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Last Updated: December 02, 2021

Study Economics in Italy

Italy is a country that offers high-quality education in the fields of art, fashion, economics, business, and management. Students who wish to study economics in the country will be learning it from the ninth biggest economy in the world that has risen to the challenges faced during pandemic times and is estimated to regain its economic stature by 2022. The country is also home to plenty of public universities and private universities that offer programs in economics at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.

Candidates who plan on studying in Italy will find that most of the programs here have high tuition fees but the tuition fee will vary based on whether it is a public university or a private university. They will also be able to avail themselves of scholarships that both their universities and the country offer which will mostly cover all educational expenses that the candidate might incur.

Benefits of Studying Economics in Italy

A few of the benefits of studying economics in Italy include the social and interpersonal skills the students will acquire by living and learning in a multicultural environment. Most of the economics programs in the country focus on linking business studies to economics which is highly beneficial to candidates especially in the work field. A few of the other benefits of studying economics include-

Eligibility Requirements for Studying Economics in Italy

The eligibility requirements for economics programs vary from institution to institution. It is also dependent on the level of the program the candidate has applied for. Candidates will be able to enquire about the admission requirements for the program by contacting the admissions office of the respective institutions. A few of the general requirements include-

Cost of Studying Economics in Italy

The cost of doing an economics program in the country is dependent on the level of the program the candidate has chosen. The tuition fee for programs is lower in public universities when compared to private universities. Most of the institutions also charge a different fee for EU and non-EU nationals which non-EU candidates have to pay a higher fee for the program. The estimated fee for economics programs comes under €4,000 per year.

Duration of Economics Programs in Italy

The duration of economics programs depends on the level of the program the candidate is doing. A bachelor’s program in the subject has a typical duration of 3 years. On the other hand, a master’s program in the subject has a duration of 1 to 2 years depending on the university the student has enrolled in.

BA/BS in Economics

This is an undergraduate program offered at different universities for economics. It is often clubbed with subjects like accounting, finance, business, etc. based on which students will be able to do a double major in both subjects or take economics as their major while choosing another subject as their minor. The program has a duration of 3 years in all and generally awards students with 180 credits upon completion.

Students will be dealing with the introductions and basics of economic theories and other subjects like microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, history of economics, etc. as part of this program.

MA in Economics

This postgraduate program has a typical duration of 2 years and offers a total of 120 credits to candidates upon completing the program. The program will mostly include an internship and a final project as a major part and candidates will be dealing with advanced economic theories in subjects, they already have a foundation in. Most often, a master’s degree is clubbed with subjects like finance, management, business, etc. which will provide an edge to the candidate’s resume especially in the international job market.

Top Universities for Economics in Italy

A few of the top universities for studying economics are-

Top Economics Programs in Italy

While Italy offers candidates with economics programs at different levels, the most sought-after programs are master’s level programs. A few of the best economic programs offered in Italy are-

BSc in International Economics and Management- Bocconi University

This program has a duration of 3 years in all. During the first year of the program, students will be learning about the fundamentals of the subject. This will include topics like management, microeconomics, and macroeconomics, math, basic legal methods, etc. The second year of the program will include accounting & finance, economic history, statistics, international economics, etc. The third year of the program includes subjects like business strategy, European law, etc. They will also be required to do an internship and a final report as part of the course. The fee of the program is estimated to be around €12,883 per year.

MA in Economics and Finance- University of Padua

This program is offered by the school of economics and political science. It has a duration of 2 years in all and is taught entirely in English. The subjects that are taught include advanced macroeconomics, banking, English for economics, advanced corporate finance, advanced microeconomics, financial economics, micro-econometrics, advanced econometrics, applied macroeconomics, personal finance, etc. The fee of the program is €22, 540.

MA in Economics- University of Bologna

This is a 2-year postgraduate program offered by the department of economics. The program is taught entirely in English. It is an international program that includes subjects like mathematical economics, microeconomics, public economics, international monetary economics, information economics, structural macro-econometrics, economic development, machine learning for economists, structural macro-econometrics, economic development, etc.

BS in Business Economics- Sacred Heart University

This program has a duration of 3 years where candidates will be able to acquire data-driven analytical skills, interpret economic events, and understand economic factors. The subjects they will learn include an introduction to economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, the economics of social issues, contemporary topics in economics, monetary policy, managerial economics, political economy, international economics, etc. Candidates will also be able to take a double major in economics by clubbing it with subjects like accounting, finance, management, marketing, and sports management.

MSc in Economics- Tor Vergata: University of Rome

This program has a duration of 2 years and is offered by the department of economics and finance. It is taught entirely in English and deals mainly with the theoretical aspects of economic issues. The subjects that are mainly focused on include microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics, econometrics, labor economics, public economics, mathematic methods, etc. Candidates will be awarded a total of 120 credits upon completing the course. Candidates from non-EU countries who do not wish to disclose their income will have to pay a yearly fee of €2,500.

MA in Economics- University of Turin

This program has a duration of 2 years and is offered by the department of economic, social, mathematical, and statistical sciences. Students will be awarded a total of 120 credits upon completing the course. The course is taught entirely in English. The subjects included are behavioral & experimental economics, econometrics, macroeconomic analysis, history of economics, microeconomic analysis, industrial economics, labor economics, international economics, monetary economics, political economics, corporate law for economics, etc. The fee for the program will be in a range between €22,000 to €30,000.

Masters in Finance and Economics - University of Milan

This program has a duration of 2 years and awards candidates with 120 credits in all upon completion. The course is taught completely in English. It focuses mainly on quantitative finance and quantitative economics while dealing with subjects like financial investments, mathematical methods for finance, international economic law, advanced microeconomics and macroeconomics, data mining and computational statistics, etc. The fee for the program is calculated using different methods and has different payment schedules that suit the needs of the student. There is a fee exemption based on merit, income, and even disability.

Career Opportunities for Economics Graduates

Candidates who have completed their education in the field of economics will be able to apply for a residence permit in the country if the program they completed is of a master’s or doctoral level. This permit will allow them to look for jobs in the country for a duration between 6 to 12 months after which they will have to return to their country of origin if they have not been able to procure a permanent job.

The different fields in which economics majors work include banking, administrative management, consulting, accounting, etc. A few of the jobs they can do after completing their education include-

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