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Last Updated: June 29, 2022

Study Engineering in Italy

Italy is one of the places with globally accredited engineering degrees being offered at different levels. Despite being a tourist destination, students will be able to find that the city has educational expertise to offer especially within the field of engineering and sciences. The programs offered here for engineering include certification courses, diplomas, degrees, and research opportunities from which one will be able to choose their pick. Candidates will also be able to opt for different specializations according to their interests.

One of the highlights of the programs being offered here is that unlike destinations like Germany, this country offers programs in English which makes it infinitely easier for international candidates. Students who take a degree from this country will easily be able to find work opportunities in different parts of the world since the degrees offered are of international acclaim.

Benefits of Studying Engineering in Italy

The benefits of taking a STEM program or an engineering program in Italy include the obvious factors of multicultural exposure that international candidates will get. They will be able to immerse themselves in the culture and language of the place which will add to their qualifications upon completing their education irrespective of where they wish to work afterward.

Eligibility Requirements for Engineering in Italy

The eligibility requirement for universities in Italy changes from institution to institution and is also dependent on the field of study one has chosen within the field of engineering. Despite the different eligibility requirements that one will have to meet, there are general requirements that every institution will have. A few of the general requirements one will have to meet include the submission of the following documents-

Cost of Engineering Programs in Italy

Public universities in Italy have a set tuition fee based on the degree level and program type that is being opted for. But at the same time, private universities can set their tuition fee and this amount is subject to change from one academic year to the next. The average fee that one will have to pay if they are enrolled at a public university for an engineering program is between €3,800 to €15,000 per year. Some universities also allow candidates to study for a fee as low as €800 per year depending on the program of their choice. Students will be able to cover this amount by applying for different scholarships and other financial aid often provided by the institution they are studying at. The average cost of studying at a private university can be as high as €20,000 per year.

Scholarships for Studying Engineering in Italy

Italian universities provide equal opportunities to both domestic and international candidates when it comes to financial aid. Students will most often be able to apply for scholarships that are provided by their university before they seek external scholarships they can receive. Those who have enrolled at public universities will have to worry about a lesser tuition fee that can easily be covered even by taking up part-time jobs in the country. A few of the prominent scholarships that international students can apply for include-

Duration of Engineering Programs in Italy

The duration of engineering programs in Italy is dependent on the level at which one is studying the program. Most of the popular programs offered for engineering here are at the postgraduate level after which the doctorate level is most sought after. Candidates who aspire to take a postgraduate degree in an engineering specialization will have to complete a three-year undergraduate degree in a similar field of study. The duration for postgraduate programs is 2 years in all universities here and the duration for a doctoral program is 3 years which can be extended based on the researcher’s pace.

Popular Engineering Specializations in Italy

The most popular specializations provided by universities in Italy include-

Top Universities for Engineering in Italy

The best universities for studying engineering in Italy include-
UniversityFee Range per year
Polytechnic University of Milan€888 to €3,900
Polytechnic University of Turin€2,600
University of Naples Federico II€3,800
Sapenzia University of Rome€1,000 to €2,500
University of Padua€2,500
University of Bologna€3,000 to €3,300
University of Trento€4,500 to €6,000
University of Salerno€800

Polytechnic University of Milan

This university was established in the year 1863 and it is a public university. It has a student population of around 42,000 along with over 1,400 academic staff. The university offers programs at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels with different specializations one can choose from. It has departments for architecture & urban studies, chemical engineering, aerospace science & technology, etc.

The fee here is different for EEA and non-EEA nationals. The fee that non-EEA candidates will have to pay is around €3,900 per year. But in general, it can vary from €888 to €3,900 per year.

Polytechnic University of Turin

This university was established in the year 1859 and is a public university that provides programs for engineering, architecture, and even industrial design. The best programs offered here are mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, and civil engineering. It has a student population of around 34,000 along with over 1000 academic staff.

The tuition fee for a master’s program here is around €2,600 per year for engineering programs.

University of Naples Federico II

This university was established in the year 1224 and is one of the oldest technical institutions in the country. It has a student population of around 93,000 along with over 5,000 administrative staff. It is the 5th best global university in Italy with the best programs being civil engineering, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering. The fee that one has to pay for engineering programs is around €3,800 per year.

Sapenzia University of Rome

This university was established in the year 1303 and is a public university focused primarily on research. It has a student population of around 112,000 along with over 8,000 administrative staff. The university has a separate school for aerospace engineering and it also offers plenty of graduate programs in the field of engineering. The main fields of study here include civil & industrial engineering along with information engineering.

The tuition fee that one has to pay per year at this university is around €1,000 and it can go up to €2,500 depending on the program.

University of Padua

This university was established in the year 1222 and it is a public university. It is the fifth oldest surviving university in the world making it a matter of privilege to study here. It has a student population of around 60,000 along with over 2,300 academic staff. The university offers programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels mainly. The best engineering programs one can learn here include control systems engineering, environmental engineering, and mathematical engineering.

The tuition fee for engineering programs at a master’s level is around €2,500 per year.

University of Bologna

This university was established in the year 1088 and is easily the oldest university in the country with a legacy of 934 years. It has a student population of around 90,000 along with over 3,000 academic staff. Most of the programs offered here are of international acclaim including offshore engineering, civil engineering, advanced automotive engineering, biomedical engineering, earth resource engineering, etc.

The tuition fee here for master’s programs ranges from €3,000 to €3,300 per year depending on the program one has chosen.

University of Trento

This public university was established in the year 1962. It has a student population of around 17,000 along with over 700 academic staff. The highly ranked engineering program here is the master’s in telecommunications engineering apart from which the honors master’s program in research is also in demand. Other engineering departments here are civil, environmental and mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, information engineering, etc.

The engineering programs here are relatively expensive for international students with the fee ranging from €4,500 to €6,000 per year.

University of Salerno

This university was established in the year 1968 and is a state-supported university. It has a student population of around 34,000. Engineering programs are offered within the fields of civil engineering, industrial engineering, information & electrical engineering, etc. The fee is estimated to be around €800 per year.

Career Options for Engineering Graduates in Italy

Candidates who have completed their education in the field of engineering will be able to find innumerable jobs in the country relating to their field. There is an estimated number of 45,000 jobs available within this sector for which there is a shortage of skilled workers. The median salary of an engineer here is around €3,200 per month which can be higher depending on the specialization of the candidate and their experience in the field. A few of the highest paying engineering jobs in Italy include-

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