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Last Updated: June 23, 2022

Top Universities in Paris

Paris is one of the most popular study destinations in France for international students. The best programs that are offered here are in the fields of art, architecture, culinary, and business out of which students will be able to choose a program of their interest. Since the location is also a tourist destination, students will be able to learn more about the country and the city by living here. There are innumerable options for entertainment and education when it comes to Paris.

There are around 46 universities in Paris most of which are well-acclaimed in France and a few of them are popular internationally for the curriculum they provide. Studying here will provide candidates with an opportunity to experience the French way of living and also immerse themselves in the language of the country since most universities require candidates to learn basic French depending on their program of choice. A few of the best universities in Paris and the details regarding the programs offered there are as follows-

Sorbonne University

Established in 2018, this university was created by combining universities like Paris-Sorbonne University, Pierre et Marie Curie University, etc. The most popular fields of study offered here include humanities, sciences, medicine, etc. The programs here are taught either in French or in English. Certain programs are also taught in a blended medium where candidates will have to understand both French and English to understand the program. Other details regarding the English-taught programs include-

Bachelor’s Programs

Bachelor’s programs in this university are offered in French only.
Programs CreditsDuration
General Bachelor’s in CS120 credits3 years
General Bachelor’s in Life Sciences120 credits3 years
General License in Electronics, Electrical Energy, and Automatics120 credits4 years

Master’s Programs

Master’s programs here are provided either in French on in English with international students opting for the latter. A few of the best master’s programs offered here include-
Paris Physics Master- 2 yearsBS in Physics30 per semester English
Master in Computational Mechanics- 2 yearDegree in Engineering117 CreditsEnglish
Master’s in High Performance Computing- 2 yearsBS in Mathematics/CS120 creditsEnglish
Digital International Program- 2 yearsBS in Computer Science120 creditsEnglish

Universite PSL

Established in 2010, this is a collegiate university including institutions like Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie, Conservatoire National Superieur d’art Dramatique, College de France, Curie Institute, etc. It is a publicly funded research university now offering programs at bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. The university has over 70 libraries and museums spread across the different constituent colleges. The details for the programs offered here are-

Bachelor’s Programs

Bachelor’s programs in this university are taught either in French or in a blended mode. Candidates will have to prove their proficiency in the language of instruction as part of the admission application to enroll for the program.
Programs CreditsDuration
Bachelor’s in Sustainable Science120 credits3 years
License in Social Sciences120 credits3 years
License in Applied Mathematics120 credits3 years

Master’s Programs

Master’s programs are provided in French, English, and even in a blended mode combining both these languages. The international programs offered by the institution are-
Master’s in Energy- 2 yearsBS in any subject120 creditsEnglish
Master’s in Nuclear Energy- 2 yearsBS in any subject120 creditsFrench
Master’s in Computer Science-2 yearsBS in Computer Science120 creditsFrench/English
Master’s in HR Management3-year degree with 180 credits120 creditsFrench

Universite Paris-Saclay

Established in 1150, this is one of the oldest universities in the city. The university offers programs in the fields of agriculture, medicine, law, engineering, social sciences, etc. These programs are provided at a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level with a primary focus on research. It is the second-best global university in France and this university is also the 17th best university in Europe.

Bachelor’s Programs

Bachelor’s programs in this institution are taught mostly in French and candidates will require a proficiency of level B2 or C1 in order to enroll for them.
Earth Science Licenseest. 60 credits per year3 years
Economics and Management License180 credits3 years
Double License in IT Mathematics-3 years

Master’s Programs

Master’s programs here are research oriented and are taught either in French or in English.
M1 Company Lawyer/Solicitor-Business Law-70-78 creditsEnglish + French
M1 Civil Engineering-Geomechanics & Construction WorkBS in Physics/Mechanics, Engineering60 creditsEnglish + French
M1 Chemistry-International TrackBS in any subject60 creditsEnglish

Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

This university is considered to be the 28th best global university in France for subjects like engineering and geosciences. Established in the year 1747, this is a purely technical institution offering only postgraduate and doctoral level programs. The main fields of study offered here include computer science, economics, applied mathematics, etc. along with business programs like MBA and EMBA.

The details regarding programs provided here include-

Master’s Programs

M1 EconomicsBA/BS in Mathematics/Economics120 creditsEnglish
MSc in Sustainable Impact Analysis-1 year4-year Bachelor’s in Engineering/Economics/Mathematics/Statistics60 creditsEnglish
M2 in Public Policy and DevelopmentM1 in PPD with training60 creditsEnglish + French

Sciences Po University

Established in the year 1872, this is an institution that focuses on the study of social sciences including subjects like economics, law, political science, history, etc. The university was formerly known as the Ecole Libre des Sciences Politiques due to its primary focus on the field of political science. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs with a focus on research. Most students enroll in postgraduate programs in this institution.

The details regarding the programs offered here include-

Bachelor’s Programs

BA in Social Sciences & Humanities180 credits3 years
Bachelors in Arts and Sciencesmin. 240 credits4 years

Master’s Programs

Master in Economic Law-2 yearnon-French Undergraduate degree120 credit min.English
Master in International Security-2 years-120 credits min.English
Master in Public Policy-2 years-120 credits min.English + French
Master in International Development-2 years-120 creditsEnglish

Institut PolyTechnique de Paris

Established in 1794, this institution was reestablished in 2019 by bringing together 5 different engineering schools. These institutions include Ecole Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, Telecom SudParis, etc. The institution has around 2,500 international students and they focus on interdisciplinary programs in most cases. There are more than 70 postgraduate programs offered here. The details regarding the programs offered include-

Bachelor’s Programs

BS in Mathematics and Physics180 credits3 years
BS in CS and Mathematics180 credits3 years
BS in Mathematics and Economics180 credits3 years

Master’s Programs

M1 Applied Mathematics and StatisticsBS in Mathematics/Mathematical Sciences60 creditsFrench + English
MA in Cybersecurity: Threats and Defenses Master140 creditsEnglish
M2 in Transport et developpement durableM1 in Engineering/Economics/Pol Science/Geography 60 + 30 creditsFrench

CY Cergy Paris University

Established in 2020, this university is the result of different old institutions coming together. It is primarily a research institute offering both doctorate and post-doctorate in the fields of theoretical physics, business analytics, etc. The broad research areas offered here include experimental sciences and modeling, engineering sciences, economics, business, law & politics, human sciences, and arts & education.

Pantheon University-Paris II

Established in 1971, this university is primarily focused on research. Sorbonne University is considered to be the parent institute of this college and the institution offers programs at bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels. The main areas of study that the institute focuses on include economics & management sciences, human sciences, and legal & political sciences.
Program LevelDurationCredits
Bachelor’s/License6 semesters 180 credits
Master’s/Master4 semesters120 credits
Doctorate/Doctorat6 semesters180 credits

Arts et Metiers-ParisTech

Founded in 1780, this institution is focused on engineering and research. They started offering one bachelor’s program in the year 2004. They also have programs dedicated to general engineering, specialized engineering, master’s degrees, and doctoral training.

Bachelor’s Program

This university offers only one bachelor’s program which acts as a foundation course for any master’s level program in engineering.
Bachelor’s in Technology3 years180 credits

Master’s Programs

Master’s programs in this university are considered to be M2 programs for students who have completed their general engineering or specialized engineering from the same institution. They will otherwise have to complete an M1 in a similar field of study to enroll for the M2 program.
M2 in Biomedical EngineeringDegree in Engineering180 creditsEnglish
M2 in EnergyDegree in Engineering180 creditsEnglish
M2 in Industrial EngineeringDegree in Engineering180 creditsEnglish
M2 in Mechanical EngineeringDegree in Engineering180 creditsEnglish

Universite de Paris

Established in the year 2019, this university is the 67th best global university in the world. It goes back to 1150 and was acclaimed during the Middle Ages for being the best institution for philosophy. The programs offered here are for fields of study like humanities, social sciences, sciences, health, etc. The details for the programs are-

Bachelor’s Programs

This university offers a few bachelor’s programs most of which have French as a medium of instruction. A few of these programs are-
Bachelor’s in Frontiers of Life Sciences3 years180 credits
Bachelor’s in Earth Science-Earth Course3 years180-240 credits
Bachelor’s in Language Sciences3 years180 credits

Master’s Programs

A few of the best master’s programs offered in this university include-
Master Frontiers in Chemistry-2 yearsBachelor’s degree/ License 3120 creditsEnglish
Master in Neurosciences-2 yearsBS in Biomedical Science120 creditsEnglish + French
Master in Health Economics-2 yearsBachelor’s in any subject120 creditsEnglish
Master in International Business Law-2 yearsBachelor’s in any subject120 creditsEnglish

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