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Last Updated: October 07, 2021

Studying Engineering in France

France is a country known mostly for the art, architecture, and historical importance that the country holds with respect to other countries both in Europe and the world. Though the country is deeply rooted in arts and humanities with a variety of courses being offered that are of international standard, the country doesn’t fall behind when it comes to the sciences.

The engineering programs in France take an interdisciplinary approach that believes in both practical and theoretical learning of the sciences for the advancement of society. This implies that the engineering programs offered in the country are among the best in the world with over 800,000 engineers working in the country within various industries. The prominent industries that engineering sciences students flourish in are IT, aeronautics, electronics, artificial intelligence, energy, etc.

Benefits of Studying Engineering in France

The benefits of studying any course abroad lie in the exposure the candidates receive and the interactions that they will be part of thereby introducing them to uncommon areas of study which will be ultimately beneficial to them. Studying engineering sciences in France will provide candidates with an idea of the prominent industries in the field and will also let them be part of a multi-cultural class of students who can exchange knowledge and excel in their fields of interest. The main benefits of studying this course in France includes-

Eligibility Requirement for Engineering in France

The eligibility requirements for engineering programs in France are highly dependent on the program and institution the candidate has chosen to apply for. The general documents that one must submit for engineering programs include-

Types of Engineering Programs and Their Duration

Engineering degrees in France have a typical duration of 5 years whose format can vary from institution to institution. The degree of 5 years is called a Diplome d’Ingenieur and can be considered to be an integrated engineering program since the degree is equivalent to a Master’s degree everywhere else in the world.

France also provides specialized engineering programs for candidates who have completed the Diplome d’Ingenieur which has a duration of 1 year for candidates who have studied 5 years previously and 2 years for candidates who have studied 4 years previously. Candidates will also be able to do an MS or Specialized Master in engineering which is offered only by select universities. It is for candidates with specialized interests and expertise in their field of study.

Cost of Engineering Programs in France

France is an affordable location for international candidates especially if they are to get into public universities. Public universities, often have a set range of fees when it comes to undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The average cost of studying undergraduate courses in the country is anywhere between €500-€600 per year but this is subject to variation and can go up to €10,000 depending on the credibility of the institution.

Private universities charge a fee higher than public universities and this can be anywhere above €1,500 per year going up to €25,000 per year.

Popular Engineering Specializations in France

The most popularly chosen engineering specializations in France are-

Top Engineering Universities in France

The top engineering universities in France are-

Scholarships for Engineering Students in France

France offers affordable education to both EU/EEA nationals and international candidates with public universities being the best option. But even if candidates are to enroll in private universities, they will be able to apply for and receive scholarships and grants that will help them complete their education debt-free. A few of these scholarships are-

Career Options for Engineering Students in France

Candidates who have completed their engineering degree generally end up working in sectors like manufacturing, construction, information and communication, education, wholesale and retail, etc. with a maximum number of candidates working in the manufacturing sector. But these are not the only options available for engineering graduates. The program would have taught them practical lessons in planning, research, project management, analytical thinking, etc. which will all be beneficial in the work sector. The main career options for engineering graduates in France are-

Studying in France

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