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Last Updated: October 09, 2021

Top 11 Culinary Programs in France

France is a country deeply rooted in culture and traditions of which culinary and cuisines, in general, are a huge part. The country is known for having cheese and wine as a major part of their diet along with the differences in the regional and national cuisine. While France has a lot of its cuisines considered part of international cuisine, the country does not stay aloof from the food cultures of the world.

Studying culinary arts in France

Their cuisine changes from season to season and hence is a dream location for culinary students from across the world due to the wide variety the country offers in both learning their cuisine and experimenting with their food. The country offers a large number of culinary courses with different specializations as diploma/certificate courses, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees. Candidates that require different levels of learning will be able to find the course that suits them best due to the wide variety offered by the country.

A few of the most popular programs are-

Le Cordon Bleu- Basic Pastry Certificate

This course is offered by the century-old Le Cordon Bleu and is not particular about the entry requirements. Candidates must only be above the age of 18 and have a French Baccalaureate or equivalent diploma to enroll in the program. The program has a syllabus similar to a full-length program and the duration of the course is 9 months though it can also be completed in 6 months if candidates take an intensive program.

The program content includes learning to make doughs, creams and filling, desserts and cakes, pastry lining, chocolate decorations, etc. The tuition fee for the standard and intensive program is €23,350 which includes the application fee along with all learning materials.

Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse- Bachelor in French Pastry Arts

This is a bachelor’s program that requires candidates to have a minimum level of IV RNCP title. Candidates are also required to have a decent score in IELTS if they opt for the English program. The duration of the course is 3 years with 6 semesters and two 5-month internships. Classes will be a blend of practical workshops, theoretical courses, and internships outside the campus.

The course content includes both business expertise and pastry art skills which deal with bakery, chocolate, confectionery, ice creams, and even sorbets. Candidates will also learn about gastronomic desserts, modern entremets, and future trends in French pastry. The business part of the course will focus on food technologies, F&B management, nutrition, project management, etc. The tuition fee of the program for non-EU candidates is €54,700.

La Cuisine Paris- Cooking Classes

La Cuisine Paris offers short-duration cooking classes for tourists and first-time culinary students who wish to visit Paris and learn about local cuisine through workshops. The classes are provided in scenic locations like a Parisian Cave and in a classroom that overlooks the Seine. The classes have a duration of 2 to 4 hours. Candidates will be able to choose between a French Market Visit, Poultry Course, and Mastering Classic French Sauces.

It is a completely English-speaking course and the fee for each program varies according to the nature of the course. The fee is also based on the time duration of the class the candidate is taking and ranges between €99 to €165.

Le Cordon Bleu- Wine and Management Programme

This is a diploma course offered to candidates who have a French Baccalaureate or its equivalent qualification and does not have any prerequisites that candidates have to fulfill. The program is offered from September to July every year and is taught by recognized experts. Candidates will have to spend around 25 hours every week on average.

The course content includes a 2-week internship along with lectures, wine conferences, and vineyard visits. They will also have another 6-week and 8-week internship during the duration of the course. The candidates who generally opt for the course are entrepreneurs interested in international business and wine tourism. The tuition fee for the program is €20,950 which includes the vineyard visits and even student uniform.

Ritz-Escoffier Cookery School-French Cuisine Advanced Level

This school is located in Paris and is considered to be an excellent international reference for candidates who do even short-term courses. They have three laboratories within the Ritz Paris hotel one of which opens to the main kitchen. The advanced level course is offered with 11 different themes from which the candidate will be able to customize the course. The duration of this course is 6 weeks.

The course seeks to teach candidates about cooking techniques and also deals with international cuisine. Candidates will be able to set the menu during the course and the candidates that complete the course early will be able to do a 3-week training program in the kitchens of Ritz Paris. The tuition fee for the course is € 10,800.

Institut Culinaire de France- Professional Certificate

This certification course is offered to professionals who wish to learn about the techniques of French pastry and confectionary arts. The course is taught by technically skilled chefs and is in immersion with professionals like Pierre Herme and Johanna Le Pape. The course has been divided into two 3-month modules and has a total duration of 6 months.

During the first half of the program, candidates will learn about basic confectionary techniques which they will be able to incorporate into their profession during the second half of the course. Candidates will be able to take an optional 8-week work placement which will provide them with training and work experience. Every class will have 16 students and the classes will be for 6-7 hours every day. The cost of the program is €18,800.

Le Cordon Bleu- Cuisine Diploma with Culinary Management

This course is offered to candidates who have a French Baccalaureate or its equivalent and does not require any prior experience. The duration of the course is 12 months and it is offered in January, April, July, and October. It is aimed at candidates who wish to have a career in a professional kitchen and for entrepreneurs who wish to master French culinary skills.

The course content includes French culinary techniques, methods of developing professional culinary gestures, classic dish preparations, insights into regional and European cuisines, etc. Classes are divided into theory and practical lessons and candidates will have to take both practical and written exams during the program. Candidates will also be provided with 8 videos per certificate during the term. The tuition fee for the program is €35,000 which includes the learning material, conferences, uniforms, etc.

Institut Culinaire de France- Pastry and Entrepreneurship

This institute is located in Bordeaux and offers bachelors’ degrees in culinary programs. The programs they offer blend both culinary and business management holistically, making candidates learn the essential skills of cooking along with necessary marketing skills. The Pastry and Entrepreneurship program has a duration of 3 years and candidates will learn core courses in the first 2 years followed by a specialization in the 3rd year.

The course includes subjects like marketing, economics, business management, etc. along with nutritional aspects, dietary balance, waste management, etc. Within the field of culinary, they will learn about baking, pastry making, confectionery, ice-cream making, etc. Every lab will contain a maximum of only 16 students and candidates will be able to choose between English or French as the medium of instruction. The program fee is around €9,900 per year.

Institut Paul Bocuse- International Pastry Management

This is a bachelor’s degree offered by Institut Paul Bocuse which blends the study of culinary arts and management. Half of the program is provided to candidates in a practical professional training mode and the other half is provided in the form of theory. The duration of the program is 3 years and is a full-time course.

The course content includes food science, nutrition, culinary operations management, human resources, French pastry classics, pastry-making and chemistry, management control and financial analysis, management communication, etc.

ENSP- Bachelor in Culinary Arts

This program deals with culinary arts and the field of management with a strict focus on managerial and entrepreneurial education. The program helps candidates take up jobs in hotels and restaurants by being professional chefs. The duration of the course is 3 years in all with two 5-month internships. The campus is set in Paris offering candidates several options to immerse themselves in the culture and tradition of the place.

The course content deals with food technologies, purchasing, and logistics, food science, and nutrition, digital marketing, etc. along with the fundamentals of culinary arts, the techniques used, and pastry-making skills. Candidates will be able to deal with Mediterranean cuisine, bistronomy, fine dining, etc. The tuition fee for non-EU students is €55,700.

Ferrieres, The School of Excellence- Baking Course

This school focuses on the fields of hospitality, culinary arts, and gastronomy. It focuses on the soft skills the candidates can develop during the course which will benefit them in their work field. The baking course is provided at a beginner’s level and is taught both in French and English. The duration of the program is 3 months.

Candidates will be taught to make and bake bread, pastries, categorize foods, identify international ways of bread production, and also learn about preliminary preparations when it comes to the making of bread. The course structure contains three sections which are the pastry course, viennoiserie course, and bread-making course. The tuition fee of the program is €6,000.

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