designing in Italy

The eligibility requirement for studying a fashion designing course in Italy varies from institution to institution and also according to the kind of program the student is opting for. Candidates should contact the university or institution directly to know more details regarding the general entry requirements for the program they are applying for. The general requirements for most universities include-

Duration of Fashion Designing Programs in Italy

The duration of fashion designing programs varies according to the kind of degree the candidate has enrolled for. Diploma programs and other certification programs based on different specializations often have a duration of 6 to 12 months. Bachelor’s programs in the subject have a duration of 3 years generally whereas master’s programs have a duration of 1 to 2 years in all.

Cost of Fashion Designing Programs in Italy

The cost of doing a fashion designing program in Italy is dependent upon the kind of program the student has chosen. Public universities have a considerably lower tuition fee when compared to private institutions. But at the same time, unlike most other fields of study, fashion designing can be a relatively expensive course to do in the country. An estimated fee for undergraduate programs is less than €27,000 whereas the fee for master’s programs can go up to €35,000.

Students will be able to apply for and receive different scholarships that are merit based and even need-based which will mostly cover their educational expenses.

Top Universities for Fashion Designing in Italy

A few of the top universities in the country for fashion designing are-

Top Fashion Designing Programs in Italy

While there are innumerable programs offered in the country by different fashion institutes and universities, a few of the most popular programs are-

BA Fashion Stylist- IED Milan

This program is a first-level academic diploma program that is considered to be the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree. The duration of the program is 3 years in all and students are awarded 180 credits upon completing the course. The program is offered entirely in English and is provided only as on a full-time basis. Students will be able to study subjects like history of art & costume, photography, digital image processing, history of fashion, design methods, business thinking & management, etc. as part of the course. The fee for the program is decided based on the economic background of the candidate and can range between €8,800 to €17,200.

Master in Fashion Designing-DOMUS Academy

This is one of the highly ranked institutes in the country for fashion design. The MA program has a duration of 11 months and is accredited by MUR Italy. Candidates will be awarded 60 credits upon completing the course. The course is structured to be a blend of both fashion studies and studio practice to provide a professional experience for candidates. The subjects they have to learn include marketing strategies, 3D tools for modeling garments, branding, history of fashion design, etc. Students will also have to be a part of different workshops and complete an internship as part of the course. The fee for non-EU candidates is €24,900.

BA in Fashion Design- NABA

This program is offered by the Design and Applied Arts department and has a duration of 3 years. It is provided in both Italian and English and awards candidates with a total of 180 credits upon completion. The title that is awarded is that of a First Level Academic Degree. Students will learn about collections’ design in different fields along with design methodologies. They will also be dealing with different mediums like dress, shoes, bags, and accessories. Students will have to deal with the entire process of fashion designing ranging from the ideation of the piece to technical drawing and illustration. The tuition fee for the program is €18,200 for non-EU candidates.

MA in Fashion and Textile Design-Accademia Italiana, Florence

This program is offered as a Second Level Academic Program and has a duration of 2 years in all. It is taught both in Italian and English and awards candidates with 120 credits upon completion. The subjects that students will have to learn include design methodology, applied arts, fashion design, textile culture, art direction, contemporary arts, accessory design, etc. The annual fee for the program is estimated to be around €8,250.

Fashion Design: Professional Certificate- LDM

This is a certification program with 2 semesters in all that deals with the technical skills that are associated with the fashion industry. Students will be learning about Italian and Florentine haute couture during the duration of the course. If the student has reached an advanced level of learning they will be provided with real-life scenarios in actual fashion industry working conditions so as to train them to become experienced professionals. They will learn about accessory design, experimental design, trend forecasting, product development, collection development, CAD, portfolio development, etc. as part of the course.

BA in Costume and Fashion-Accademia Costume e Moda

This program has a duration of 3 years in all and requires candidates to have a B2 level of proficiency in Italian. It deals with the areas of costume, fashion, and accessories by blending the aspects of development, positioning, and commercialization of the products that are being created. Students will be studying design, design methodology, illustration, human anatomy, graphic illustration, fabric knowledge, design interpretation, etc. as part of the course. They will be awarded 180 credits upon completion of the course. The fee for the program is €10,500 and candidates will have to pay an additional €2,500 as the enrollment fee.

Degree in Fashion Design- Raffles Milan

This is a 3-year program offered by the Raffles Institute in Milan. It awards candidates with 180 credits upon completion and covers topics like trend anticipation, fashion system, art & costume history, pattern making, clothing design, fashion drawing, collage collection, marketing, etc. Students will also have to complete a final project as part of the program and create a portfolio. The tuition fee for non-EU students is €18,000. They will also have to pay an additional €3,000 as a registration fee.

Career Options for Fashion Designing Graduates in Italy

Students who have completed their education in the country will be able to stay back in the country for employment options only if the program they have done is at a master’s level or doctorate level. Staying back in the country after education is referred to as Permesso di Soggiorno which is a residence permit provided for a duration of 6 to 12 months. Candidates are required to find employment during the said duration beyond which they will have to return to their country of origin.

Unlike educational opportunities where students only need to know English, employment opportunities are often provided to candidates who are fluent in Italian. They will also require the necessary skills, qualifications, and experience at least in the form of internships if they are to find good employment opportunities.

A few of the jobs that fashion designing graduates do in Italy are-

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