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Last Updated: October 31, 2021

Study Architecture in Austria

Austria is a country that is well-known for its architectural brilliance and a keen interest in art. The architectural styles that are prominent in the country include baroque and rococo along with a fair share of gothic and modern architecture that candidates will be able to explore in person while in the country. The most important aspect of learning architecture anywhere in the world is the creativity and imagination that the place and university can provide them with which will, in turn, reflect in the projects they undertake. In this aspect, Austria can be considered to be one of the best locations to study architecture in.

Along with the historical and cultural aspects of the country, Austria also provides quality education to domestic and international candidates at affordable rates. When compared to the rest of Europe, Austria is also a country that is extremely safe for international students to reside in. The country provides candidates with excellent career opportunities in the field of architecture. Candidates will also be able to learn German during their stay which will be an added bonus in their resume irrespective of the country they move to after course completion.

Benefits of Studying Architecture in Austria

The benefits of moving abroad to study a course like architecture involve the exposure that the candidate will receive by exploring the architectural brilliance they will get to witness in the new country. Austria has its own set of monuments and historical sites that candidates will be able to visit during their stay which will help broaden their perspective and allow them to excel in their field of study.

A few of the benefits that candidates will get while studying architecture in Austria are-

Eligibility Requirements for Architecture in Austria

The eligibility requirements for an architectural program in Austria vary from university to university and also according to the level of the degree they are applying for. Candidates are required to personally enquire with the admissions office of the respective colleges they are applying to, to have a clear picture regarding the documents that are to be submitted.

A few of the documents and eligibility requirements that most universities have for architectural programs are-

Duration of Architecture Programs in Austria

Architectural programs are offered at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels within Austria.

Cost of Architecture Programs in Austria

Education in Austria is affordable for both EU/EEA candidates and non-EU candidates especially when it comes to studying in public universities. While private universities do charge a higher amount in comparison to public universities, this needn’t be keenly considered if one is planning to do an architectural program in Austria. The best educational institutes for architectural programs are all public universities where the fee for EU/EEA candidates and non-EU candidates differ but remain constant irrespective of the institution.

Candidates will be able to find that some universities offer both BSc and MSc programs in architecture for free if they are from EU/EEA countries. The universities that do take a tuition fee will require EU/EEA candidates to pay an amount of €364 per semester. Candidates who are from non-EU countries will have to pay an estimated amount of €764 per semester.

BA in Architecture

Candidates who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree in architecture will be able to find the best public universities in the country offering a course in the subject. The duration of a bachelor’s degree is 3 to 4 years depending on the institution and candidates will be dealing with fields of study like urban planning, landscape architecture, the architecture of public and industrial buildings, etc. Candidates will also be able to learn about the restoration of monuments and specialize in this field.

The subjects that they will be learning during a bachelor’s program will be foundational in nature and generally includes architectural design, building system, graphic representation, design studio, architectural history, and theory, etc. The program mostly provides the candidates with 180 credits in all.

MA in Architecture

Candidates who are taking up a master’s program in architecture will have to study for 2 years which contains 4 semesters in all. The number of credits that candidates will receive upon course completion is 120. The program will deal with advanced topics within the same field including subjects like history and theory, building technologies, architectural mediums, design studios, construction, material, and technology, etc.

Upon the completion of the course, candidates will be able to pursue a doctoral degree in the same field or they can opt to enter the job market with the internationally acclaimed Austrian architectural degree.

Top Universities for Architecture in Austria

Top Architecture Programs in Austria

MSc in Architecture- Vienna University of Technology

This program has a duration of 4 semesters and is a Diplom-Ingenieur degree which provides candidates with 120 ECTS/Credits in all. The structure of the program includes drafting, lectures on modules, general electives, and other free electives that the candidate can take during the course. Candidates are also required to submit a thesis on a topic of their choice to complete the course. Candidates are required to take courses like the history of architecture, building archaeology, monument preservation, and building, etc. as part of the course.

The tuition fee for EU candidates is €364 per semester and around €746 per semester for non-EU candidates. The low tuition fee is because it is a public university.

BSc in Architecture- Graz University of Technology

The BSc program offered by this university has a duration of 3 years in all and is focused on the designing of living spaces. The fields of study the program focuses on include designing and drafting, constructive, material, and technical principles, and architectural history and theory. Candidates will also learn about the basics of construction, artistic practice, architecture and energy, cultural and architectural theory, and digital design methods.

Since it is a public university, EU candidates will also have to pay a fee of €364 per semester and non-EU candidates have to pay a tuition fee of €726 per semester.

MSc in Architecture- University of Vienna

This program has a duration of 2 years and provides 120 credits for candidates during the 4 semesters. The program is taught entirely in English and lets candidates learn with computational design software, building performance modeling software, building diagnostics instruments, etc. Candidates will be learning through drafting, lectured modules, and general electives along with free electives they can choose according to their interest. The course is a blend of courses relating to building performance, sustainable design, design computing, rapid prototyping, etc.

The fee for EU candidates is €364 per semester and €764 per semester for non-EU candidates.

MSc in Architecture- University of Innsbruck

This program has a duration of 2 years with 4 semesters in all and has a credit number of 120. It is provided only in the full-time mode and is offered by the Faculty of Architecture in the university. Candidates will be learning about the core concepts of design studio, history, and theory of architecture, construction, material and technology, urban design, landscape architecture, art, and culture, etc. They will also be learning about digital and analog architectural representation through the course. Candidates will also have to submit a master’s thesis during their final semester.

The fee for EU candidates is €364 per semester and around €764 for non-EU candidates.

BSc in Architecture- University of Innsbruck

This course has a duration of 6 semesters in all which is spread across 3 years in all. It is provided by the Faculty of Architecture and is focused on Architecture and Town Planning. Completing the course will provide the candidate with 180 credits. The subjects that candidates will learn during the course include building construction, statics, structural design, representation techniques, building typologies, residential building, history and theory, construction and design, architecture and society, experimental architecture, etc.

The tuition fee for EU candidates is €364 per semester and around €746 per semester for non-EU candidates.

MSc in Architecture- University of Art and Design Linz

This program has a duration of 2 years consisting of 4 semesters in all. The program is offered in German but is also partly dealt with in English. The class will have a total of 20 students or fewer. The program has a structure including project modules based on design, research, and construction. Candidates will also be able to choose free electives during the course. They will be learning about planning implementation, urban planning, base habitat, base theory, and base analysis during the course.

The program is offered free of cost to EU and EEA candidates but non-EU candidates are required to pay a nominal fee per semester to take up the course.

Career Options for Architecture Graduates in Austria

Candidates who have completed their degree in architecture will be able to find jobs in the major cities in the country. Employment opportunities are highest in cities like Vienna, Innsbruck, Graz, Linz, and Salzburg where the best architecture programs are also offered. Though freshers will not be able to receive a high salary in the field and might even have to take up assistant jobs, with the experience they will be able to excel in their field and earn deserving salaries over time.

A few of the professions that architecture graduates can apply for are-

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