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Last Updated: September 24, 2021

French Language Courses in France

Though aspiring students can learn French where ever they are, studying the language in immersion is one of the best ways of acquiring the sense of culture and history the language contains. Learning French in France will, unlike other places, make one a better speaker of the language with the communication they have with the locals helping them understand the language better.

When a candidate studies French in their home country, though they might spend hours learning the language, they will always go back to speaking the languages they are familiar with at the end of the day. Studying in France will not provide the candidate with options of conversing much in their mother tongue. Even if they do speak more in their mother tongue, they will end up hearing and listening to more French than another language. The common places candidates opt to learn French within France include Paris, Lyon, and Montpellier with each place containing plenty of courses the candidate can choose from.

Why Learn French in France?

While studying French in France, candidates will be receiving n number of benefits that traveling and moving to another country can provide. These include-
  • getting a full immersion experience by conversing with the locals and even one’s classmates who might hail from different parts of the world.
  • understanding the lifestyle and history of the country that will reflect in their language study.
  • learning the association of language and culture thereby broadening one’s life views in general.
  • being able to create memories out of the learning experience which can be in making new friends or traveling by oneself through the country.
  • the perks of studying abroad which will include learning that goes beyond the language itself.
  • international students who have excellent skills in French may even be eligible to apply for grants offered by the French Government to enroll for any postgraduate degree in France of their choice.
  • increased job opportunities that candidates who have moved abroad can eventually receive.

    Cost of Learning French in France

    The cost of French language courses in France varies widely as per the institute that offers the course. It is estimated that international students may have to pay anything ranging from EUR 800 to EUR 3500 for two weeks of study of the course.

    Several reputed and established institutions offer only a limited number of seats to students. As such, candidates will need to conduct thorough research to meet all deadlines and apply for the course in time. There are also short-term language courses that are offered during the summer season and various other long-term courses in the language offered by these institutes.

    Popular Cities for Learning French

    Though one will be able to study French in any part of France, certain cities within the country are well-known for the French courses they provide. There is also the matter of accents that candidates will learn the language in if they stay in a particular city which will reflect on their overall proficiency level in the language.

    The popular cities include Paris, Montpellier, Antibes, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, etc. out of which candidates will be able to choose the best-suited place for them based on the cost of living and safety standards of the city for international students. The most popular courses in a few of these cities are-


    This city is the third-largest city in France which is also considered to be a World Heritage Site due to the historical association the place has. This city was founded over 2,000 years ago making it a rich cultural site for learning the French language. Some innumerable courses and programs are offered for French within this city. Some of them are-
    • Alliance Française of Lyon- Learn French in Lyon
    • Alpadia Language Schools- Learn French in Lyon
    • Ecole des Trois Ponts- Immersive French Course and Countryside Walks


    Paris, the capital of France, is the most popular destination for international students who wish to study French in France. The place is home to countless museums, architectural masterpieces, and internationally acknowledged monuments. The place contains locals who are enthusiastic about learning English and a large number of international students making it the ideal location to learn French. But at the same time, it is extremely expensive for international students which will be one of the factors they have to consider before moving to this city. A few of the popular programs in the city are-
    • Lutece Langue - General French Language Courses
    • EF International Language Camp- Learn French in Paris or Nice with EF
    • Oxford Intensive School of English- Study French in Paris


    This is the city famous for the wines they produce. It is a tourist-centric location in the South of France. Studying French in this city is easy for university students since they will only have to enroll at the University of Montpellier. Students who are not from any university will have to opt for private language schools that teach French which will be the more expensive option among the two. A few of these private schools are-
    • Institut Linguistique Adenet- General French
    • Accent Francais- Standard French Course
    • CESA Languages- French Courses in Montpellier


    This city is found in southwest France with its fame associated with the wine it produces. Bordeaux, with its waters and wine, provides students with the perfect touristic climate that will let them mingle with both the locals and tourists allowing them to immerse themselves fully. Students will be able to enjoy the nightlife of the city and tour the city while studying there. A Few of the private schools that provide French courses are-
    • Newdeal Institut de Francais- General French Intensive
    • France Langue Bordeaux- Standard French 20
    • CESA Languages- French Standard Course


    This is the second-largest city in France located on the southeastern coast of France. It is a tourist location famous for its history and focuses on art. While people mostly speak French in the city, some of them also speak Provencal. The city offers a calm and serene atmosphere for students who study here while at the same time they will be able to learn the language with a southern accent. A few of the private schools for French in the city are-
    • Academie Internationale de Langues- Learning French
    • L’Institut Destination Langues- Learn French
    • Easy French- French Group Course

    Popular French Schools in France

    Studying French in France while being a university student in the country is relatively easier than going to the country to learn the language. This is because university students will be able to enroll in public universities for learning the language at a cheaper rate whereas other individuals will have to choose more expensive private language schools.

    France has a few many private language schools that provide immersion programs for international students who wish to study French in the country. A few of the most popular schools along with their course information have been listed below.

    Alliance Francaise

    Alliances Francaises de France is one of the largest networks of French language schools in the country with options for French lessons, teacher training courses, tests and certifications, themed lessons, etc. They have French language schools in around 26 cities within the country through which students will be able to certify their language skills and study in the country. The courses offered in the different cities vary slightly from each other. The courses offered in Paris are-
    • General French Course- 20 hours per week for EUR 1102 per month
    • General French Course- 9 hours per week for EUR 496 per month
    • French Through Theatre- 9 hours per week for EUR 496 per month

    EF International Language Camp

    This is a family-run institute which focuses on providing both group learning and private learning for candidates according to the needs of the student. They have fully trained native French teachers who are experiences, fully trained, and certified. The institute is located in Marseille which is in Southern France. The courses they offer include-
    • DELF/DALF Preparation Course
    • Private One-to-One French Class
    • French Group Course
    The enrollment fee for all the courses which includes the teaching material is EUR 62 and the rest of the fee is calculated according to the number of lessons the candidate takes. For a standard private course that contains 20 lessons per week, it costs EUR 900 whereas for a mini group course it costs EUR 440 for 15 lessons.

    Accent Francais

    Accent Francais is a French language school located in Montpellier that offers online and offline courses for students. The programs they offer are targeted at adults, teenagers and juniors, groups, and teachers of French. They have a student population of over 2,000 students who are of 75 different nationalities. The courses they provide are-
    • Standard Course- 15 hours per week for EUR 230(1- 3 weeks)
    • Intensive Course- 22 hours per week for EUR 330(1-3 weeks)
    • Super Intensive Course- 25 hours per week for EUR 510(1-3 weeks)
    • Long Stay Standard Course- 15 hours per week for EUR 170(12+ weeks)

    Institut Linguistisque Adenet

    This institute is also located in Montpellier which is in the South of France. They offer French courses to international students through highly qualified teachers in classrooms with a size of 10 students each. They claim to have 23 years of experience in this field with over 2000 students studying with them every year. The courses they offer include-
    • Standard French Course- 20 lessons for EUR 150 per week
    • Standard PLUS French Course- 20 + 5 lessons for EUR 390 per week
    • Intensive French Course- 30 lessons for EUR 220 per week
    They also offer summer courses like-
    • Summer Intensive PLUS French Course- 30+5 lessons for EUR 460 per week
    • Summer Intensive French Course- 30 lessons for EUR 220 per week
    • Summer Standard French Course- 20 lessons for EUR 150 per week

    Other Institutes Offering French Language Courses

    Some of the popular institutions across France which offer French language courses include the following:
    • Paris Opera
    • The Biarritz French Courses Institute
    • Paris Notre-Dame
    • BLS France Langue
    • Instead Chamonix
    • Lyon Bleu International
    • ADEL Provence
    • Ecole Klesse
    • Institut European de Francais
    • Ecole Perl
    • Montpellier International Language Institut
    • Alpine French School

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