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Last Updated: October 09, 2021

Studying Culinary Arts in France

France is a country known for its interest in gastronomy and the different cuisines they offer. While the French cuisine is known for being rooted in culture and tradition, the various expeditions they have made throughout history have made their interest in food vary by even appropriating dishes from other parts of the world to fit theirs. From selecting the right ingredients for meal prep to finding the perfect ways of cooking the dish, aspirant chefs will always have something new to learn in France.

This country offers candidates with innumerable options when it comes to culinary education ranging from courses that have a duration of a few months to a few years. France always provides candidates with the opportunity of working with world-famous chefs in their schools making the experience more natural and out-of-the-world. Different parts of the country have different culturally-rooted dishes one can prepare to allow candidates to enrich their taste in both consuming and creating local cuisines. France is considered to be one of the most ideal locations to learn culinary throughout the world.

Benefits of Studying Culinary in France

France is a country known for its deep-rooted interest in arts, cuisine, and architecture. Their interest in cuisine ranges from the local delicacies one can find to international dishes that require high food preparation standards. The generational knowledge the country has in cooking makes France one of the most ideal locations to learn culinary. A few of the benefits include-

Eligibility Requirement for Culinary in France

The requirements to enroll in a culinary arts program varies from institution to institution and program to program especially depending on the duration of the program. While degree programs may require candidates to have completed their high school, certification programs often do not have any said requirements. The general documents one must submit for culinary arts programs are-

Duration of Culinary Programs in France

France offers candidates with culinary programs of different durations due to the nature of the program. The types of programs offered in the country and their duration includes-

Cost of Culinary Programs in France

The cost of culinary programs in France depends on the type of program the candidate has chosen. For gourmet programs that have a duration of a month, the fee can range from €2,000 to €3,000 on average. And for courses that include cooking and pastry lessons which last around 2 months, the cost starts from €5,500. Though these are the average fees that candidates might have to pay, the fee will increase dramatically depending on the credibility of the institution.

For instance, the cost to study in Le Cordon Bleu which is the best institution in France for non-EU students are as follows-
Bachelor’s€13,000 per year
Basic Cuisine Certificate€10,600- 3 months
Cuisine Diploma€28,850- 9 months

Specializations Offered for Culinary in France

A few of the specializations that candidates can take while studying culinary in France are as follows-

Top Culinary Institutions in France

The top institutions for culinary programs in the country include-

Scholarships for Culinary Students in France

France is a country that offers affordable education in a lot of fields for candidates from all over the world. Culinary arts is no exception to this feature but at the same time, due to the exotic nature of this course, the tuition fee for the course can exceed the affordability range. But even in such cases, the country offers candidates a lot of scholarships they can make use of to complete their education debt-free. A few of these scholarships are-

Career Options for Culinary Students in France

Candidates who take up culinary arts often do so not due to the investment returns the course can provide but due to the passion they have for the subject. During the duration of the course, they will be able to specialize in different fields like regional cuisine, pastry, baking, etc. which will all lead them into different career options. A few of the career options that candidates can take after completing a culinary course are-

Studying in France

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