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Last Updated: November 14, 2021

Study Medicine in Austria

Austria is a country that is well known for the high-quality education they provide and the affordable rates of the same education that is offered to both domestic and international candidates. Though the country is known for the courses they provide in arts and humanities, it is also an ideal location for candidates to study medicine in especially if one is to compare the cost of education with other countries both inside and outside Europe. Candidates will be able to study programs that are based in life sciences and human sciences based on their interests since the country offers different programs in each of these fields.

Most of the medical programs offered in the country are by the public universities which have a fixed tuition fee for EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA candidates. This makes studying medicine extremely affordable in the country. Candidates will also be able to receive scholarships for studying medicine depending on the field of study they have chosen. A lot of medical universities in the country are part of the Erasmus+ program which allows international students to experience the country better. The universities in the country, though few in number, are internationally acclaimed.

Accreditation Information for Medical Programs in Austria

Candidates who are applying for medical degree programs in Austria must ensure that the university they have opted for their study is properly accredited before they enroll for the course. Austria only has a few select medical universities that offer programs in medicine and hence it is always better for candidates to know the legitimacy of the course they are applying for to get internationally acclaimed degrees.

Austria only has seven medical schools currently which are accredited by either or all of the following organizations-

Benefits of Studying Medicine in Austria

The benefits of studying medicine in a country like Austria include the high-quality education they provide along with the options candidates will get to choose from while applying to a medical university in the country. Though medical universities are few the programs they offer are recognized by organizations around the world. A few of the benefits that international candidates will have include-

Eligibility Requirements for Medicine in Austria

The eligibility requirement for medical programs is different and more detailed than other programs that are offered in the country. Though the requirements will vary from institution to institution, there are a few many general requirements that candidates have to fulfill while applying for medical universities in Austria. The general requirements and documents include-

Duration of Medical Programs in Austria

The duration of medical programs in Austria is 6 years all with the program being split into different phases. The 6 years have 12 semesters in all with the first two semesters being phase 1 including introductory subjects, the next four semesters being phase two where candidates learn basic medical skills, electives, and other subjects in detail. Then they will move to phase three which will comprise the next 6 semesters in all. This is where candidates will deal with advanced concepts and also submit a thesis depending on their field of interest.

Towards the end of the program, candidates will have to complete clinical training which has a duration of 18 weeks and then complete an internship which must have a duration of 48 weeks in all.

Programs Offered in Medicine

A few of the programs that are offered by medical universities include-

Cost of Studying Medicine in Austria

The cost of studying a medical program in Austria is one of the cheapest options available for both domestic and international candidates especially since it is a professional course from the sciences. Since most of the medical universities in Austria are government-funded, the fee for courses remains constant for all semesters. EU/EEA candidates will have to pay a fee of €364 per semester and non-EU/EEA candidates will have to pay a fee below €800 per semester.

Top Universities for Medicine in Austria

Top Medical Programs in Austria

Medicine Degree- Medical University of Vienna

This is an undergraduate program in medicine with a duration of 6 years in all that is split into 12 semesters. The completion of this program provides candidates with 360 ECTS credits and the language of instruction is Level C1 German. Candidates have to clear the MedAT-H exam to enroll in the program and the program offers 660 seats per year. With each semester the complexity of the subjects that are being taught will increase with candidates having to learn about basic introductory subjects like the human body, social competence, first aid, etc. in the first semester to learning electives from the ninth semester. The electives that are offered are subjects like neurology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, psychiatry, etc.

Towards the end of the program, candidates are required to complete 12 weeks of clerkship and 48 weeks of clinical internship. The fee for the program is €364 per semester for EU/EEA candidates and €800 per semester for non-EU/EEA nationals.

Medical Diploma- Medical University of Graz

This program is offered at an undergraduate level and acts as a foundational program for postgraduate studies in medicine. The program has a core curriculum that is focused on subjects like epidemiology, the urgency of treatment, severity, and disease prototypes. Candidates will also have to take elective courses as part of the curriculum which can be in areas like ethics, geriatrics, palliative medicine, etc. The program is split into 3 phases where phase 1 is of 2 years and involves basic introductory learning. Phase 2 has a duration of 4 years in all which is split into 5 to 10 semesters. This phase is topic-oriented and patient-oriented, helping candidates develop their medical skills and abilities. Phase 3 is the clinical practice year where candidates will be integrated into the daily routine at University Hospital Graz or other teaching hospitals. This will have a duration of 48 weeks in all.

The fee for the program is different for EU/EEA candidates and non-EU/EEA candidates. The former will have to pay around €364 per semester whereas the latter will have to pay around €800 per semester.

Human Medicine Degree- Medical University of Innsbruck

This program along with all the other medical programs offered by the university has German as its medium of instruction. The course has a duration of 6 years which is split into the typical 12-semester format. This course is interdisciplinary and has theoretical and practical aspects linked within the curriculum. Students will be able to have contact with patients from the first semester which is a unique part of this degree program. Candidates will have to do a 48-week internship program out of which 16 weeks are dedicated to general medical practices. This program offers 360 seats every year and requires candidates to have a C1 level of proficiency in German.

The fee for the program is €364 per semester for EU/EEA candidates and €800 for non-EU/EEA candidates. Candidates will sometimes have to pay an additional €20 as the Students Union contribution fee.

Medical Studies- Johannes Kepler University Linz

This program comes under the field of human medicine and is an integrated program in medicine with a duration of 6 years in all. The first six semesters will comprise the undergraduate study and the remaining six semesters will be considered to be part of the master’s program. The university provides 240 seats for this program every year and upon completion, candidates will be awarded 360 ECTS credits. It is a full-time program and has a topic-centered approach. The topics that are covered will include basic medical subjects like anatomy, pharmacology, etc. along with physics, chemistry, individual organ studies, etc.

During the second half of the program, candidates will learn clinical modules which are organ-based. The tuition fee for the program is €364 per semester for EU/EEA candidates and €727 per semester for third-country nationals.

MS in Osteopathy- Vienna School of Osteopathy

This program isn’t a typical medicine program but is a specialization program that focuses on osteopathic models and clinical knowledge. The course has a duration of 4 to 5 semesters and is provided in a part-time mode. Candidates will be awarded 240 ECTS credits upon completion of the course. It is offered in association with the Danube University Krems and is provided to candidates who are also practicing physiotherapists, doctors, and dentists. The candidates must also have completed 1000 teaching units in the last 3 years or they should be graduates from the field of osteopathy with at least 4500 teaching units in the last 4 years along with 2 years of practical experience.

The fee of the program is €9400 for all candidates.

Career Options in Austria

Candidates who have completed their medical degree in Austria will be able to practice medicine in the same country or travel abroad and practice medicine elsewhere due to the international acceptance of the degree. The different sectors in which they can work will be dependent on the degree they have chosen. A few of the sectors include-

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