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Last Updated: October 03, 2021

Study MBA in France

While France is a country known for its cultural and historical heritage, the place is also a major business hub. The country also has a robust economy and holds a high place in the international market making it the ideal ground for learning about business and management. They focus on travel, tourism, marketing, human resources, and every other specialization one can take from around the world which helps international students learn more about the international business market.

Candidates who choose to study in France will be able to learn the French language and culture which will help them broaden their perspective and help them be better leaders. The education in France is affordable though MBA courses do fall on the expensive side owing to it being a professional course. Students will also be able to do accelerated MBA programs that have a duration of 1 year though programs in the country require candidates to have a work experience of 3 years to do the course.

Benefits of Studying MBA in France

France is a country that is said to have one of the largest economies in the world. This is due to the investments the country makes in the business sector year after year. The country is ranked to have the 3rd best economy in Europe and the 6th best in the world. Taking a business degree from such a country will provide candidates with the obvious benefits of understanding and learning the French culture, economy, and tradition. Other benefits include-

Eligibility Requirement for MBA in France

Candidates who wish to study MBA in France will be surprised at the number of universities that offer quality education in the country despite the country being known mostly for arts and music. The documents that candidates will require while applying for an MBA program in the country as an international student are as follows- The eligibility criteria include that the candidate must-

Duration of MBA in France

The duration of MBA programs in France varies from institution to institution and depends on the type of course that the candidate takes. The standard MBA programs in the country take around 24 months or 4 semesters to be completed. But candidates will also be able to find courses that have a duration of 16 months or 1 year.

Cost of MBA in France

France offers affordable education to both local and international. At the same time, they also offer students with innumerable scholarship options which will help them complete the course without any debts. The state-run public universities offer the course at a reasonable rate for candidates. But since it is relatively difficult to get into public universities, international students often opt for private institutions that offer equally good MBA programs.

The fee for an MBA program can be anything from € 4,000 per year. Though this is the case, candidates will encounter many MBA programs that charge as much as € 73,000 for the entire program. The average fee in the top universities is estimated to be around € 40,000.

MBA Specializations Offered in France

The MBA programs offered all over the world typically cater to the business and economy of the country the course is provided in. The most popular specializations offered around the world include marketing, finance, and human resources. France, being an international hub when it comes to business, offers students specializations that cater to the varied interests of candidates. Students will be able to choose a specialization of their choice without having to blindly go for generic options. But in order to do this, they will have to pay close attention to the courses that are being taught at the university they are applying to.

The most popular specializations offered in France for MBA are-

Top Universities for MBA in France

The top universities for MBA in France are-

Scholarships for MBA Students in France

While taking an MBA is cheap when compared to other countries in the world especially considering the quality of education they provide, the cost for a professional degree can seem high to most international students. But France offers students with various financial aid options that will help them complete the course debt-free. The scholarships provided will either be merit-based or need-based but at the same time, candidates will be able to find scholarships and grants that will be based on gender, nationality, ethnicity, etc. This implies that if candidates are to look hard enough, they will find the one best suited for them.

A few of the scholarship options available to candidates include-

Career Options for MBA Graduates in France

Candidates who have taken an MBA from France will be able to work within the country or anywhere around the world due to the credibility of the degree they have taken. This will also be because of the networks they would have made during the duration of the course by being an international student. France requires candidates to have a minimum of 3 years of work experience before they enroll in the course. This ensures that candidates who complete the course will have adequate work experience and a business degree which will fetch them the job of their desire.

In order to work in the country after their education is complete, they will require a temporary work permit unless they have a job offer at hand. The most popular professions that candidates can take up after the course are-

Studying in France

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