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Last Updated: November 01, 2021

Study in Paris

France is one of the most sought-after destinations by international students especially when it comes to courses in the fields of art, architecture, and culinary. Paris, being the capital city of France, is also the most populous and most frequently visited tourist destination in France. This city has its fair share of historical monuments and cultural destinations that lend to the beauty and history of the place. It is also one of the most prominent locations for the best universities in the country irrespective of the field of study.

Paris, while known best for its cuisine and fine art, is also one of the major centers of fashion, culinary, science, management, and even commerce. The city, like every other major city in Europe, has a high cost of living. But at the same time, education and entertainment options that students can make use of during their stay in the city are affordable for the most part. Candidates who get admission to public universities will be able to pay a nominal fee that is set by the government which will be based on their nationality. This makes Paris one of the best locations for international students.

Benefits of Studying in Paris

The benefits of studying in a city like Paris which is rich in history and culture are plenty. While most of the benefits can seem to be the common benefits candidates can reap by studying in France, it is evident that Paris has a charm of its own that attracts the international student population more than any other city in France. A few of the benefits of studying in Paris include-

Places to Live in Paris

Every city that has a large number of institutions and expects a large number of international students year after year will have a few select locations that these students will stay in. The features these students will be looking for include low accommodation rates, distance from institutions, transportation facilities, and even entertainment options they can indulge in during the duration of their studies.

A few of the most popular neighborhoods that students choose to live in Paris include-

Cost of Living in Paris

Paris is one of the most expensive places to live within France. Due to the demand, the city has with respect to tourists and international students year after year along with the opportunities that migrant workers get in the city, Paris has a high rate for utilities and gas. The city also has high tax percentages. The cost of living in the city for a single person is around €3,500 per month.

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

The accommodation prices will vary from locality to locality and can be anywhere between €2,300 and €2,900. But most students take apartments on a sharing basis or stay in hostels and other housing arrangements that their university offers them.

Candidates might have to pay around €200 or less for basic facilities like electricity, water, garbage disposal, etc. This rate is not too high when compared to other parts of Europe and can be considered to be the average rate. Candidates who are living in apartments might also have to pay an additional €25 as maintenance charges.

Grocery Expenses

The price for basic grocery items in the city is as follows-

Transportation Expenses

The main means of transport in Paris is the public metro which is considered to be the cheapest and fastest way of traveling from location to location. They function on both working days and holidays and candidates will be able to make use of the metros which run at all times of the day at a price of €1.90. Candidates will be able to purchase a card for €5 which they can use for unlimited travel as long as they keep recharging it. Another popular means of transport in the city is the Suburban Express Railway which is similar to the metro. Candidates will also be able to make use of the regional train, tramway, and buses during the day and the Noctilien at night which is the night bus service that functions from 12.30 am to 5.30 am.

Popular Programs to Study in Paris

A few of the most popular fields of study in the city are as follows-

Top Universities in Paris

A few of the top universities in Paris are-

Sorbonne University

This university was established in the year 2018 by merging institutions like the Paris-Sorbonne University and Pierre et Marie Curie University. This institution offers courses in the fields of humanities, science and engineering, and medicine and has a student population of 55,000. The university focuses on research and has programs taught in both French and English.

Universite PSL

This university was established in 2010 as a collegiate university with 11 schools. They offer bachelor’s, master’s, and research programs in fields like fine arts, engineering, sciences, social sciences, fundamental sciences, and performing arts. They also have 140 laboratories dedicated to research and 9 other laboratories for Excellence Research. They have a student population of 17,000 and around 2,900 staff. The institution offers 62 diplomas in all.

Universite Paris-Saclay

This university was initially established in the year 1150 as part of the University of Paris and is a public research university with a student population of 60,000 and around 10,500 staff. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs. The fields of study offered in the institution are agriculture and food, biology, medicine, law, engineering, basic sciences, and social sciences. Research programs are offered in subjects like chemistry, mathematics, wave and matter physics, planetary science.

Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

The Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech is a technical institution that was established in the year 1747. This institution offers only postgraduate and research programs for both domestic and international candidates. They have 5 doctorate schools called MSTIC, OMI, ED 465, VIT, and SIE. They offer programs in fields like engineering, computer science, finance, economics, and even applied mathematics. They also have a business school that offers a full-time MBA and an Executive MBA.

Sciences Po University

This university was established in the year 1872 and was formerly known as the Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques. It has a student population of 14,000 along with more than 200 staff. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs to candidates with the majority of the candidates opting for postgraduate programs. The university has 7 campuses that contain 7 graduate schools in all. The schools are for Public Affairs, International Affairs, Law, Management and Innovation, Journalism, Doctorates and they also have an Urban school.

Institut Polytechnique de Paris

This institute was established in the year 1794 and was reestablished again in the year 2019. It contains 5 engineering schools in all and has a student population of 8,500. The institution offers bachelor’s, master’s, engineering, advanced master’s, and executive master’s degrees along with research programs to candidates. The fields of study they deal with include applied mathematics, chemistry, economics, sociology, energy, design, etc.

CY Cergy Paris University

This public university was founded in the year 2020 as a combination of different age-old institutions. It offers research programs like doctorates and post-doctorates to candidates. It also offers international students with master’s programs that are taught in English within the fields of theoretical physics, economic analysis, big data, business analytics, etc.

Pantheon University-Paris II

This university was established in the year 1971 and has Sorbonne University as its parent institution. There are around 17,000 students in this university and over 2,000 staff. They offer bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs in the university in subjects like law, economics, human and social sciences, political science, etc. They also offer professional degrees to candidates in subjects like Protection of People and Poverty, Organizational Management, Social Intervention, etc.

Arts et Metiers- ParisTech

This is an institute dedicated to engineering and research founded in the year 1780. It is affiliated with ParisTech, France AEROTECH, and CGE and has a student population of around 6,000 students along with over 600 staff. It offers engineering programs, master’s degrees, and doctoral programs to candidates within the field of science. Candidates also have the option of taking a double degree in this institution. They also provide specialty engineering programs in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and energy engineering.

Universite de Paris

This is a public university in Paris that was established in 2019 and has 64,000 students along with over 3,000 people as staff. They offer courses in the field of humanities, sciences, health, and social sciences. They have 10 graduate schools under the life sciences, 5 graduate schools under physical sciences and engineering, and 6 graduate schools under social sciences and humanities. They also offer research programs.

Career Options for Students in Paris

Candidates who are studying in the city of Paris will find innumerable opportunities to work and study due to the availability of part-time jobs, especially in the entertainment industry. This includes jobs they can do in bars, restaurants, and even small coffee shops that hire students on a part-time basis for a decent salary. They will also be able to do paid and unpaid internships according to their field of study which will provide them with ample work experience before they get into a permanent job after their graduation. International students will be able to work for 964 hours in a year with the visa they hold.

The job market of the country provides candidates who have completed their education with opportunities in fields like healthcare, wholesale, manufacturing, gastronomy, professional services, etc. along with entrepreneurial jobs they can receive if they have a high qualification. A few of the jobs that candidates can do while studying include-

Entertainment Options in Paris

Places to Visit in Paris

The city has a few many places that candidates must visit if they ever stay in Paris. The places that ought to be visited are all popular tourist destinations and will be crowded at all times of the year considering the number of tourists and international students that visit these places most of the time. A few of the must-visit places in Paris are-

Things to Do in Paris

Candidates who are staying in Paris will have innumerable things to do within the city most of which will be associated with art, music, or culture. From visiting the various coffee shops or cafes in the city to exploring the cuisine of the place, there will never be a shortage of things to do within the city irrespective of how long the candidate plans to stay there. The place also has a few many festivals that are culturally rich which candidates will be able to attend during their stay. A few of the things one can do during their stay are-

Studying in France

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