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Last Updated: November 07, 2021

Study in Innsbruck

Innsbruck is a city in Austria that is relatively larger in size when compared to other cities in the country. The city has a large student population with students coming from all over the world to study at famous universities like the University of Innsbruck which offers programs at different levels for a multitude of subjects. Though the city does not have a lot of universities, the few that are there are internationally well acclaimed and sought-after by candidates.

The country provides its visitors with the perfect view of the Alpines making the landscape one of the most prominent reasons for the umpteen number of tourists that come every year. The city has a community-friendly approach to living and is inclusive of both tourists and international students irrespective of the reasons they have in staying in the city. This makes the city one of the safest and friendliest places for students to live in, merge with the culture, and learn more about the country than they possibly can while living in other parts of the country.

Benefits of Studying in Innsbruck

The benefits of studying abroad in a place like Austria depend on the exposure the candidate will get while studying in the place and the curriculum they will be following in the program they have chosen. Candidates who are studying in Innsbruck will be able to study at one of the best universities in the country. A few of the benefits they will get while studying in Innsbruck include-

Places to Live in Innsbruck

Due to the presence of prominent universities, there is a large student population within the city at all times of the year. This means that there are a few localities within the city where students flock over and live for affordable rates and in safe spaces. A few of these locations are-

Cost of Living in Innsbruck

The cost of living in Innsbruck is not too different from other popular cities in Austria. Though the place isn’t extremely cheap, it cannot be considered to be extremely expensive either when it comes to accommodation or utilities. Candidates will be able to find affordable housing in the form of dormitories, rented apartments, and shared apartments in plenty depending on the locality they have chosen to live in. The average cost of living in the city is estimated to be around €906 without rent.

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

Accommodation expenses in the city depend on the locality the candidate has chosen within the city. While most locations will have affordable student housing, candidates will be able to find better options in localities where students mostly live in. Candidates who choose to live in dormitories will be able to find housing for rates between €220 to €500 depending on the location and amenities they provide. Candidates who prefer living by themselves will be able to find apartments with a monthly rent above €600. They will also be able to find shared apartments for half this rate.

Grocery Expenses

The cost of grocery items in Innsbruck are-

Popular Programs in Innsbruck

A few of the popular courses in Innsbruck are-

Top Universities in Innsbruck

University of Innsbruck

This university was established in the year 1669. It is a public university that is well-known for its physics department. The university has a student population of over 27,000 and over 1,300 academic staff. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs along with diploma degrees in different subjects. A few of the faculties they have are for business administration, education, biology, chemistry and pharmacy, earth and atmospheric sciences, teacher education, technical sciences, philosophy, and history, etc.

Medical University of Innsbruck

This university was one of the first four faculties in the University of Innsbruck. It was established as a separate university in the year 2004 and has a student population of over 4,000. They have medical care departments for surgery, internal medicine, neurology and neurosurgery, radiology, etc. They offer research programs in areas like oncology, neurosciences, genetics, epigenetics, and genomics, etc.

FH Gesundheit- Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol

This university is relatively new and was established in the year 2007. They have a student population of over 1,500. They have programs at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels. The subjects that they offer courses in include biomedical analytics, occupational therapy, health and nursing, mental health, radiological technologies, clinical diaetology, etc. The research areas they offer include health promotion and prevention, quality management, health equity, etc.

Management Center Innsbruck

This is a public-private school of business that was established in the year 1996. They have a student population of over 3,000 and over 250 academic staff. They offer business and management programs at undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. They also offer executive master's programs along with executive Ph.D. The programs they offer are in fields like management and law, mechatronics, industrial engineering and management, business administration, smart building technologies, etc.

Entertainment Options in Innsbruck

Innsbruck offers candidates plenty of entertainment options ranging from different cultural and historical sites they can visit exploring the cuisine of the place. The city has a large population of international students and also offers good transportation services which candidates can make use of while going around the city. Since it is a city which is visited by tourists at all times of the year, candidates will be able to do touristy things and also be a local in the same place during the duration of their stay.

Places to Visit in Innsbruck

There are plenty of cultural and historical sites that candidates will be able to visit during their stay in Innsbruck. More than the sites that can be visited, the place is known for its dramatic landscapes. The place is also known for the Alpine view and ski resorts that candidates will be able to visit. A few places that candidates must visit are-

Things to Do in Innsbruck

The city of Innsbruck offers candidates plenty of things to do depending on their interests. This can range from partying in the city at night to exploring the city during the day to learn more about the culture and tastes of the city. Candidates will be able to explore the cuisine of the place at affordable rates since the place has plenty of restaurants offering an authentic taste. A few of the must-do things in Innsbruck are-

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